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iFramix- Bring Old iPads Back to Life

Turn old iPads into digital photo frames/home cameras /clocks and more, with charging module and App, reduce e-waste.
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Don’t let your old iPad collect dust in the drawer! You invested 500 US dollars in a stunning device that served you well for 10 years,its value is close to zero now. Don’t you want to get the most out of it?

Meet iFramix, a smart frame that can bring your old iPad back to life,and reduce e-waste pollution.

iFramix turns your iPad into a beautiful digital photo frame that lets you enjoy your photos in a new way. Whether it’s your personal photos, travel photos, family photos, or pet photos, you can display them all with iFramix.

You can also put your AI-generated images in iFramix. I believe it will definitely wow your family and friends! iFramix is easy to use and stylish. You can place it anywhere in your home, or even mount it on the wall.

iFramix transforms the way you display Clock, Weather, Music. They become stunning and stylish now. Don’t let your old iPad go to waste. Turn it into the most eye-catching decoration in your room with iFramix.

With iFramix App, you can also customize the content displayed on your iPad with our app. You can edit your favorite quotes, greetings, capture important moments.

Your iPad can be a home camera too. You don’t need to spend 30 dollars on a normal one. We also made the camera more fun.

We gave it a pair of adorable big eyes. They will track your movement, as if the person who loves you the most is watching you.

Now your old iPad is worth at least 300 dollars!

User-oriented design: hassle-free installation, sleek and seamless, and extremely strong; Installation takes only 1 minute for any user

We created an accessory called iCharguard and an app to manage iPad charging efficiently.

The app reads the battery level in real-time and communicates with iCharguard to stop charging when the battery is above 80% and resume charging when it drops below 25%. Studies show that batteries are healthiest between 25%-80%.

With iCharguard, you can maximize the lifespan of your iPad. We have conducted a simple calculation and found that using iCharguard can extend the lifespan of your iPad by 3 years compared to not using it.

The app also lets users customize working time periods for the iPad, reducing power consumption during non-working hours.

Charging your iPad for a long time without iCharguard is a dangerous behavior. It will make the battery age faster and retire several years earlier. 

You can say that iCharguard is the soul of this product.

We developed the app ourselves, which can be used on both mobile and iPad devices. In addition to helping with battery charging management, it will also integrate these functions: picture slideshow, custom display content, video monitoring, etc.

There is no doubt that it is born to be compatible with lower versions of PadOS.


It can upload photos from your phone to your iPad with one click, without any other complicated steps;

We have two frame sizes, one that fits any 9.7-inch iPad and one that fits the 7.9-inch iPad Mini; The frames adjust to different models with pads on the four corners, each model has its own pads with the right thickness, and they match perfectly;

We care about the environment and use recycled composite wood for our frames. They are light and elegant, as well as strong and long-lasting.

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