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Conga: An AI-Powered Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower

No Perimeter Cable | Multi-zone AI Mapping | 0.1s Obstacle Avoidance | 25-85mm Cutting Height | Mow up to 1800m²| 57% Slope | Smart App
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Discover a smarter, more innovative lawn mower with the Conga® Series, and get ready to complete all your lawn maintenance work in one click. Equipped with AI Vision Algorithms and Vision Fusion Localization (VFL) Technology, the Conga® series can automatically set the boundaries of your lawn, detect and avoid obstacles in just 0.1s without the perimeter cables or remote control.


The Conga® series precisely finds and recognizes the boundaries of your lawn even in direct or harsh sunlight with three HDR cameras. The VFL technology enhances Conga® to reach the 3-cm accuracy during initial mapping and mowing tasks. Sit back and enjoy a 100% hands-free mowing experience without setting up perimeter wires or installations.

The visual AI algorithms allow the Conga® robotic lawn mower to detect and avoid any obstacles immediately, including small puddles and hedgehogs. In addition, the built-in collision sensor further prevents possible collisions or damages. Rest assured that your little ones and furry friends are safe at all times during Conga®’s mowing while you’re away.

Equipped with visual odometry, the Conga® series calculates the optimal path planning and mowing in straight lines after initial mapping, saving more time and energy. The smart Conga App can also be used to adjust mowing modes and even customized mowing patterns.

You can get two solar LED lights with built-in electromagnetic beacons placed at the edges, and Conga® G1 will easily mow both areas.

With the support of the RTK-GNSS System for complex multi-zones, Conga® G1 Pro can perfectly switch between different mowing areas and avoid the no-go areas around your home.

The 5.2Ah removable lithium-ion battery allows Conga® to mow up to 850m² per charge and covers up to 1800m² daily. Featuring rugged tires and a brushless motor, Conga® can climb up to a 57% grade slope without getting stuck in uneven spots.

When the battery is low, Conga® returns to the charging station and continues the workflow at the previous pause point without repeating or missing any areas during mowing.

With the intelligent IoT system, you can adjust everything in the settings via the Conga App to create a unique and perfect lawn. In addition, the OTA updates allow for more accurate results from the database.

There are three different methods to conveniently unlock your Conga®, including swiping the RFID key, entering passwords by pressing the gray buttons on top of the Conga®, or using the smart app.

In addition, Conga® will automatically get disconnected from the charging dock and Wifi, then emit the alarm sound if the password is incorrectly entered or exceeds the password entry limits. The GPS positioning also helps you track the exact location of Conga® via the app’s notifications if it leaves the boundary of your lawn.

The three tilted HDR cameras further promise that Conga® series will not be blocked in any blind spots or fogged on rainy days.

The concrete comb structures in front of the Conga® robotic lawn mower efficiently handle the thickest and most resistant types of tall grass, and even mulch the fallen leaves and chestnuts without any problems.

The Adjustable Cutting Plate offers Conga® series to cut most common grass types on the lawns, featuring the flexible cutting height from 0.98-in to 3.3-in.

The Conga® Series has a round and smooth shell made by ASA for better durability. It further prevents waterlogging and enables it to pass through overgrown areas with ease.

The emergency STOP button, operation buttons, and indicator lights at the bottom provide additional safety and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.

Conga® offers a quiet and relaxed mowing operation with less than 55dB noise level.

The IPX6 waterproof level is protected against high-pressure water jets for regular maintenance.


Conga offers better portability thanks to the removable battery, and the three HDR cameras work without the RTK module. Load it into your trunk, unpack and simply press the start button. Now, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones knowing that Conga will mow the lawn effortlessly.

With the Conga® Series, you’ll never waste time hiring a lawn service or mowing your own lawn. According to the US National Statistics, households spend an average of $129 per month on lawn maintenance. Thanks to Conga®, you can reduce your bills by at least $1,179 per year!

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