LensHD: Hands-Free Lens-Cleaning Station Made Simple

A stunning automatic lens cleaner crafted for efficiency, speed, and convenience anywhere. Remove fingerprints, dust and oil on lens!
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The world first automatic glasses cleaner for all types of glasses!

The soft, microfiber cloth wrapped sponge can easily grab and remove all the dirt on glasses! Make your day clearer and brighter.

Once Lens HD is finished, open the case and gaze in awe at your spotless glasses! Even if they’re several years old, our device will fool you into thinking they’re fresh out of the box!

Forget about wiping your glasses all day, and leave it to Lens HD! With just a single button, you’re on your way to a smarter lifestyle.

Spray on some lens cleaner for the best result! It will help remove oil and grease.

Just insert your glasses into the slot, spray on some lens cleaner, close the lid, and get ready for a brand new pair!

To optimize cleaning performance and sponge coverage, LensCleaner utilizes an off-centered rotation pattern, so even the very edges of your lenses are targeted with precision and quality. Instead of just spinning around on your glasses and doing nothing, we’re simulating the comprehensive cleaning of a human. 

Our patent pending design include: harmless glasses insert design; Quick release system (push button release design); Glasses slot insert design; off centered cleaning wheels rotation design…etc.

Even Lens HD comes with a small body, efforts were put into the design for maximize cleaning performance, as well as maintaining the design style.

Lens HD shines with its ultra-soft microfiber-lined sponges, built from the ground up to apply pressure to your glasses during the cleaning process, while eliminating scratching and scuffing altogether.

Our extra-lengthy microfiber fabric targets those stubborn fingerprints, that messy oil, and the filthy dust and dirt of your daily routine. With fibers 100x finer than a single human hair, we’re leaving the risk of scratches, marks, and streaks in the past.

We run tests on our cleaning wheels with the worst case scenario, to simulate the worst possible thing you can get on your glasses. Ketchup, cream, wasabi paste, and coffee…etc. 

For the millions of people saddled with glasses or corrective lenses, we’re chasing our vision of convenience, especially for the busy individual. User-friendliness, functionality, and ease of use. These are the goals we know to be essential to a healthy lifestyle, and these are the goals that Lens HD aims for.

And, of course, the cleaning wheels and sponges are easy to remove and clean at any time, because that’s what it means to be convenient.

Big, small, round, or square, Lens HD is ready to clean! Fit nearly any type, shape, or size of glasses into the slot, even sunglasses, for a consistently amazing job every time.

We provide shipping to countries all over the world.  We will send you a survey to collect shipping addresses after the campaign. 

Notes: Please be reminded that we cannot mark any shipments as a gift since it’s illegal for us to do it. Also, make sure your delivery address is accurately provided or failure to deliver to a wrong address might incur additional costs to reship the product.

Ever since my first experience with glasses, cleaning has always been a nagging thorn in my side. Naturally, making that process automatic, simple, and effective became my goal! A few years later, I’m still chasing that vision, and looking forward to implementing it for any individual. – Founder

Difficulties immediately revealed themselves, including how to effectively clean, holding the glasses, efficiency, the different types of glasses it can support… everything. But I’m happy to report that our patent-pending design is ready. And we can’t wait to introduce it to the world, and change it forever.

After initially taking part in the Cardlax Team, we all broke off for a new adventure. Although we had some great time and experience back, but is time for us to walk our own path. Also, even though we are a new team, but we know each other for quite some time, didn’t take us long to get used to the new environment.

We are firm believers in the potential of simple ideas to blossom into success. As we accumulate experience from previous projects, we’re ready to move forward into the future. 

We had some great time and experience while worked in Cardlax Team, and 

From our ultra-soft microfiber sponges to masterfully clean, to the un-centered spin cycle to masterfully cover, to the abnormal turning to masterfully perform, Lens HD is undoubtedly a product for the future, today. Get ready for the new wave.

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