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Freda, 5-in-1 Desktop AC For All Seasons

Cooling, heating, humidifying, sanitizing and anion air purification. Creates a healthier and more comfortable environment.
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Freda is a multi-functional 5-in-1 desktop Air Conditioner for all seasons. It can be used for cooling, heating, humidifying, purifying, and even sanitizing.

Our team is dedicated to simplifying lives with the development of multi-functional smart climate controls that integrate multiple home appliances into one. 

We developed Freda because there was a lack of portable devices with heating, cooling, and sterilization functions built-in and the fact that most products with cooling and heating functions had no ability to clean and sterilize the air.

With 5 incredible functions, Freda creates a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family.

With its powerful heating mode, Freda can also quickly heat up your surroundings in just 3 seconds, helping you to stay warm during winter. 

The PTC corrugated heating unit allows Freda to quickly change cold air to warm, for a faster and more efficient way to stay comfy all winter.

Freda’s cooling mode can quickly lower the temperature and protect you from the heat during hot summer months. With three adjustable speed levels, Freda can cool the air by 9° Fahrenheit and keep you comfortable anytime.

Besides, the fan blade is adjustable so you can create your own cooling zone!

Freda is also a humidifier! It adds moisture to the dry air in your room and maintains optimal, healthy humidity levels.  

Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. It can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold. 

The capacity of the water tank is 800ml and it’s large enough for you to fill the water once and use the humidifier function for a whole day! By the way, there is a wet curtain inside the Freda, it absorbs water and maintains a cool temperature. You will always enjoy clean and moist air!

In air purifier mode, the negative ion purification device inside of Freda can purify the whole room and reduce the PM2.5 content of the air in your space to improve environmental quality.

How does it work? 

The air purifier traps particles as air runs through it, unlike typical purifiers that try to neutralize particles in the air without filtering them first. Freda lets you breathe fresh air at all times!

The UV-C lamp can effectively kill the bacteria left on the surface of the air inlet and the soaked wet curtain to create a healthier environment for you and your family members.

What’s more incredible is that Freda’s UV-C lamp can effectively kill 99% of household pollutants and bacteria such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, and more. 

We designed Freda as a portable and lightweight desktop AC so you can use it anywhere, it works great all around the house including the living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen.

Wanna relax and immerse yourself in a colorful world, and accentuate your room with your favorite lighting? Just simply slide your finger across the RGB selector on our exclusive app!

On our exclusive App, the RGB atmospheric light function has a colorful light mode and two color modes. This means you can set the lights to auto color cycles and the light of the top and bottom can be set to different colors according to your preferences.

Want your kids to relax and fall asleep on time? You can just switch the RGB light to their favorite color and help them gently go to sleep!!

With app control, you can easily switch between purifying and UV-C mode or have both functions turned on. You can also easily switch between cooling and heating mode, and adjust the level of speed through our exclusive app. 

*Due to safety concerns, heating and humidifying functions cannot be used at the same time.

Studies have shown that UV-C light at appropriate dosages can eliminate many types of fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses as well as other microorganisms. Moreover, exposure to negative ions has an activating influence on body systems and cognitive performance, and promotes antimicrobial activity.

Switching between functions is super easy. With a one-button design, Freda makes it easy to switch between a cooler, heater, and humidifier.

For instance, if you wanna switch between heating and cooling, just simply press the button on Freda.

On the back of the Freda Router Edition, there is a SIM/WLAN card slot that allows your Freda to connect with networks without using a wireless connection

Just simply insert your SIM card or WLAN card, then you can use Freda where you don’t have a wireless network.

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