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AZIO IZO | Vibrant & Intuitive Wireless Keyboard Set

Tri-Tonal Colors | Dual Control Knob | Wireless or Wired | For Mac & Windows | Gateron Mechanical Switches | + Matching Accessories
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The IZO Collection is a vibrant collection of computer accessories aimed to boost your mood through color. By blending fashion-forward hues with ergonomic round forms, we created refined accessories that draw envious eyes and jealous fingers.  By combining unique aesthetics and innovative technology, the IZO keyboard set will not only improve your productivity but also make a style statement for your workspace.

Tired of dull-colored keyboards? 

By blending an alluring metallic and matte paint, we created three fresh perspectives on pearlescent body finishes. 

For ultimate visuals, we displayed different colors from the body down to inside the keycaps. Each metallic-matte body is complemented with contrasting lighter shades in the outer keycaps. Inside each keycap, the double-shot PBT displays a darker-colored font with the backlight off. With the backlight on, a lighter-toned color shines through – giving you a total of 4 different color visuals all in one keyboard. 

95% of keyboards are designed with rigid and sharp edges. The IZO design approach defies those expectations. 

Every corner, line, and edge follows a unified curved form, and numerous design elements were fused for ergonomic comfort and refined beauty. Our unique edge-less design is built to be visually soothing and soft to the touch. 

The intuitive gold control knob is both gorgeous and functional – helping you efficiently access important media & backlight functions with ease. 

By simply turning the knob, you can increase or decrease volume and push down for mute. When holding ‘FN’ while turning the knob, you can increase or decrease the backlight brightness, and push down to cycle between 21 backlight modes. 

With 21 backlight modes to choose from, you can pick from a variety of different light settings for the perfect visual experience. 

Our custom PBT double-shot keycaps create a light and dark color contrast between the keycap and font – displaying two-color effects with the backlight on and off. By adding laser-etched font, the keys will never fade away with time and usage. 

Popular for typing and programming, Gateron Blue mechanical switches are clicky with responsive haptic feedback. With an average of 50 Million actuations, expect a long lifespan with these reliable mechanical switches. 

A switch on the back of the keyboard allows you to easily choose between USB or Bluetooth connectivity.  

In USB mode, simply connect the included Type-C cable for a wired connection. In Bluetooth mode,  easily pair the device with your computer with a strong Bluetooth 5.0 connection and switch between up to 3 Bluetooth devices.

For ultimate versatility, the IZO keyboard is fully compatible with Mac and PC operating systems. IZO keyboards come with hybrid Operating System keycaps which display both OS icons. This allows users to use either PC or Mac without swapping out keycaps. 

The large 5,000 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery can be used for up to several months on a single charge with the backlight off (depending on usage). 

The IZO number pad functions as a standalone calculator when not used as a number pad, giving you two-in-one. 

Calculator function keys were built specifically for all calculator necessities. By toggling the switch on the top, users can connect to any device in Bluetooth or USB Mode to use as a number pad. 

Inspired by the luxurious feel and look of cosmetic bottles, the IZO mouse combines metallic matte, elegant gold, and milky frost to create a glamorous juxtaposition of colors.

The alluring gold scroll wheel and ring highlight the soft touch of the translucent frost body, showcasing multiple textures within the design. Through extensive testing and redesigns, we crafted a curved and round form that perfectly fits in your palms.

With two wireless options, the IZO Mouse can connect wirelessly with the backward compatible Bluetooth 5.0 or with the included RF USB Dongle for devices without Bluetooth capabilities. 

The highly accurate PixArt PAW 3212 optical sensor comes with adjustable DPI settings at 1000, 1600, or 2400 dpi for reliable tracking.

Retaining the same design principles of the IZO keyboard, the IZO palm rest incorporates a parallel round pattern, while the colorful print on its microfiber surface perfectly matches the hue of your keyboard. Made with memory foam, the IZO Palm Rest’s ergonomic design provides good elasticity and soft comfort for long-term use.

Similar to the IZO Palm Rest, the IZO Desk Pad incorporates the same pattern and microfiber surface that perfectly matches your keyboard and mouse. 

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