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Birdfy: The First Auto AI Recognition Bird Feeder Camera

Recognize 6,000+ bird species and never miss a moment. Save unique behaviors automatically, giving you time to cherish new experiences.
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Birdfy is the first-ever unique AI bird feeder. Adding a special touch to bird feeding, Birdfy allows users to cherish each passing second of birds either in the moment or rewatching from the comfort of your home. With AI motion detection technology, all the captured moments of birds will be snapped and organized into your device. Identify which birds visit your home, and share these special moments with friends or family!


Interested in having a video chat with lovely birds? You can achieve exactly that on Birdfy! With a touch of a button, open your Netvue app and watch your bird friends from home or at work. Accessible via mobile phone or other devices, watch and follow bird activities in real-time.

Experience the amazing function of Birdfy in Advance! 

You might miss a notification, but you don’t want to miss this one! Birdfy will send you a notification via the Netvue app with details on what kind of birds have been caught on Birdfy

Clicking the identified bird name in Netvue App, it will jump to Wikipedia and show you details about the bird.

If you see a captured bird that you don’t recognize but want to learn more about it, Birdfy will help. It not only recognizes and labels the bird for you but also provides a link of the introduction of the bird’s species to Wikipedia. Just click on it and you will gain a quick idea about the coming little feathered friend.

Birdfy automatically captures videos and photos in 1080P full HD resolution, making sure no detail is missed. Even if you don’t check your phone, Birdfy Cam will leave you a nice surprise when you check your app.

It will save all the captured moments of birds on the Netvue Cloud for FREE for up to 30 Days. Storing on the SD card is also an available option.

Instant share of the captured moments to your social media via the Netvue App.

Tapping “Share” button in the Netvue app and instantly sharing your unique collections of rare captures and every day birds with your bird enthusiasts community.

Oh yes – one more thing! You can also share your camera with your friends and family. As long as they have the Netvue app installed on their phones and register a Netvue account, you can share your Birdfy camera with them. Invite them to access your Birdfy live streaming and watch lovely bird moments together. Up to 20 people can join the real-time birdwatching at the same time.

Netvue app will tell you if a squirrel invades. Shoo it away on the app.

We understand…you put your bird feed out but squirrels have beat your birds to it. Using the Netvue app will easily prevent your squirrel invasion. You can gently scare them away by saying “Go Away” through the Netvue app. And if that doesn’t work, try the flash light and alarm siren!

The Birdfy Cam is equipped with a 135 degree wide angle lens and 1080P full HD resolution. You can see further, clearer, and watch birds longer in every season. The infrared lights will help you to maintain a long-distance view range at night with black & white night vision. With the spotlight on, you can also see all the birds in full color at night.

PIR detection and auto AI recognition, with only a few seconds.

Netvue introduced the most advanced PIR motion detection and AI recognition technology to Birdfy. Collaborating with AWS, Netvue has been a leading player in the integration of smart cameras and the AI/ML technology field. It has successfully launched many different cloud services with AI features.

When the bird comes, the PIR motion detector will start working. The AI algorithm and Machine Learning technology in the Netvue Cloud will calculate and label the captured bird and identify the species. Instantly, you will also receive real-time notification via the Netvue app, with detailed information about the coming bird. If you wish to learn more about the captured bird, there will also be a Wikipedia link for you to click on and introduce you further information about it.

Convenient design. Friendly to birds. Friendly to you.

Multiple mounting methods. Attract birds from every angle, everywhere.

Birdfy caters to all – the birds and the users. Easy to maintain. There are three easy steps to prepare the feed. Simply open and pull the cap, and add the bird seed to the container. If you want to mount your Birdfy near your home, there are a variety of mount brackets available to meet your needs. Set your Birdfy wherever you want.

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