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IceDuo Clear Ice Maker: Craft Large, Crystal-Clear Ice

Easily make large and clear ice spheres, cubes, and diamonds for indulgence, along with bullet ice for various occasions.
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*Molds of spheres and cubes are packed with the machine. The molds of diamond ice and other shapes need to be purchased separately.

The First Machine that Combines Clear Ice and Bullet Ice functions.

IceDuo is the first of its kind, allowing users to create crystal-clear ice in perfect shapes without cutting, while also making regular ice for quick drinks. With IceDuo, drink enthusiasts can elevate their on the rocks experience of whiskey and cocktail creations and enjoy professional-quality drinks from the comfort of their own homes.

IceDuo offers you a new way to make clear ice at home. 

We started researching automatic clear ice making years ago and have applied the technology to commercial clear ice machines. Now, it’s time to bring it into a home version.


Elevate Your Home Bar Experience

Perfect for whiskey and cocktail enthusiasts.

Crystal clear ice is often served at bars because it can enhance the flavor of whiskey and other drinks. But with IceDuo, you can make your own clear ice at home.

Bullet ice for more daily uses. 

While enjoying the benefits of crafting high-quality clear ice, you can also use IceDuo to make bullet ice for quick drinks such as coke, tea, and water. Which means, you don’t need to buy an extra bullet ice machine.

Make Clear Ice of Perfect Shapes

IceDuo allows users to make clear ice of perfect standard shapes: sphere, cube, diamond and more. It makes 4 pieces of clear ice per cycle. Thanks to the unique freezing control program, it only takes 10 to 14 hours to make one round of clear ice, which is about 1/3 of the time you do with traditional ways. What’s more, these perfect ice spheres, cubes, diamonds are stunningly clear that may be much better than what you have seen before.

A Visually Pleasing Experience of Making Bullet Ice

Making bullet ice is nothing new, but the experience with IceDuo is special because we present it in a unique way. The freezing structure of bullet ice is located beneath the control panel. Once the bullet ice pieces are ready, they will fall from the top to the ice tray below. We find this process satisfying, which is why we designed a viewing window for users to watch it. Additionally, the compartment will be illuminated when the bullet ice is about to drop down. 

  • Small bullet ice: 5 min/9 pcs.
  • Big bullet ice: 7 min/9 pcs.


Why Clear Ice?

  • Aesthetics: Clear ice looks more elegant and visually appealing than cloudy ice. Its clarity enhances the presentation of a drink, making it more attractive and sophisticated.

  • Slower Melting: Clear ice melts more slowly than cloudy ice because it is denser and has fewer air bubbles. This means it doesn’t dilute the drink as quickly, preserving the flavor and integrity of the liquor for a longer period.
  • Purity: Clear ice is often perceived as being purer and cleaner than cloudy ice. The process of making clear ice typically removes impurities and gasses, resulting in a higher quality ice that doesn’t affect the taste of the drink.
  • Better Cooling: Clear ice cools drinks more efficiently because it is more solid and has a higher surface area in contact with the liquid. This helps in chilling the drink without altering its composition as much as quickly melting ice would.
  • Enhanced Drinking Experience: Using clear ice can enhance the overall drinking experience. The clarity and quality of the ice reflect the care and attention to detail in crafting the drink, making it more enjoyable for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Why IceDuo? Because It’s Different.

IceDuo produces both clear ice and bullet ice.

No other product combines these two features in ONE MACHINE. With IceDuo, you can make 4 pieces of clear ice in 10 to 14 hours, and it only takes 5 to 7 minutes to make one round of bullet ice (which is not clear ice by our definition). IceDuo can be your companion any time you want a drink.                                        

What IceDuo offers is real.

By real, we mean the clear ice is truly crystal clear. And we are able to deliver it. Some products claim to make clear ice, but the ice they produce is not genuinely clear, according to publicly available information. We are late to Kickstarter, but we are real. We started researching automatic clear ice making years ago and have applied the technology to commercial clear ice machines. Now, it’s time to bring it into a home version.

IceDuo makes crystal-clear ice cubes in large sizes. 

Size matters. Why? The first reason is that clear ice cubes in large sizes accumulate more cold energy and melt slower, maintaining a lower temperature to cool drinks effectively. The second reason is that these large cubes fit perfectly in standard glasses used for liquors and cocktails. Additionally, there are technical difficulties in making large clear ice cubes with perfect shapes. 

Time matters.

To be clear, there are other ways to make really clear ice at home, but those methods are troublesome and time-consuming. For example, you can put some molds in a freezer to make clear ice cubes, but this typically takes more than 36 hours. There are challenges in making this process shorter. However, IceDuo only needs 10 to 14 hours to make one round of large clear ice cubes. This is what the natural process of forming clear ice requires. You would not get truly clear ice in a large size if you spent only 6 hours, 4 hours, or less time on the process.

Visual pleasure and fun.

IceDuo allows you to make clear ice in various shapes: perfect spheres, cubes, diamonds, and more. It wows you every time you see the stunning crystal-clear ice taken out from IceDuo. We will make it even more interesting by developing more molds to create clear ice in other shapes. You can DIY this pleasure by adding a strawberry, cherry, mint leaf, or other objects into the molds. Or you can simply make a stamp to create customized pattern on the ice cube.


User-friendly experience.

A lot of features are equipped in IceDuo to make it easy to use and offers a friendly experience. For example:

  • Sensors detect the water level and notify you.
  • It will stop making bullet ice and notify you if the bullet ice tray is not in place.
  • It lets you know if the bullet ice tray is full.

Put it short, IceDuo is different from any other products on the markets.

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