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Gymera: First Moveable Playful AI Home Gym

Digital Weight System | Game Fitness | AI Mirror | 1000+ Classes | Voice Control | Immersive Training
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More Than Your Need, Less Than Your Spend

Get Gymera, and you could save over $4000. In addition, Gymera provides you with the same strength training as Tonal, the cardio training that Mirror gives, and comes with a  4K screen that doubles as a home movie theatre.


Have you ever experienced a workout injury? Our latest AI system can help prevent injuries before you get hurt. It lets you know your body and movement and when you are at risk.  It will also analyze your bone structure, exercise, and even your eating habits to build a holistic picture of your health needs.

Are You Trying to Work Out Your Workout?

You are unique, and so is your lifestyle your training should be too. Era system locates your bone markers, analyzes your body posture, and generates your individual personalized training plan.

Is Your Food Planning Upsetting More Than Just Your Stomach?

Are your dietary choices upsetting your plans to be fitter? There are no bad foods; Era can customize a Nutrition program for you based on your eating habit, body fat, height, and weight, which still tastes great.  It just can’t cook it for you, yet.

Training Hard But Seeing No Results?

The Gymera program combines your nutrition plan, training level, and current physical state. Era system also can monitor your physical health and your form in real-time. You are boosting your program so you can see and feel the results.

Try Gymera’s FunFitness and have so much fun you’ll forget you’re getting fit.   Motion sensing training, 3D sports training, future VR games, and more are coming with Gymera API is open for third-party developers. You can also join the Gymera game idea collecting activity in the Gymera FB community, to share your own game ideas on Gymera!


Keep sweating in the GyRacing and change your routine fitness into absolute fun.


Start your strength training in wild boating, get stronger whilst having a good time.

Motion Sensing Games

Want to get fit with fun? Try our motion sensing games.

Future VR Games

With its super chipset and 4K screen, Gymera is VR-ready for games for you to play soon.

Training with Surfing

Don’t twiddle your thumbs surfing apps, work out your whole body.

With options to choose different workouts ranging from getting lean, building muscle and weight loss, Gymera’s expert-led workout classes help you get the most from your workout.

Two-Coach Demonstration

Two coaches demonstrate Gymera-guided workouts and moves. One action moves while the other demonstrates. Easy to learn and get the right move. Just look and listen.

Dynamic Digital Weight

Forget traditional dumbells and plates, try Gymera’s dynamic digital weight system (Max. 220 lbs of resistance, adjust in 0.1 pound increments) and get your most efficient workout.

Make Gains Faster with Gymera Weight Modes

Switch different modes to work out different muscle efficiently.

No Sweaty Hands Touching
with Voice and Gesture Controls.

It is easy to start and stop the training or adjust the weights without having to stop to change things.

Freestanding and Portable

No wall mounting is required. The built-in wheels allow you to gym anywhere. Flip and fold, and start your workout instantly.

Facetime Training

Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you need to work out alone. Gymera’s camera and mic easily let you and your friends enjoy a Facetime workout together even when you’re apart.

See Your Progress After Every Workout

It’s hard to stay motivated if you can’t see progress. Gymera shows you your progress after each of your workouts including calories burned, weights lifted, total sets and reps, total time, etc.

Attend Live Classes Without Getting Out

Gymera world-class trainers know what is required to achieve your goals. They guide you on all aspects of health, fitness, and exercise from the comfort of your home.

Keep Moving to Be Your Strongest.

With 200+ movements you always have new ways to work out.

Customize Your Own Programs that Fit Your Goal Perfectly

Guided multi-week programs that meet all your fitness needs. Work out your way by choosing your track. Whether you plan to bulk up, get lean, or simply keep fit. Gymera program is made to help you to reach goals step by step.

Reliable Super-glass Mirror

The solid paddle supports all your strength training.

Fit Any Space

Gymera foldable smart gym only comes in 5.38 ft². Put the mirror down and turn it into a professional home gym. Fold it, and you can do your cardio training right away!

Easy to Use

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