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Moon Pajamas: A Luxurious Upgrade For Your Bedtime Routine.

The world's best PJ's built for better sleep. With unisex design & sizes.
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A Luxurious Upgrade For Your Bedtime Routine ⎸

Designed for sleep / ultra-light, silky soft & breathable.

Ready for bedtime, breakfast or brunch & sweet dreams!

Everyone loves bedtime. (Well, maybe everyone except kids …)

That safe, secure ‘me time’ when all the stress and worries of the day can just drift away, knowing that tomorrow’s dreams are still a sleep away.

Big dreams start with better sleep. And nothing helps the quality of your sleep more than the pajamas you wear to bed.

But how long has it been since you’ve upgraded your Pjs?

Surely you deserve a touch of luxury and comfort at the end of a long day?

With this in mind, we gave ourselves a mission to take sleepwear to the next level in terms of comfort, style and ‘sleepiness’ and make them… well, off the planet!

Introducing Moon – the world’s most comfortable pajamas.

When Moon comes out, so does your new nightly, self-care routine. So are you ready for the best sleep of your life, EVERY NIGHT?

To pre-order your Moon pajamas and bring style with relaxed comfort to your bedtime routine, click Back This Project.

Or read on.

Medical studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is a major factor in maintaining daily health and mental well being.

And just like you get dressed every morning to start your day, it’s equally important you dress right when going to sleep. Because what you wear to bed makes a difference to sleep quality and your long term health.

Pajamas are a bedtime essential, but in order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to feel comfortable before you go to sleep. 

Sleep studies have shown that feeling comfortable before bedtime helps you relax and fall into a deep sleep more quickly.

Made from lightweight bamboo blended with soothing satin and cotton, Moon is designed to soothe your senses and calm your mind and relax your body before bedtime.

So why wear clingy, constricting, uncomfortable Pjs when you can indulge your senses nightly with Moon. Make Moon a part of your nightly routine and feel relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep, every night.

We’ll let you in on a little secret… NOT ALL PAJAMAS ARE CREATED EQUAL.

 Moon Features

  • Super Soft & Silky
  • 500 Thread Count
  • Bamboo, Cotton & Satin Blend
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 Star Hotel-Grade
  • Ordor Resistant
  • Long Lasting Design

Some Pjs are made thick to trap heat but are only designed for cold weather. Others are deliberately loose-fitting to allow airflow but don’t maintain constant warmth.

In creating Moon, we slipped in and out of the good, the bad and the ugly sleepwear in order to identify what we wanted in the perfect pajama set, at an affordable price.

Moon’s thermoregulating bamboo fibers evenly distribute your body heat while you sleep, which means you’re never too hot or too cold in summer or winter.

Plus Moon’s ultra-light, ‘dream weave’ construction means it’s highly breathable guaranteeing you deep, uninterrupted sleep all year round.

And while other sleepwear causes sweating, Moon is made from 100% natural fibers so it’s odor resilient. Plus being hypoallergenic, means goodbye to that relentless bedtime itching.

Once you slip into bed with Moon, you’ll never want to take them off…

You spend a third of your life in bed so why not do it in comfort and with style?

Combining both luxury with technology, Moon has been meticulously crafted to improve your chill comfort level as well as maximise the quality of your sleep.

Moon is 3 times smoother than traditional cotton so they feel like a second skin, they’re THAT silky smooth!

Silky smooth and buttery soft, Moon’s high end, lux styling will keep you comfortable and cozy all night, helping you sleep deeper and longer every night.

Unlike your old Pjs, Moon is up for anything morning, noon or night!

Moon is perfect for breakfast, brunch or bedtime or even binge-watching your favourite shows at the end of a long day.

Now you can host your own pajama party every night with Moon.

We were determined to create the world’s most comfy pajamas, period.

That’s why Moon has been crafted from only natural materials

It’s unique bamboo/satin/cotton blend combines unbelievable softness with ultra-light strength, making Moon delicate yet durable.

Plus Moon is temperature-controlled which means no more night sweats.

With a 500 thread count, Mofu’s 5-star luxury hotel quality guarantees you cloud-like comfort and coziness.

And unlike sleepwear made from silk worm farming, Moon is both vegan friendly and cruelty-free, so feel good and do good with Moon.

Plus did we mention you can wash Moon in your everyday, normal washing cycle?

So isn’t it time you indulged yourself and start now making your bedtime into Moon Time?

Match your mood with Moon’s five colours.

Grey, Pink, Blue, White, Black & Green


  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Green (Stretch Goal)

Mofu was designed by a group of hard-working fashion stylists who love nothing more at the end of a long day than to slip into their favorite pair of Pjs and unwind.

So we looked at what was out there in the market in terms of sleepwear and decided we wanted more.

We spent almost a year researching different fabrics and materials, weaves and blends, styles and stitchings until we were completely snoozed out.

But finally we successfully integrated Moon’s blended ‘dream weave’ with thermoregulating technology to bring you the most comfortable pajamas EVER.

We just know that Moon is going to take your sleep routine to a whole new level.

So support us today to help make Moon a reality and bring style, comfort and superior sleep technology into your bedtime routine every night.

Moon – the world’s most comfortable pajamas

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