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Bottle+: Create Sparkling Water Anytime & Anywhere

Portable soda maker bottle. Always perfectly fresh & fizzy. Zero waste.
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You love drinking sparkling water, but want to get rid of plastic bottles? Meet Bottle+, the portable soda maker with an integrated and refillable CO2 tank that allows you to create your own sparkling water anytime & anywhere, without single-use plastics. One full Bottle+ gas tank is enough to produce up to 15 bottles of sparkling water on-the-go. Once the gas tank runs empty, simply refill it at your home refilling station which works with standard CO2 cylinders.

The sparkling water production process is easy, quick and without any safety concerns. You can even choose your preferred level of carbonation! Let us explain to you how it works:

Our patent pending solution has been designed and engineered in Switzerland in collaboration with professional partners and in consultation of the Swiss safety authorities. Along the way, we have been continuously integrating feedback from our community. Bottle+ combines technology and sustainability to form a unique customer experience.

Bottle+ comes with high quality, durable materials and a stunning design. A powder coated, single-wall stainless steel body is supplemented with the lid and the adapter made out of BPA free HDPE. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Bottle+ has a water volume of 0.6 liters (about 20 oz). Its compact design makes it your perfect companion to bring along during work and freetime activites. The SPARK adapter weighs about 200 grams – which is similar to your smartphone’s weight.

The refilling station has the following dimensions: HxLxW = 15×11.8×7.1 inches = 38x30x18 cm.

Which color do you love the most? We have one for every taste! We will contact you to choose your color after the campaign.

Did you know, that every hour 54.9 million plastic bottles are sold around the world? Adopting circular economy principles is one of the core strategies to address the problem of single-use plastics. Bottle+ has adopted two main principles by avoiding the production of any kind of waste and by assuring a long lifetime of the bottle.

11 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. We believe that plastic reduction and plastic collection must happen together to tackle the worldwide plastic pollution. By establishing a partnership with Cleanhub we will collect 1 kg of plastic for every Bottle+ sold before it can end up in our oceans. Cleanhub’s collection efforts are targeted at regions with the greatest risk of mismanaged plastic waste, using the best methods for treating plastic in the regions where it’s collected.

Sparkling water is a healthy substitute for carbonated sugared drinks and the perfect thirst quencher – no sugar while keeping the excitement. The more excitement, the more you drink, and the more hydrated you stay.  This allows you to perform at your best both physically and mentally. 

Bottle+ outshines its competition on the sparkling water market in various aspects: Portability, sustainability, design, any many more.  

The detachable adapter doesn’t only ease keeping your bottle clean (even after carbonating sugared drinks!), but it also gives you the flexibility you need. Don’t feel like drinking sparkling water today and carrying the extra weight? No worries, just replace the SPARK with the STILL adapter and tackle your daily challenges.

Help us spread the word about Bottle+ among your family and friends and share our campaign on Facebook or Instagram. We will randomly choose 5 winners who will receive their rewards for free (only SPARK and DOUBLE SPARK rewards; please see FAQ section for further information).

Many people and organisations have been involved to bring Bottle+ to where it is now: Designers, engineering offices, accelerators and incubators, metal processing companies, national safety centers, prototyping companies, and of course the Bottle+ Co-Founders. We are proud to have engineered everything locally in Zurich, Switzerland.

Trust is built on transparency and this is what you can expect from us. A fully working prototype is developed, it is however not yet spatially optimised and not yet ready to manufacture. The next steps are not a question of feasibility, but a question of time and financial resources. We need YOUR SUPPORT to bring Bottle+ to life!

We are happy to share an uncut video of our prototype that demonstrates the core functionality of Bottle+: creating sparkling water on-the-go.

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