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LionCooler Pro: Battery & Solar Powered Portable Freezer

Keep food and drinks cool or frozen with ice-free technology
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For nearly a decade, LiONCooler has been known for its battery-powered solar fridge freezers and our dedication to providing off-grid and portable power solutions to consumers. We’re so excited and proud to introduce the LiONCooler Pro, the newest technology in the portable, fridge, freezer, cooler market – designed with more versatility with a battery that also functions as an external power bank so you can power on-the-go.

Everyone knows that when the ice melts, there’s condensation, water drips everywhere and food gets soggy. Those are the old days, the LiONCooler Pro needs no ice. The integrated compressor allows the cooler to function as a refrigerator or freezer except in a portable and cordless design.

The LiONCooler Pro has all of the advantages of your home’s refrigerator but it’s designed to be completely portable, battery-operated and cordless so you can take it with you in your car, RV, boat, camping, fishing, tailgating and you want to enjoy cold food and drinks.

When you’re on the road or the outdoors, you want a reliable, portable, cooler. The LiONCooler Pro features a powerful temperature control system that can maintain a steady temperature even in the most extreme environments engineered with a DC compressor and a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery, giving you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted chilling.

The LiONCooler Pro lets you quickly recharge its removable battery in 3 convenient ways: using the AC wall outlet of your home or hotel room, a DC 12v socket from your vehicle and using solar power panels. For a complete off-grid experience, pair the LiONCooler Pro with solar power panels from ACOPower to enjoy cool drinks and food in the backcountry. The charging cycle takes 4 to 6 hours and the battery holds power for 12 hours with two batteries you can enjoy 24 hours of battery-operated cooling.

Unlike other fridge-freezer coolers, the LiONCooler Pro is 100% mobile – no need to keep it plugged into your vehicle our electrical outlet. The powerful battery stays operating for up to 12 hours and can be recharged in the car or with a solar power panel at the campsite, beach, tailgate or park.

That’s right: you can finally forget about those messy coolers that require ice to keep food and drinks cold and can quickly become a soggy mess. The LiONCooler Pro puts the ice in the past, offering you a smart, dry, realizable and portable fridge and freezer experience.

While you want some things frozen, some other things should just be refrigerated. LiONCooler Pro features both functions powered by its high-quality DC Compressors. Simply adjust the desired function you need it for at any time using the device’s digital LCD display—choosing from -20℃ Freezing to a milder adjustable Chilling function, without having its temperature affected by the weather.

Since the Lithium-ion battery is removable, you can take it out and use it as a standalone powerbank for your phone, laptop, outdoor lighting and other devices with USB ports.

LiONCooler Pro is designed to be as convenient as a trolley bag. Simply pull the telescopic handle and you’re good to go. Seamlessly take your LiONCooler Pro anywhere, without lifting or holding it, and enjoy its robust all-terrain 6 inches extra-large wheels that will literally let you take it off-road.

The removable multi-purpose lid provides more access to your cooler and can also be used as a food prep table. Plus, you can easily remove to wash and clean.  

Another key feature that makes LiONCooler Pro innovative is the ability to charge through solar power. Just connect the cooler directly to a solar power panel and enjoy the green and environmentally-friendly charging and keep drinks and food cold completely off-grid.

Want even more convenience? If temperature changes outdoors or if you simply want to adjust the chilling temperature of the device, you can adjust the cooler’s temperature on the digital LCD display or remotely, from its free Bluetooth App available for iOS or Android.

Crowdfunding is not new to us, we successfully funded our first project here: the 3rd generation LiONCooler. Since then, the LiONCooler has been tried and tested by thousands of consumers, it has even been used in the most sensitive medical environments, transporting medicine and organs, where reliable and steady temperatures are critically important.

So what’s new? The LiONCooler Pro has a better 193Wh/52000mAh battery, that not only functions as a battery for your cooler but as a power bank for all devices. Plus, the battery is equipped with a double-sided type-c PD 60W and LED light so you have a flashlight when you need it.

LiONCooler Pro comes in three available capacities that you can choose from, according to your requirements: PX30 (30L), PX40 (40L), and PX50 (50L).

What’s in the box?

90w Compatible Solar Panel

*Available as an add-on

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