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KIKR S1: Fully Adjustable Phone Stand with 20W Wireless Charging

✅Adjustable Height & Length ✅20W Dual Wireless Chargers ✅Works for Phone & Tablet ✅Compact & Foldable
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We all spend tons of time on smartphones. There are two problems we all encounter.

– Lack of power when you really need it.

– You can’t find a stand to hold your phone exactly the way you want it.

We’ve tried many products, but none offer the perfect solution. Until now…


Introducing S1, the best wireless charger stand you will ever need. Fully adjustable with 20W dual wireless chargers, the S1 has everything you could possibly want in a wireless phone stand.

S1 is designed for your phone, offers complete hands-free use, and keeps your phone at full power. No more missing important calls because of a dead battery and no more hassle using your phone while it’s charging.

S1 is truly a fully adjustable stand. It features a foldable design with adjustable height, viewing angle, and leg length. You simply find the most comfortable angle and your phone stays put so you can comfortably work, watch videos, browse the web, FaceTime and much more. Adjust S1 to the right angle and release your hands. It’s that simple.

S1 not only provides angle flexibility for your phone, but also wirelessly charges it at the same time. S1 is a charging station with 20W DUAL wireless chargers. Both chargers support 10W/7.5W/5W charging mode, compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google, Sony smartphones, AirPods and more Qi-enabled devices.

S1 keeps two devices powered up and always ready to go. Simply adjust to the comfortable angle for you, then enjoy wireless charging from that point on! Say goodbye to multiple adjustments and problems getting it just right. S1 makes it all so easy.

S1 not only holds your phone, but also your tablet! Many phone holders cannot hold a tablet because of the structure and inferior materials used to cut corners and save manufacturing costs. S1 is designed with an ergonomic structure and high quality, durable materials. It’s extremely stable and capable of holding up to 17.6oz. (Note: iPad/iPad Pro does not support wireless charging).

Seven humanized non-slip mats provide stability and protection for your devices. No longer worry about your device accidently falling.

Built with ingenious design and superior quality materials, S1 works for all phones and all tablets.

Smart phones without wireless charging capability normally get charged with a cable. S1 provides a better option. With a special Qi receiver (not included, available at Add-on), S1 can charge your non-wireless phones wirelessly.

With the extended leg design, S1 can hold your phone in both navigation or landscape mode. No worries, wireless charging is available either way!

S1 enables 0.3in(8mm) charging distance, which is compatible with most phone cases and receivers.

With all of these powerful functions, S1 is still incredibly small and compact. Simply fold it, store it and use it anywhere.

Let’s make it totally clear.

Here is how S1 is different from other products.



We are very grateful for the tremendous interest in S1. Thanks for being part of the next breakthrough in wireless charging phone stands.

Now join the campaign to get more value!

1. Get 4 FREE Cable Holders!

Be one of the 200 Super Early Birds and get 4 FREE cable holders, which are valued at $12.99 retail!

2. Get 2 FREE Cable Holders!

Missed the Super Early Birds? No worries! Be one of the backers. Share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter, then contact support@kikrteam.com with your order information, get 2 FREE cable holders after the campaign ends!

3. Get One FREE S1!

If you are the No.500 or No.1000 backer, contact support@kikrteam.com with your order information, and we will send you one more S1 after the campaign ends!


Input: 5V/2A; 9V/1.7A

Output of Each Charger: 10W/7.5W/5W

Total Output: 20W Max

Charging Distance: 0.3in / 8mm

Dimensions: 4.4×2.7×1.5in / 112x69x37mm

Weight: 9.3oz / 263g

 Qi Receiver(Add-On)

Input: 5V/1A

Output: 5W

Dimensions: 3.29 x 1.87 x 0.02in / 83.5*47.6*0.05mm

Weight: 0.18oz / 5g

The Qi receiver will be available as an add-on and it has two SKUs: Lightning port and Type-C port. You can purchase the add-on through our survey after the campaign ends.

Considering the two problems we all face, S1 is the best solution for all phone users. We have already finished the first mass production. Now we need your help to bring S1 to the world.

KIKR is a small startup based in Hong Kong with a concentration on great lifestyle and office products. Their mission is to make amazing products known and available to the world. We believe that a good design should be simple, compact, and smart. It should also be made with durable, high-quality materials. We have many years’ experience designing and producing consumer electronic products. With experienced product development engineers, project management experts, innovative production processes and secure manufacturing supply chains—we provide you with high quality products from design to finished product.

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