MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Your new companion for all measurements - A multifunctional digital measuring tool with a leading-edge floorplan scanning function.
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  •  With MEAZOR, simply rotate it by 360°
  •  MEAZOR lets you perform meticulous measuring for high-end floorplan scanning in seconds.
  •  With MEAZOR, every detail is precise from the straightest possible edges to the most detailed arcs with the curve scanning function.
  • It converts metric and imperial units and even customized scales.  
  •  With MEAZOR, A high-quality 25 meters/80 feet laser measuring module puts MEAZOR leagues ahead of conventional laser measurement devices. 

MEAZOR adapts to software upgrades via Bluetooth connection. With its upgradable system, your MEAZOR will always be the most up-to-date companion of any measuring situation. **The bubble level, protractor, curve scanner and pro laser functions are in alpha test stage now, and will be tested by 40 beta testers for further review and engineering refinement in Jun 2021.
  •   MEAZOR can measure and save data by itself, and with MEAZOR APP, it adapts your work to unlimited possibilities.
  •   With MEAZOR’s intuitive smartphone app, users can draw, edit, and save unlimited measuring results. Then exports vector drawings and measuring data in various formats for further editing.

MEAZOR APP works on Android version coming in June 2021. Andriod 6.0 or later and requires at least 4GB ram IOS version coming in June 2021. Works on iPad mini 2 or later and iPhone 5s or later

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MEAZOR is eligible for 30 Days Free Replacement & 1 Year Warranty

Your Satisfaction is Our 1st Priority.

30 Days Free Replacement:

Within 30 days of the product delivery date, if you are not satisfied with the product, HOZO Design will cover the shipping costs and provide a free replacement immediately. Please contact our customer support team for any queries.

1 Year Warranty:

HOZO Design Co., Limited warrants to the original backers only, that MEAZOR will be covered against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery.


Shipping & Taxes:

The shipping rate to your country will be indicated in the check-out menu when pledging to this campaign. Please note that the price of the item does not include additional duty and taxes that may apply as per local laws of importation. If taxes and/or duties apply, your local courier will contact you to accommodate your local laws.

In the past 3 years, we have a great deal of experience in getting our products safely into our customers’ hands around the world. This time, your product will be shipped from the most cost&time-efficient warehouse of our international shipping business partner.

“I don’t see my country as a shipping option”: If you do not see your country as a shipping option, it means that we currently do not offer shipping to that country. However, do send us an email at if you are from a country that is not shown above, we’d love to know about it. If enough of you request for it such that it makes sense logistically to ship to that country, we will add it as an option later.

Design Process:

With their help, we have improved MEAZOR and brings it to the next level of high-performance functionalities.

“I work in architecture. I would recommend MEAZOR to my friends that do residential architecture. It would be great for them to get a laser-accurate measurement of a room when they have a project. If the product could do multiple rooms with accuracy in a single scan, then I would recommend it to anyone in the industry as it would be a much easier version of a point cloud scan of an existing building.” – Theodore W. 

“If you need to measure rooms or distances that are annoying with a tape measure, the Meazor will simplify your life! The laser measuring mode is the most used. Absolutely amazingly useful and easy.” – Kat B. 

“Must have for home DIYers. One tool to help you tackle the entire project, from measuring to design and layout, to finishing touches.”  Tim M. 

 Prototype Function Demo:

Tech Specs:

Testing conducted by HOZO DESIGN in January 2021 using preproduction MEAZOR and Beta Edition MEAZOR APP. Battery life varies by use and configuration. The accuracy is the laboratory test data under the indoor standard reflective surface. In harsh environments such as too strong sunlight, environmental temperature fluctuations, mirror surface, or weak reflection surface, insufficient battery power. There may be errors in the above cases.

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