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Cardlax Airpods Washer - Automatic Cleaning Tool for Airpods

A new way to clean wireless earbuds, Bose, Jabra, Samsung, Airpods series,...and more! Turn your earbuds nice and clean with ease.
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With the tailored high-quality, soft brush and built-in sponge that is soaked with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution, you can easily clean every corner of your wireless earphones in just 2 minutes. Stop buying tedious and time-consuming cleaning tools, Cardlax EBW can help you get rid of dirty headphones efficiently.

While wireless stereo have become a trend, Cardlax EBW is certainly something you need. With the super soft brush to clean up the difficult corners, the sponge used for cosmetic will take care of the rest.

It only takes 4 steps to complete the cleaning process and it’s built to last more than 6 years. Without earwax and oily substance, the sound quality of your earphones is guaranteed and you can listen to music with comfort again.

After Cardlax is done with cleaning your earphones, you will be amazed by how clean and neat they turn. They will look like the way when you first bought them!

You can use a 70% alcohol as the cleaner, which is absolutely harmless to your earbuds. Here is the sound test after cleaning the wireless stereo. Has the sound quality changed?


 *See video description for more information.

Still hand cleaning your earbuds? Or can’t be bother cleaing your earbuds? Cardlax EBW helps you remove all the dirt and earwax, and also get rid of the tedious and time-consuming cleaning work from traditional tools.

The soft sponge and slim brush can be easily removed and washed repeatedly, which greatly increases the useful life.


Cardlax is compatible with 99% of the TWS headphones on the market. Don’t worry about what type of your wireless earbuds are. 

Suitable for Airpods & Airpods Pro, Bose, Samsung, Jaybird, Jabra, ECHO, Soundcord, Aukey, Pamu, Tribit, Tozo, Mpow, Kwrdene, Superx, Enacfire…all kinds of TWS from major brands. No need to worry about whether your headphones are suitable for Buds Washer.

Cardlax Earbud Washer can also use with hearing aids! But please keep in mind, only the in ear type hearing aids. We can not ensure hanging type earbuds will work.

(Watch this video in 1080P quality for best result)

1.Spray some cleaning solution on the sponge and brush. Connect one end of the type-C cable to Cardlax EBW and the other end to power. Vertically insert your earphones into the space of sponge and close the lid.

2.Press the power button on Cardlax EBW for 3s to turn it on and press it again to make it start working. Then, your earbuds will be wheeled around with the sponge closely rubbing and cleaning them by attaching and absorbing all the goo and particles.

3.The cleaning will last around 2 minutes and then you can take your earphones out and clean the dust-proof net with the brush. Look! Your earbuds are shiny and incredibly clean!

Reminder: If you want to pause it during the cleaning process, simply press the button.


As we adopt TWS headphones in our life, one thing you do know is that the freedom to move around without having to deal with tangled cables is really attractive.

However, long-term use of headphones can cause internal temperature of ears to raise, breed ear wax and grease.Too much earwax accumulated on the headphone will have an negative effect on sound quality, reduce the sense of experience and cause discomfort.

When you put on your headphones, you’re basically carrying all the dust and germs, from bags, pockets, headphone cases and your hands. These substances in contact with your ears will increase the risk of ear disease caused by bacterial infection.

Cleaning earphones should be an essential routine and that’s why we looked into the possible solutions that can help you clean your earbuds with ease. Now you have it — Cardlax EBW.

We gathered the idea of this product last year and after thoughts of how it can be of use to people’s life, we decided to explore further and finally it gradually took shape. Take a look at how the idea came true 🙂

Originally valued at $99, with our super cardlax bundle, you save 63% and get the Cardlax Massager at only $29! Get yours NOW!

Cardlax 2.0 is our previous campaign that successfully funded, it is the slimmest personal massager in the world: only 4.5 mm thick. Cardlax utilize EMS technology, to serves the needs of both relaxing and strengthening your muscles. The card sized massager is powerful enough to carry 8 modes and 10 intensity levels, allowing you to have amazing massage sessions.

 From the experience of previous campaigns, we learn how important it is to manufacture and deliver, fast. And we did, after countless testing and  trail productions, we were able to confirm to deliver our reward ASAP. 

We provide shipping to countries all over the world. The shipping fee will around $6-$15. Countries (regions) such as US, EU, UK, AU, NZ, HK, JP, TW, KR, SG, TH, VN, MY, will not charge more than $10.  We will send you a survey to collect it after the campaign. You can check the shipping fee of your country on that.

Notes: Please be reminded that we cannot mark any shipments as a gift since it’s illegal for us to do it. Also, make sure your delivery address is accurately provided or failure to deliver to a wrong address might incur additional costs to reship the product.

Sharing on Facebook and Instagram, and receive 2 Free add-ons, simply press the Facebook and Instagram icon and go direct to our page and share!

Based in Delaware and Hong Kong, we’re a group of designers and engineers who hold big dreams for innovation. We strive to change people’s life by reimagining the daily tools and devices and turning them into smart and useful gadgets.

After completing our two Kickstarter campaign, our journeys have come to Cardlax EBW, we set foot on another exploration of small but smart gadgets to bring ease to people’s life. Now we’ve return with the world’s first automatic cleaning pod for wireless earbuds – Cardlax EarBuds Washer.

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