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Lawna: The Smart Cyber Mower with Visual AI

Autonomous smart mower for effortless lawn maintenance.
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Lawna is a fully automated mower robot. It is capable of setting virtual boundary lines, dividing work areas, and arranging optimal work schedules on its own using Visual AI. It doesn’t require buried perimeter wires like first gen autonomous mowers and doesn’t leave a mess behind like traditional push mowers. You don’t even have to bend down to adjust the cutter height. All the operations can be done via the app right on your phone. With Lawna, you can free yourself from the hassle of lawn maintenance, have more time to relax, and still have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood!

Compared to traditional buried wire boundary zone systems, Lawna is modernized with the built-in AI vision that allows it to accurately measure and memorize your yard’s size and shape after a single walk that can be controlled on the App. Lawna creates virtual boundaries for effortless autonomous mowing. This advanced system eliminates a lot of prep work: there is no need to install boundary lines and no worries about boundary lines being damaged. 

Lawna is smart. After mapping, Lawna will divide the yard into several zones and intelligently determine the optimal working schedule, which includes mowing areas, time schedule, and mowing mode. Lawna eliminates repetitive work and never misses an area. It saves time and ensures complete mowing of the entire lawn. 

Capable of multiple zone management and intelligent route planning, Lawna determines the most efficient mowing route for each zone and always cuts the lawn in perfect parallel rows. 

Lawna automatically changes its working mode to suit different grass conditions in different areas of the lawn for ultra-efficient mowing. A suitable work mode cuts neatly and also prevents damage caused by improper cutting. This careful maintenance produces very small grass clippings that don’t require picking up and can remain to act as fertilizer. Maintenance has never been easier.

In addition, the height of the cutter can also be adjusted at the touch of a button. Using the APP, the cutting deck can be remotely adjusted to achieve the perfect grass height without the need to manually adjust the mower on the ground.

To give Lawna the ability to work on all kinds of terrain, we equipped the mower with off-road grade tires and a brushless motor with powerful traction to achieve a maximum climbing angle of 30°. Lawna can easily handle any terrain in your yard.

Operating electronic products during rainy weather can result in short circuits or corrosion. For this reason, Lawna was designed to be fully waterproof, so that the blade can be cleaned directly with water. Additionally, Lawna is equipped with a rain sensor to detect rainy weather. Lawna will automatically stop working when it rains and return to the charging station to avoid damage to the lawn.

Lawna always knows its battery level. When its remaining power is below 20%, Lawna autonomously returns to its charging station to recharge, and after, it will continue mowing from the point at which it previously left off.

Equipped with multiple sensors, Lawna is able to protect itself and avoid external harm. The sensor detection range is wide, which helps Lawna detect static obstacles in advance to evade collision.  In addition, the sensors are fast-acting to deal with obstacles that suddenly appear. 

Lawna includes multiple precision sensors including vision, ultrasonic, and collision detection that work together to intelligently scan and detect the environment in real-time to avoid obstacles, people, and pets safe. When children or pets approach, Lawna will stop rotating and retract the cutting blades to prevent the possibility of injury. Lawna will also take the same precaution when the mower is lifted up or tilted.

Lawna offers a stable connection with APP via Bluetooth, 4G, or Wi-Fi and utilizes real-time GPS positioning and multiple anti-theft deterrents. The mower includes a built-in theft alarm and if it is picked up by an unauthorized person, it will lock for safety and require a PIN code to restart again.  

When not on mowing duty, Lawna will be the guardian of your garden. It can patrol at night to provide visual security surveillance monitored by visual transmission. There is also a video storage function that will save footage of unusual activities. Lawna is like a Cyber truck in your garden, always guarding your security.

Lawna looks very different from other mower robots. There is no streamlined body, and it doesn’t look like a race car. But it is more full of futuristic and science fiction sense. Actually, Lawna’s design is inspired by the movie “Blade Runner” and the game “CyberPunk 2077”. Lawna looks like a robot from the movie screen, with a silver top shell and angular lines that exude a sense of sharpness. The lower part of the body is black, which adds a sense of heft and strength to Lawna. Make your lawn the envy of the entire neighborhood!

If desired, you can manually plan Lawna‘s working path and schedule. The Lawna APP is your best garden assistant, all working status and history will be recorded by the APP so that you can optimize Lawna’s working schedule based on the history data and your own preferences. Using the APP, you can view Lawna’s work situation and surveillance footage on your phone anytime, anywhere.

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