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Heisenberg LawnMeister All-in-One Robot Mower with Vision AI

Virtual Boundary | Obstacle Avoidance | Edge Trimmer | Leaf Blower | Multi-Zone Management | Mowing up to 1 Acre | 58% Slope Climbing
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Get the golf-green lawn you’ve always wanted, without stepping foot in the yard.

LawnMeister’s breakthrough Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS) uses robot vision, dual AI chips and deep learning algorithms to create a 3D navigation of your entire lawn, for perfect edges and an even cut. It’s also a revolution in lawn care – trimming edges, blowing leaves, and spraying fertilizers all on its own.

Autonomous and cord-free, it plans perfect routes to finish yard work fast and easily avoids objects from lawn chairs to squirrels. And with an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you quickly set up no-go zones or assign multiple mowing areas, the LawnMeister is the yard bot designed to set you free from lawn maintenance.

Welcome to weekend freedom!

The options for getting that lush, evenly cut lawn have never been great. Gas mowers? Don’t get us started on those rip-roaring Sundays behind a noisy gas guzzler. Smart mowers? Most of them mow in random lines and require you to string your yard in boundary wire just so they don’t end up on the street. 

It makes you wonder whether they really deserve the name “smart.” And what’s worse? They have a tendency to eat up your plants and drive over your kids’ toys with their serious lack of obstacle avoidance.

Meanwhile, landscape companies charge a fortune to do these services for you.

LawnMeister takes hands-free lawn care to a whole new level. Starting with the Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS) – a revolutionary system powered by robot vision and AI that dramatically improves route planning and accuracy of obstacle avoidance.

And with its unique all-in-one modular design, LawnMeister provides lawn care from all aspects. Adjust cutting height on the fly, or set up no-go zones for LawnMeister to avoid. LawnMeister memorizes your whole lawn – including where not to go – without using an inch of boundary wire, making it easy to set up, so it comes out of the box ready to mow, trim, and cut.

It’s the yard bot that’s helping homeowners everywhere take back their weekends, their Summers, and their lawns.

Don’t tie up your lawn in wires just to keep your robotic mower in line. LawnMeister is 100% wire-free. It uses virtual boundaries to make setup fast and automatic. Its smart navigation uses vision AI and GPS to learn your whole lawn – so you’ll never have to dig up dirt and lay wires around your yard.

LawnMeister uses a 3D navigation system powered by robot vision, so it can see every bump, remember every edge, and avoid objects in real-time.

It uses a combination of cameras, powerful onboard processing and deep learning algorithms to efficiently navigate your yard, including walkways and driveways, and continuously reads the landscape to quickly learn where to go and what to avoid.

Avoid all kinds of objects – from potted plants to visiting critters. LawnMeister can recognize all types of objects from a hedgehog to a lawn chair, then use its AI-powered system to steer around.

And it’s smart enough to detect objects whether they’re moving or still, so it won’t run into your pets or drive through dog poop, keeping your loved ones safe and your lawn mess-free.

Find a better route to a greener lawn. LawnMeister uses its HPS to calculate the quickest route to cut your lawn, saving time and energy. That focus on efficiency protects your lawn from repeated mowing, which helps keep your grass healthy.

Special add-ons give your lawn the extras to make it really stand out – from neat and tidy edges to lush and healthy grass.

Keep the lines straight and the edges neat all around your yard. LawnMeister tidies up around gardens, patios, and driveways to cut loose ends and make your lawn look perfectly manicured.

It even cozies right up to walls and fences, for a close cut that people notice.

Leaves are falling. Grass is growing. It’s a messy time of year. Thankfully LawnMeister has a leaf blower add-on that clears a path to a perfect lawn. 

Not only does it blow away fallen leaves so they won’t clog up the blades, but it also gets rid of grass, debris, and other fallen bits to give your lawn the neat and tidy look you want.

Fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients to be its best, and LawnMeister’s fertilizer sprayer add-on makes the job easy. 

LawnMeister’s vision AI enables it to see yellow spots on your lawn and to sprinkle a trail of nourishment over the patches of stunted growth, giving your grass what it needs to grow back stronger and healthier.

If there’s grass on the driveway, the job isn’t done. LawnMeister cleans up after itself with its driveway sweeper add-on, sweeping away grass clippings to complete the mowing session.

Your grass grows faster in June than in October – so why use the same mowing schedule all year round? LawnMeister reads the season, weather, and your location to predict your grass’s needs, and offers you a tailored mowing schedule to deliver the best-looking lawn year-round.

Or you can customize your mowing schedule to fit your routine, giving you the freedom to have a great lawn on your time. That’s the level of service most robotic mowers just can’t deliver.

Set specific mowing areas and No-Go Zones easily in the LawnMeister app. Simple lawn zone management means you can protect certain areas of your lawn, like a vegetable patch or a spot your dog likes to nap. 

And with the ability to set multiple mowing zones, LawnMeister can roll from one lawn to the next without interruption. Plus, the app lets you change Mowing Zones or add new No-Go Zones anytime you want — which means you can remodel your yard as often as you’d like.

Use the app to adjust the cutting height anywhere from 1.2 to 3.5 inches (3-9cm). Get the look you want for your lawn – from golf-green low to a lawn with a bit of shag. With LawnMeister’s adjustable cutting height, you can even set different grass heights for different zones in your yard, tailored to your family’s preference.

LawnMeister considers your grass type, the season and the ⅓ grass cutting rule to recommend the ideal lawn height. Or you can custom adjust the height manually from the app any time you want.

Take on lawns of any size with powerful lithium-ion batteries designed to go further and cut longer. LawnMeister comes in 5Ah Single Battery and 10Ah Dual Battery options – so it can mow for two hours on a single charge, or all the way up to four if you double up. 

That’s enough to cover up to 1600m2 daily, so it’s got all the juice it needs to cut any lawn to perfection. It’s even powerful and efficient enough to tackle 1-acre lawns – removing the need for expensive landscapers.

Not every lawn is flat, and LawnMeister is okay with that. We designed LawnMeister to handle slopes, bumps, and divots while still delivering the same even cut. It can handle up to a 58% gradient without getting stuck, and it rolls over gravel without grumbling about it.

Track your LawnMeister anywhere it goes. With its GPS and 4G connectivity, you can always track where LawnMeister is on its cutting tour, so you know if it’s on track. You can also detect any time if it has left your yard.

In case of attempted theft or tampering, LawnMeister will send an alert to your phone to let you know it’s no longer in the yard, with a traceable GPS signal that lets you know where it’s gone. Now that’s one loyal lawn mower.

When LawnMeister is running low on battery, it automatically drives back to its docking station so it can recharge. And LawnMeister always remembers its spot, so after it finishes charging it will continue mowing exactly where it left off.

It also goes back to the dock when it starts to rain to keep its blades from getting clogged up with wet grass.

Even if LawnMeister does get caught in a sudden downpour, or the line of fire from your neighbor’s sprinkler, you won’t have to worry about water damage. 

With IPX6 waterproofing, water rolls off LawnMeister without damaging its motor or sensors, leaving it ready to roll when the skies finally clear. Which they always do.

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