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CurBot:The First Portable Curtain Robot With 365-Day Battery

1 For 99% Curtain Track | Easy Installation | APP Control | Long Battery Life | Remote Control | AIoT Technology
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Tired of wasting time opening and closing curtains? Hate the feeling of being woken up by an alarm clock? Installing smart curtain devices seems to be an excellent choice. But the time and cost of installing traditional curtain motors are too high. CurBot is here to help you out!

CurBot is an advanced smart home device that can turn any old-fashioned curtains into a fully automatic curtain system based on IoT technology. With CurBot, you don’t need any installation tools or skills, it can be set up in seconds, and it fits most types of curtain rails and rods.

CurBot starts everything from zero. We eliminated the need for power cords and drill holes to provide wireless freedom. At the same time, in order to allow you to experience smart curtains almost anywhere, we have adopted a modular design to apply to a variety of different curtain types.

A set of Curbot is equipped with 3 types of hooks. These 3 different types of hooks make CurBot perfectly suitable for 99% of curtains on the market. No matter where you move to or have different decoration styles, buying a CurBot can satisfy all your needs and the needs of curtains.

Place CurBot Anywhere That You Want!

Every package comes with these 3 pairs of durable hooks, which means you don’t need to purchase additional hooks. This is an economical way to save your money!

At the beginning of inventing, CurBot took into account the important factor of user convenience when installing and disassembling. The side of the body adopts a streamlined ergonomic design, which is convenient to hold and hold. It only takes two simple steps as shown in the figure to complete the installation and removal.

Plus, CurBot is super easy to install and disassemble, and it can be installed in just 10 seconds!

When developing CurBot 1S, we made it our top priority to provide the longest battery life in the industry to ensure that we provide users with a convenient and first-class wireless experience. In the future, we will also combine new energy technologies to maximize battery efficiency and charging speed.

By setting a schedule on the OTER App, let your curtains open automatically in the morning and enjoy the first gift the light brings to you.

Studies have shown that the healthiest natural way to wake up is light, which can reduce the body’s melatonin and speed up metabolism, making your day full of vitality at the beginning of the day.

CurBot has a built-in sunlight sensor to detect the intensity of the light. If the light sensor detects too much sunlight, CurBot can automatically close the curtains during the summer day to block the sunlight and keep the bedroom cool, helping to save energy by reducing the workload of the air conditioner. For convenience, you can choose whether to turn this feature on or off through our app.

In addition to the built-in light sensor, CurBot can also cooperate with temperature and humidity sensors, weather sensors, window openers, and thermostats to form a more complete energy-saving system to help your family save energy. We will continue to use it in the future. AI technology makes your home more energy-efficient.

Not only can you see the real-time status of the curtain on the app, but you can also see the real-time status of CurBot, which helps you understand and control the status of the curtain more intuitively.

For OTER, App is not only a platform for control but also a platform for digital twins. OTER will continue to make your home dynamics clear at a glance, what you see is what you get, and mirror the physical world through digitalization.

CurBot adds cozy convenience to your life and makes your smart home experience even better. With wireless connectivity, CurBot makes any curtains motorized instantly.

  •  Voice Control

If you have your hands full such as taking care of your newborn at home, you can always use voice control to draw your curtains. This is such a great way for you to take care of your newborn!

With CurBot, you can use your voice to control your curtains with Google HomeAlexa, and Apple Siri. What’s more incredible is that CurBot can link with over 300K+ Tuya items, which means CurBot can connect with more smart devices than other curtain robots. CurBot also works with IFTTT using the rechargeable Hub.

If you have your hands full such as taking care of your newborn at home, you can always use voice control to draw your curtains. This is such a great way for you to take care of your newborn!

  •  Touch & Go

Slightly draw the curtains, CurBot will detect your movements and help you draw the curtains. In this case, you don’t have to pull your heavy curtains, you can just let CurBot do the rest by initiating this simple action. You can also choose whether to turn this function on or off through our app.

  •  Percentage Control

Percentage Control – Even more, You only need to simply learn the curtain’s itinerary, and then you can set the opening range of the curtain through your mobile phone. Keep it opening at 35%, 60%, or whatever you like!

  •  Remote Control

If you want to keep it simple, you can also use remote control. A wireless remote add-on is available for you to place anywhere. Our remote controls are designed for people of any age, the buttons are big enough, and they can also be the perfect aid for the elderly.

  •  Palm-sized 

CurBot is portable and compact, it’s small enough for you to put in your backpack and you can take CurBot with you when you are traveling or on a business trip.

CurBot has three different color options for you to pick from space grey, moon silver, and sakura pink. CurBot is not only a switching tool but also the most eye-catching combination of your curtains. You can choose from these three different stylish colors to complement your curtains as you prefer. Come fully show your personality and taste.

We are a data-based digital enterprise focusing on automatic doors and windows, and our mission is to build intelligent security systems and intelligent energy-saving systems based on AIoT technology and NER technology.

Under the premise of respecting user privacy, we’ll collect meaningful data on how long it takes users to draw the curtains and the intensity of sunlight for improving users’ living experience.

If CurBot detects that the curtain at our user’s house has not moved for a long time, our App will send a notification to our users reminding them there may be an abnormal situation in their home.

At OTER, we are committed to bringing comprehensive digital solutions and providing better service for people’s homes.

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