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DUOBO: Simultaneous 2-Capsule Extraction for Infinite Recipe

Create your own unlimited blending coffee recipes with 2-shot layer blending technology of LG Labs via smart app control (temp, volume)
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DUOBOthe best of both capsules, two-shot layered blending presented by LG Labs.



Find my coffee, DUOBO.

Taste is a name for each and every person’s own unique preference. Some enjoy a strong flavor, like salty with a touch of spice, while others relish the light, mild flavor instead. Many are bound to hold distinct, contrasting opinions even when the same food or beverages are served to them.

Likewise, it would be nearly impossible to find that “one perfect coffee” that fully satisfies all coffee lovers in a world in which everyone has a desire for different elements of coffee, such as aroma, acidity, body, and flavor.


Two-shot Layered Blending

DUOBO is the answer to our quest to craft fully personalized coffee, not just once, but every time. Using the dual-capsule extraction system, DUOBO allows sequential layers from each capsule, precisely customized temperature and extraction volume, and blending one after another.

This revolutionary feature offers you the ability to infinitely create and venture into your own identity of blends. Depending on the combination of capsules you choose and the temperature and extraction settings for each capsule, the taste can become endlessly diverse. With each sip, you will get a step closer to your coffee nirvana.


Unleash your inner barista and compose your very own coffee masterpiece, expertly tailored to your one-of-a-kind taste.

Simultaneous two-shot blending

DUOBO is the first capsule coffee machine ever to extract two coffee capsules at the same time! Conveniently enjoy elaborate blending with no complex preparations or operations.

When layering two capsules, the recipes are infinite as combinations of different capsules create unique flavor and balance, meaning you can conveniently enjoy more diverse coffee flavors at your fingertip.

With DUOBO, you can personalize the coffee blending experience to another level. Create customized recipes to find your own “golden ratio“.

The magic of this two-shot layered blending lies in our unique, innovative layered blending extraction technology.


Extraction flow of DUOBO

How does it work? The extraction flow of DUOBO is progressive and straight-forward.

First, the pump draws water from the water tank and sends it to the boiler. The heated water then passes through a 3-way valve, heading directly towards the two chambers, A and B. Depending on the user’s settings, the coffee in each chamber is sequentially extracted at customized temperatures, extraction volumes, to be cross-mixed in layers and blended to perfection.

The flow seamlessly operates thanks to the capability of the CPU located at the bottom of the product, which performs complex tasks with ease. The CPU controls the pump’s pressure, the temperature of the boiler, and where the water from the 3-way valve will flow according to the user’s settings.

As it controls the 3-way valve, the capsule extracts coffee from each chamber and layers the liquid sequentially until it is complete. The final result is an astonishing, custom-made two-shot layered blending coffee, delicately personalized to the user’s preferences.

Multi-Mesh Gear Structure

Extra Security from Clamp Arm

To ensure stability, we focused not only on the extraction technology but also on the units that physically take part in this process. The chamber has been designed with a multi-mesh gear structure to safely bear the pressure at a level of 19 bars during extraction.

For additional security, we have also installed a clamp arm within the internal structures, allowing smooth extraction as well as device operation.


Secret to infinite recipes

Choose two flavors to blend, and select the ideal temperature and extraction volume of each capsule according to your taste. DUOBO will then automatically customize the amount of pressure based on the selected settings, extracting the best combination.

Meet the new, deepened flavor rich in harmony from two-shot blending that no other coffee machine can offer. DUOBO leads you to discover new, infinite recipes by venturing into different flavors, brands, and setting adjustments! 

Thanks to its compatibility, you can freely mix and match any coffee capsules as long as they are in the size and shape of Nespresso original capsules.


Barista curation

New to coffee blending? Refer to our recipe curation from some of the finest professional baristas. Our curation contents will continue to be updated so anyone can enjoy a variety of high-quality coffee with ease.

In the near future, you will also have the option to directly purchase the capsules that you selected as your favorite combination from the curation recipe.


Visual display

* 10.1inch IPS / Full HD(1920X1280)

Enjoy every step of the journey, from the beginning to the end of the coffee blending process. The display, placed on the surface of the plate, automatically plays visual contents while extracting the capsules.

As our IPS Full HD display provides entertainment in high-resolution, the waiting time transforms into a pleasant breather with a visually satisfying experience.


Another vision of DUOBO team is to enable choosing and applying each unique theme to the entire product, such as the movement and sounds of brewing coffee, the display of contents on the screen, and even the lighting of the coffee machine.


Smart app control

Easily customize your detailed settings using the display button on the bottom plate and complementary application. You can adjust brewing temperature and extraction volume in details, which DUOBO will customize the pressure accordingly to achieve the desired taste.

Simply click “extract” on our accompanying application to get your coffee routine started, and you can even reserve the time to extract in advance. If you’re having a busy day, secure your down time with DUOBO, as it will initiate coffee extraction at the desired time for you.

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