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EO mini – Sustainable Nano Mist Sanitizer for Everything

The all-purpose sanitizing spray key-chain, replaces all disposable products.
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EO mini is a revolutionary gadget to sanitize and refresh the area around you. You can easily carry it around as it is only the size of a bottle of energy shot!


It is light and extremely compact, while environmentally friendly and safe to kids and pets. You can use it at home, in the office and even outdoors.


EO mini is effective against virus, bacteria, TVOC, pollutant particles and residue pesticides. It can clean up the air by removing killing harmful microorganisms and pollutants. It can sterilize and purify the air and surroundings with a spray of 5-10 seconds. It also doesn’t leave a mark on items.


Nano Ultrasonic Atomizer

Our nano atomizing nozzle can convert EO water into a fine, stable mist through the power of ultra-high frequency sound wave. The result is a fine shower of extremely small water particles, evenly covering any surface with just a fraction of liquid required by traditional air spray nozzle.


Micro Platinum Titanium Electrode

With new material and manufacturing techniques, we are able to shrink the electrode into the size of a coin while having unrivaled performance and lifespan. This enables us to create EO mini as a portable air purifier, with rechargeable battery and sterilizer storage included.


Smallest by far

EO water has been limited to farming and ranching industries for years due to large space required. Recently, it has been made possible in the size of a coffee maker, but it was still too big and awkward to carry around.

With EO mini, the whole bottle is just the size of a standard lipstick, it will fit in your purse, your pocket, or even hang outside your bag as a key-chain for you to use it anytime.

Powerful and effective

With its ultrasonic atomizer, you can just switch it on and let it purify the air around, creating a temporary safe zone of clean and sterilized atmosphere.

Harmless and non-reactive

EO water is created from natural ingredient – water. Without containing other chemicals, EO water is completely safe to human or animal. You can spray it directly on your hands, as it doesn’t irritate or dry out skin.

The spray will completely evaporate after spraying. No noticeable residue will be left on the sprayed surface, no rinsing required afterward. This saves you time and effort.

Stylish and handy

EO mini looks like a bottle of high-end cosmetics! It is made of high quality PC and ABS plastics with a hidden USB charging socket. This adds a luxurious touch, making it fits nicely in your bag without looking out of place. Just slip it in your bag and get protected! You will also find it much more easier to cover your hands with the mist.

A special charging stand is included with every EO mini. This stand not only makes charging easier, but would also keep EO mini upright securely and saves you space. A USB Type-C port is found on it with fast charging function, so that you can quickly recharge EO mini to use again.

Sustainable and Environmental Friendly

The spray from EO mini is environmental friendly, it is completely harmless and breaks down after a few hours. It is perfect for people living without constant running water, or just anyone who wish to be prepared for everything.

By switching to EO mini, you are also replacing dozens of disposable plastic bottles of detergents with it. This means less plastic waste into the dump or the ocean.

EO mini can sterilize and refresh anytime and anyplace, whenever you need it! Since it is neither toxic nor flammable, you can bring it with you anywhere even on a flight. If you are concerned about hygiene and like to clean things before touching, you probably need EO mini.


EO mini keeps your personal space free from virus, bacteria and harmful particulates, including allergens, TVOC and PM2.5.



EO mini electrolysis water into powerful EO water with our pioneering Tri-polar electrode unit. With it switched on for just seconds, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is generated using the minerals from normal tap water, sufficient for most cleaning and sanitizing uses without requiring to add salt. The electrode is titanium and platinum coated, making it completely maintenance-free for 3 years of operation.

EO mini was established by a group of innovative and energetic young designers and engineers with a passion for CleanTech. We have been focused for years on the industrial and agricultural application of Electrolysis Water (EO Water).

This multipurpose cleaning solution is cost-efficient, effective and does not induce harm or allergies. After years of studying and applying this technology, our team has further improved it such that it is suitable for family use.

As the EO mini team, we will continue to utilize the latest technology to create a positive and sustainable future. We will always look for the best way to bring a safe, comfortable, clean and sustainable environment for the people and generations beyond.

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