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Flora: Innovation Air Purifier

Natural materials | Modern design | Integrated air purification system | Ecological moss
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There is catastrophically little fresh air in the world. We have already forgotten what it can be. Factories, cars – everything poisons the planet, and then our health suffers too. It’s time to return fresh air to our homes, offices and save the environment.


We remember from school that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. And for a normal life, we need clean air. Therefore, we love to walk in the parks and forests so much, and quickly fall a sleep in the mountains and at the sea. But if we live in a metropolis and far from nature, then we need to be saved by the closest assistant – FLORA.


• Develop your child.

You will receive the product half assembled. For the safety of each part, we pack them separately and put them in a shipping box. The kit contains all the elements for assembly – a wooden stand with an air purification system and lighting, a glass flask, a ceramic tower and moss.

You and your child will assemble the product and put it in the room. Thanks to this, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity develop in children. Moss you can place in the tower as you want. At the same time, the house will remain clean, since we do not use earth or loose parts.


Our big goal is to clean the air, help the environment, protect the planet, improve the health of all people.

Every home should have a piece of nature. FLORA will make you happier, healthier and help you achieve new goals.

RGB diode strip is embedded in a wooden stand. We recommend choosing green light, it is the light that calms the nervous system, creates a soft light in the room for a quick and deep sleep. You are less anxious before going to sleep and wake up more rested. FLORA can be placed next to your baby’s crib as a night light.

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