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Ikarao Break X1: 4-in-1 Party Speaker with Tablet

13.3 Tablet | Spotify&Youtube Installed | WiFi+Bluetooth | 100W +6hr | Self-Charging Hidden Mics
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Break X1 = Speaker + Tablet + Mics+ System! 

This is not a traditional Bluetooth speaker, 13.3” Tablet allows you to say goodbye to squinting at your phone screen. With pre-installed YouTube and Spotify, you have access to an endless library of songs and videos via WIFI.

When you have multiple people at your party, there’s no need to pass your phone around; everyone can share this big screen! It’s bigger than an iPad and iPad!

A ±180° rotatable screen for different viewing angles to display lyrics  at parties!

Make your song ordering more stable, flexible, and faster. Enjoy  thousands of music and videos while freeing up your phone for other tasks independently! 

It’s not traditional speaker – WiFi and Bluetooth 5.3 offers versatile song choices and easy device pairing for diverse party and karaoke experiences! Just use APP store to download the App you need !

Break x1 is portable which allows the party to expand to any location. Whether it’s the Backyard BBQ, Home / Park party, Office meeting, or Beach!

Comparing it to speakers from the high-end luxury audio brand, Devialet (typically between $3,000 to $4,000) The sound quality of Break X1 is on par with Devialet!

Speaker is a excellent size.  Big enough for good sound, small enough to be portable!

Two tweeters and a woofer in a speaker system provide precise high-frequency sound and deep bass. This creates immersive stereo sound with directional audio and a wide soundstage!

The speaker provides 6 hours of music, while the microphones last for 30 hours, allowing for uninterrupted karaoke fun, group singing, and convenience. No need to worry about power outages!

The Mic charges automatically when you put it back. Whenever guests visit, the mic is always charged and up to 30 hours. No need to keep changing old-fashioned batteries!

Break X1’s microphone has the same features as Tesla’s microphone!Less distortion, fuller bass. Crisper highs, with real EQ adjustment and built-in feedback suppression, making your sound quality even better. No need for pairing, plug and play!

Break X1 comes with all the interfaces. For example, you can connect it to a larger screen for a movie night, link it to a guitar, or even use it to charge your phone, or your DJ controller!

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