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Kingsdun: A Handheld Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Rechargeable | Adjustable Torque | 15 Magnetic Bits | Max 200 RPM | Hidden Bits Storage Base | Use Electrically or Manually
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The most important factor to consider when choosing an electric screwdriver is what you plan on using it for. Traditional power screwdrivers don’t always look well fit especially for light-duty tasks. Electric handheld screwdrivers are a perfect alternative, for tasks like repairing digital devices, or replacing a light switch cover.

Introducing Kingsdun, a handheld cordless electric screwdriver with easy-to-grip design, 2-level adjustable torque and 15 magnetic bits storable in the base. It is such a convenient tool that can be used electrically or manually, and certainly a necessity to add to your tool collection.

Kingsdun screwdriver comes with a pen-shaped body that can be ergonomically gripped, offering a sleek slim look and easy-to-use experience. Unlike other metallic screwdrivers, Kingsdun utilizes anti-slip silicone sleeve to greatly remove the insufficient friction problem due to a smooth surface. This way, it better improves the product performance.

A perfect addition to any toolkit, Kingsdun screwdriver lets you easily transits from manual tooling to electrically powered tooling. Or you may simply use it manually to tighten or loosen screws. No cords, no plugs. You may take it anywhere you want.

A small but powerful 200 RPM motor (the most powerful motor on a miniature handheld electric screwdriver) lets you rotate the screw’s head in positive or negative direction. Plus, you are still able to adjust the torque on the fly. 

The 2-level torque extends the use scenarios, offering lower torque for small delicate electronics, for eg., if you want to assemble a circuit board or fixing something on a plastic board. Otherwise, your tasks may get damaged by a more powerful tool, like particle board, plastic covers, or the small screws used in electronics.

The Kingsdun screwdriver comes with an entire kit, with 15 interchangeable bits. The bits are all crafted from high-quality steel, offering long-lasting durability over time. 

These bits can be magnetically attracted to the screwdriver head, making it efficient installation and not-easily fall-off. In addition, they can be well stored in the round base so that they won’t take much space or wasting your time finding them in the mess toolbox.

The base is made of silicone, and each bit has a separate hole for storage. There is a rotating structure at the bottom to prevent it from slipping out. In this way, the base can not only accommodate the heads/bits, but also can hold the screwdriver’s main body on it, making the whole device simple and beautiful on the desktop or any place.

Note: Heavy-duty screwdrivers have an increased amount of torque available. Since Kingsdun screwdriver is positioned as a desktop light-duty tool for tasks like electronics devices assembling/disassembling, DIY projects, gadgets repairing, it may not be suitable for furniture assembling, craftsmanship, etc..

Its simple 2-button interface allows you to trigger the electric motor to run either clockwise or anticlockwise. Hold to start, release to stop. It is that simple. The intuitive controls of the screwdriver makes it a great choice for those who want to start and stop anywhere immediately. Inside the body, Kingsdum’s gearbox is built to be extremely robust, allowing it to work electrically.

There are 2 levels of torque to be applied on different tasks. Rotating the rear knob of the screwdriver allows you to shift between the torque. Low torque setting with 1.3 N.M which is commonly seen in the market. High torque setting with 0.5 N.M.

The built-in 800 mAh large capacity battery can last for weeks, that the screwdriver and run more than 1000 screws when it is fully-charged. The high-speed magnetic motor provides strong and stable power output to the screwdriver. And it the battery runs out, you can either charge Kingsdun via USB Type C cable, or just keep using it as a manual screwdriver, letting you get the work done either which way.

Bearing the minimal design concept in mind, Kingsdun’s designers also want the product to be exquisitely made, without sacrificing its functionality and stability. The screwdriver is only 0.4 lbs in weight, whose main body is made of ABS + metal painting. The non-slip grip made of soft touch silicone enables users to operate it using one hand.

With 3-staged rotary knob and equipped intelligent chip, you can adjust the torque precisely to meet your needs. The cordless electric driven screwdriver reduces your arm fatigue, which saves you energy and time to move onto the next project. Kingsdun is built with all high-quality materials, ensuring long-term durability. Though, we also provide one-year warranty for every customer so that you always focus on hassle-free screwing tasks.

If you want a backup tool, its compact size makes it possible to be kept in your pocket.

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