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IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell : The Fastest and Safest

0.01s Instant Alert | Accurate Human Detection | 4MP Camera | 1 Charge for 6 Months | Local Storage| Key Area Detection|IP66 WaterProof
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IMILAB smart doorbell is the fastest responding smart doorbell in the world. The built-in AI + PIR technology enables you to notify yourself of human detection within 0.01s. So you won’t miss a thing. Adopts the most advanced 4MP HD camera with a 150° ultra-wide viewing angle, IMILAB allows you to see clearly what is going on outside your door no matter day or night. Give you the ultimate guard!

Without instant notification, you always fail to respond to the delivery guys immediately or let your guest wait too long. IMILAB video doorbell features the most advanced PIR Sensor and built-in AI Technology, enabling you to talk to the visitors or couriers in real-time.


When someone rings the doorbell, IMILAB will send real-time HD video and allow two-way talk from your smartphone, tablet or select Alexa/Google-enabled device. With the IMILAB smart doorbell, you will never miss a visitor, and lets you safely monitor what’s happening outside.

Through the built-in AI technology, the user gets notified instantly within 0.01 seconds via a mobile app either when someone pushes the doorbell or when the camera detects someone at your door. Just tap the app and greet the visitors to say hello.

You can see, hear live videos and talk to the visitors wherever you are, at the office or supermarket. You can even send preset messages to visitors when you’re too busy to answer.

IMILAB comes with a 4-megapixel high-definition camera and a large aperture of F1.6. Allow you to see everything clearly and explore more details easily in the bright light of day or dark of night. You can even see the information on the label of your parcel’s cardboard box.

The camera of IMILAB video doorbell is a fully upgraded 6P lens for a higher-quality display. The fully upgraded lens effectively reduces light refraction for clearer, brighter, and more detailed images. 

IMILAB video doorbell is equipped with high-performance self-driven IR night vision technology, which will turn on automatically at night or in low light to achieve a clearer night vision image.

Equipped with a 5200mAh rechargeable battery, IMILAB video doorbell can last for 6 months on one charge. The built-in state-of-the-art AI chip & PIR technology ensure precise detection, controlling and optimizing battery consumption. The smart app can customize the doorbell’s auto-wake settings to avoid unnecessary video recording which helps to save power consumption.

The IMILAB smart video doorbell is designed for outdoor use in all seasons. It can work within a temperature range of -20°C~50°C and IP66 waterproof guarantees its resistance to whatever weather conditions.

Our Prototype Durability Test

With built-in highly accurate Passive Infrared (PIR) and AI human detection technology, IMILAB Video Doorbell can precisely detect to identify humans from other objects and only send you an instant alert as soon as someone approaches your front door. That helps to reduce false alerts caused by vehicles, animals, small insects or plants.

Unlike other Apps that capture everything no matter you care about it or not, IMILAB doorbell could filter some passer-by in “Record after the set time” and “Detection Sensitivity’ settings.

Customize the detection zone with your App to only monitor the area you care about. Set the trigger alerts when the visitor appears within 2m, 4m, 6m or 8m from the doorbell.

Set the video record time and the trigger time of appearing in the detection zone (5s or 10s) before sending an alert. Avoid false trigger alerts, saving overall power consumption and increasing battery life. Optimize the storage space.

You can smart remote the IMILAB video doorbell through the app control center that works the same way as a security camera. Monitor your front door in real-time. No worry even if you miss a notification, you can always go back to check event history and see what happened. You can always check the leaving messages from visitors on the App if you miss the alerts.

When encountering strange activity and suspicious persons at the door that trigger the doorbell alarm factors, you can assign a ringtone for alert notifications through the app and send an alarm ringtone to warn the suspicious persons. Avoid direct contact and ensure your home safety.

IMILAB video doorbell comes with a gateway for free. Allow you to store, view and download videos. No need to pay monthly fees anymore.

The data can be stored locally using local micro SD card or it can store in cloud storage. 

Apart from this, we also offer every kickstarter backers IMILAB cloud storage starting from $1.99/month. Free trial for the first 90 days cloud storage service per camera for 30 days rolling footages.

This gateway is also a wifi amplifier that can release 984ft frequency and enhance your Wi-Fi signal and coverage. It ensures that the two-way video call of the doorbell is smooth and not getting jammed. EU, US and UK adaptors are available, and we also provide conversion plugs with other specifications.

No need of professional help. Set up your IMILAB video doorbell in a few minutes with just a screwdriver. Wire-free, suitable for any door.

Matching with a 15° corner kit, you can easily adjust the doorbell to the ideal angle and eliminate blind spots. Up the angle to 30° with two 15° corner kits!

Beyond the easy installation, the IMILAB doorbell also features a special anti-theft design. A unique detaching pin is required to remove the doorbell from the slot, which ensures the device’s safety.

You can enjoy hands-free home monitoring with Alexa/Google-enabled devices. IMILAB video doorbell helps to create a smarter and more secure home.

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