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Anpool P1: Dual Energy System Robotic Pool Skimmer

Solar & DC Charging | Auto Power Renewal | Smart Path Planning | Auto Obstacle Avoidance | Auto Parking | Stairway Prevention
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No more frustration when you desire a quick swim but are deterred by the presence of floating debris on the surface of your pool. it’s time to abandon manual skimming and embrace the advancements that technology has brought forth.

Introducing the Anpool P1, a groundbreaking solution that ushers in a new era of pool surface cleaning. This remarkable robot harnesses the power of the sun as its primary energy source, enabling unlimited runtime when ample sunlight is available. With its fully automated features, you can enjoy an uninterrupted cleaning experience like never before.

The Anpool P1 takes pool skimming to a whole new level with its revolutionary Dual Energy System. The solar panel directly powers the device with ample sunlight, making it your primary charging source. Anpool helps contribute to a sustainable Earth while saving on energy costs.

For added convenience, the Anpool P1 offers a quick top-up option with its DC charging feature. The DC battery acts as a reliable backup source, seamlessly taking effect during nighttime or on cloudy and rainy days for ultimate flexibility.

With Ample sunlight, Anpool P1 can run continuously and automatically, covering pools up to 8,300 square feet. When the battery reaches 8%, it navigates back to the poolside to recharge. With sufficient sunlight, it tops itself up to 60% and consumes cleaning.

If the sun is weak, the P1 enters a standby mode to conserve power until the battery dips below 5%, at which point it will perform a forced shutdown to prevent damage. 

Solar recharge workflow

The Anpool P1 ensures uninterrupted operation by preventing forced shutdowns. It doesn’t operate automatically in low sunlight conditions, maintaining the battery level above 5%. This allows it to turn on automatically as soon as sufficient sunlight is available.

The Anpool P1 doesn’t just clean your pool, it optimizes it. Utilizing multiple sensors and a U-Turn Algorithm, the P1 meticulously plans its cleaning path, ensuring every inch is covered with maximum efficiency. 

Smart Mode

For ultimate peace of mind, it also employs a Random Mode for double coverage, leaving your pool sparkling clean.

Random Mode

Unlike ordinary pool skimmers that struggle with stairs, walls, and rings, the Anpool P1 conquers them all. Equipped with advanced laser and inertial sensors, it expertly navigates your pool, dodging obstacles and even avoiding swimmers. 

The sensors are also capable of detecting and navigating complex structures within the pool, ensuring thorough cleaning in every corner. With Anpool P1, pool cleaning has never been smoother.

Getting stuck is a rare occurrence. But for those extra-tricky situations, the P1 has a built-in escape plan! If the sensors detect when the P1 is stationary for more than 30 seconds, it automatically increases power output to up to 25W to help it maneuver free.

Forget lugging around a heavy cleaner. The Anpool P1 returns to the poolside automatically when finished, ready for a quick pickup. 

Plus, it eliminates the need for manual charging! When the battery dips to 8%, the P1 navigates back and docks itself perfectly to soak up the sun and charges itself to 60% to continue working. 

During the cleaning process, water propulsion ensures that leaves and debris float on the water surface, collecting at the rear of the basket. This smart design prevents any debris from escaping, leaving your pool debris-free.

The P1 is your ultimate solution for debris removal. It is capable of effectively eliminating various types of debris, such as hairs, leaves, pollen, insects, and more.

The P1 is designed to be compatible with most types of pools. However, it’s not recommended for use in infinite pools due to potential sensor detection and navigation difficulties.

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