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Cardlax 2.0: Portable Massager That Fits in Your Wallet

A thin, lightweight and portable EMS device that has 2 ways to use, 8 stimulation modes and 10 intensity levels.
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Boasting a slim exterior only 4.5 mm thick, Cardlax 2.0 is apersonal massager designed on the mechanism of Electrical Muscle Stimulation so it fully serves the needs of both relaxing and strengthening your muscles. Despite its tiny size, this card massager is powerful enough to carry 8 modes and 10 intensity levels, allowing you to have amazing massage sessions.

We’re Cardlax Team and this is our 2nd Kickstarter project. After our first campaign, we believed Cardlax still had room for improvement and the funds we raised on Kickstarter made it possible for us to keep developing products so we decided to upgrade Cardlax and finally now we’re able to launch Cardlax 2.0!



Cardlax 2.0 has been upgraded to include an extension cord for better usability and now has washable gel pads to last longer for you. Even though we added a wired mode, you can still use Cardlax wirelessly, too, to go hands-free. You can use Cardlax anywhere on your body to stimulate your muscles, though some of the best-suited areas are your waist, arms, calves, shoulder, and neck.

In order for a muscle to contract, your brain has to send an electrical impulse to neurons in muscle fibers. By applying electrode pads to different parts of muscle, Cardlax sends a small electrical impulse to a muscle that tells it to contract. That’s why EMS is particularly useful for people who have tense and sore muscle.

The purpose of EMS devices are:

  • To help build your muscle strength.
  • To help with muscle recovery after exercise.
  • To help with improving your overall training efficiency.
  • To help relieve pain.

Cardlax has four main massage-like modes:

1. Knock

2. Malaxate

3. Rub

4. Knead

5. An unique fitness mode – Shred.

The other three are combination modes:

6. Knock + Malaxate

7. Knock + Rub 

8. Knock + Knead.

Each one of them helps relieve your pain and stress with 10 adjustable intensity levels.

In the Knock mode, short but strong pulses stimulate your muscles. Every 3 “knocks” are followed by an interval and this mode is perfect for soreness of muscles. Remember to turn down the intensity level if it starts to feel too strong.

The Malaxate mode causes small muscle contractions and it feels like the currents first hit the center of the stimulated area and then spread out to the surrounding area. The electric signals are sent out every second, gently soothing your pain.

If you change it to the Rub mode, you will have a similar sensation to Malaxate. In this mode, small and then stronger pulsations that last a total 6 seconds are alternating, with a stop of 2 seconds. Every few rounds are mixed with equally intense stimulations on the both sides.

The last one is Knead. This mode brings you the feeling of someone slowly but firmly kneading your muscles, with a contraction like your stimulated parts are being pulled. A round of kneading lasts around 2 seconds, helping your muscles recover better.

Besides, Cardlax is equipped with 3 more combined modes of the main ones, allowing you to maximize your relaxation and comfort, and delivering the most desirable massages to you. All of these modes are effective in reducing muscle tension and easing body soreness.

When it comes to building muscle, Cardlax 2.0 offers a brand new fitness mode, Shred. Shred is specifically designed for people who want stronger, higher-frequency currents to get a full muscle contraction during or after their workouts. It starts with the feeling of slow taps on your body for the first few seconds, and then it gradually accelerates to a point where waves of short pulses go through your stimulated muscles and every wave becomes more powerful. Every few waves of stimulation are accompanied by a short gentle one. The deeper, more intense muscular contractions can have positive effects in building muscle and help you on your body building journey.

* Disclaimer: Electric pulse stimulation can help build muscle mass in conjunction with proper workout and nutrition. It will not do it FOR you. In Shred mode, you may experience uncomfortable or intense contractions.

The gif shown above is a simulation of hand massage for Cardlax.

After intense workouts, your muscles are tight and overtaxed. Use Cardlax to help relax your muscles and feel great after working out. Don’t forget, you can change the modes and intensity levels to find the right level of comfort for you.

We know you’ll love Cardlax and encourage you to share it with your friends and loved ones to show them the type of comfort and relief they can get while on the go. Massaging gives your body so many benefits, including improved circulation, relieving muscle tension, and reducing stress. It’s a wonderful gift for friends and family!

Sitting for long periods of time has become an increasingly large problem for employees. You are more likely to experience neck, shoulder, arm, and back pain. Cardlax is a great option for portable, easy, and quick massaging to relieve stress and muscle tension in seconds. It is also small and discreet!

  • To use Cardlax in wired mode, attach the wire to the electrode plate and place the gel pads directly on your skin of the body part you want to massage.
  • Power on the device and press the + button to increase the intensity and the – button to decrease intensity. Press M to change modes.
  • To use the Cardlax in wireless mode, place the gel pads directly on the back of the Cardlax device and stick it to your skin on the body part you want to massage.
  • Use Cardlax anywhere and get hands-free massage sessions to relieve sore muscles and tightness.

While other massagers can be large and bulky, hard to carry with you, Cardlax is small and extremely portable. It fits in your pocket, purse, and even your wallet!

With the Cardlax 2.0, we have upgraded the material that holds the gel pads from plastic (Cardlax 1.0)  to synthetic leather. The leather is not only more comfortable for your skin, it also makes the pads easier to maintain and lasts longer. To remove dust and dirt from your gel pads, simply rinse with water and let them dry completely.

Gel pads for EMS units usually last for 4 to 6 months, and wear off after 50 – 60 rounds of use. 

Cardlax is a great affordable gift for anyone in your life!

  • An EMS(Electronic Muscle Stimulator) unit delivers low voltage electric impulses to stimulate the nerves and help in pain management.
  • A massage gun sends direct vibrating pulses through your muscles and is used to ease tight muscles and temporarily increase circulation.

After our first Kickstarter project, we have learned more experience in handling supply and production. Now our molds required for production are ready, production has been tested and passed quality control procedures. We can say with certainty, we are ready to produce when the fund is ready. Have a look at our mold 🙂

The gel pads can be purchased as an add-on (same for big gel pads).

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