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BlueNexus - Mapping and Path Planning Cordless Pool Cleaner

No More Tangled Cords | 165W Powerful Suction | Featuring 3D Pool Map Planning & Navigation System | 5 Cleaning Modes
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Corded pool cleaners frequently encounter issues with tangling and limited reach. Cordless models currently on the market use heavy batteries, limiting their power and run time, often having a weaker suction than corded models

Discover the next generation of pool care with Sublue’s BlueNexus.  Combining groundbreaking cordless design, proprietary 3D mapping, and a robust 165W motor, it delivers a spotless pool in record time. Its 3.5-hour runtime and intuitive app make cleaning seamless, while the large filter captures debris exceptionally well.

BlueNexus is versatile, designed for pools up to 3m deep and water temperatures ranging from 5C (41F) to 35C (95F). Works with salt-water, chlorine, and fresh water pools.

It’s compatible with cement, fiberglass, and vinyl surfaces and adapts to any pool shape. Its advanced features ensure a rapid and comprehensive cleaning, letting you get back to enjoying your pool quickly.

Experience precision with Geoguru, the heart of BlueNexus’ Mapping & Navigation. Using ultrasonic tech, infrared lasers, and advanced SLAM, it’s equipped with 12+ sensors for flawless obstacle detection and pool wall protection. This guarantees impeccable obstacle detection, effectively shielding your pool walls against potential scuffs, scratches, and damage. 

 project video thumbnail

As you can see in the video, BlueNexus operates very differently from a conventional pool cleaner. With Geoguru, expect your pool to be cleaned up to 8* times quicker than conventional cleaners while ensuring no spot goes untouched. Saving you both time and money. 

3.5 hours charging equals 3.5 hours runtime for Sublue’s BlueNexus. Experience the convenience of BlueNexus’ 3.5-hour runtime, long enough to tackle even the most challenging pool cleaning tasks without interruption. 

Then, effortlessly recharge your smart pool cleaner in just 3.5 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing your enjoyment of a sparkling clean pool.

Choose from five cleaning modes to tailor BlueNexus to your cleaning needs. It adapts to any pool shape for a comprehensive clean, all controlled effortlessly with one touch. Take full control of your pool’s cleanliness.

  • Smart Cleaning:  By harnessing Geoguru technology, BlueNexus accurately assesses the pool’s dimensions, crafting a detailed map. At the same time, it independently plans an optimal cleaning route, utilizing a spiral pattern that leaves the entire pool floor immaculate.
  • Floor Cleaning: BlueNexus gracefully navigates in an S-shaped pattern, delivering a thorough cleaning experience throughout the designated duration.
  • Wall Cleaning: BlueNexus dedicates a set timeframe to specifically clean the walls and waterline.
  • All-round Cleaning: BlueNexus takes care of the floor, walls, and waterline during a chosen time span, leaving no area untouched.
  • Remote Control Cleaning: Use the app to control BlueNexus to clean your pool!  

Once the cleaning mission is accomplished, BlueNexus will effortlessly navigate to the pool’s edge and dock itself, making it a breeze for you to retrieve.

Unleash the capabilities of our Bluenexus’ powerful 165W motor, achieving an astonishing cleaning speed of 17m³/hour. Designed to adapt seamlessly to any family pool, regardless of its size, shape, or material—its specialized rolling brush ensures no spot is overlooked. With its cyclone vacuum technology, it effectively handles everything from leaves, rocks to fine particles.

Bid farewell to the frustrations of cords tangling, limited reach, and potential trip hazards that frequently come with corded pool cleaners. Experience unhindered navigation and a safer pool environment for you and your family.

Experience peace of mind through BlueNexus’ extensive three-year warranty – a testament to our confidence in the durability and performance of BlueNexus.

We’ve got you covered for any technical glitches or performance hiccups, ensuring your investment in flawless pool care remains safeguarded. Rest easy knowing that Sublue proudly stands behind its innovative pool cleaning solution.

  • Safe lithium battery: BlueNexus is equipped with a safe lithium battery, providing reliable, long-lasting power. 
  • Large-capacity filter chamber: BlueNexus features a large-capacity filter chamber, designed to capture more debris for a more efficient and comprehensive pool cleaning. 
  • Smart App: Control and monitor your BlueNexus cleaner effortlessly through its intuitive smartphone app, designed for convenient, real-time management of your pool cleaning. 
  • OTA Remote Upgrade: Enjoy effortless, continual optimization with BlueNexus’ Over-the-Air (OTA) remote updates, which keep your cordless robotic cleaner updated with the latest features and performance enhancements automatically.

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