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ZERA Grow : All-Around Smart Hair Growth Device

Regrow Hair in 5 mins | 80 Medical Lasers | Adjustable Headband | Smart Sensor | ZERA App | Portable
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ZERA Grow is here to introduce a whole new design in hair growth wearable devices! This year we are making a wearable that helps you grow back hairs just by wearing it. Unleashing the power of 650nm medical lasers, the perfect wavelength will help your body to grow back hair underneath it.  










When comparing ZERA Grow with other products for hair growth, its non-contact approach to care remains the safest choice. Unlike supplements such as serums or vitamins that often contain chemicals leading to unwanted side effects or environmental toxin contamination, ZERA Grow offers a method that mitigates these concerns.  



You will only need to wear ZERA Grow 3 times a week, 5 minutes per session to get the best results. 



Get this powerful, smart, and lightweight hair growth device to get your hair back by wearing it just 15 minutes a week! ZERA Grow will stimulate you with the power of medical grade lasers. Combining the smart laser detection system and 80 powerful medical laser, ZERA Grow will determine the best way to help you fight hair loss. Wear it 5 minutes 3 days a week to see results




ZERA Grow offers a versatile and portable solution for hair growth. With its headphone design featuring comfortable earpads and lightweight construction, you can use it effortlessly during various activities. Whether you’re running, working, gaming, or simply relaxing, ZERA Grow fits comfortably and discreetly, allowing you to continue with your daily routine while promoting hair regrowth. 




Male-pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is the most common cause of hair loss. There are few remedies, and our 650nm red laser is one of the only remedies to it without using drugs or surgery.  



By stimulating the hair follicles with mild red laser, they will reactivate hair growing ability over time. Experiment has proved that this laser causes no ill effect to your body, and can be considered the safest yet effective hair growth treatment.  






The state of the art intelligence laser sensor (ILS) is a key for ZERA Grow’s unprecedented efficiency, matching the performance of far larger devices with its compact size. By detecting the light reflection on your head, ZERA Grow is able to adjust and focus on stimulating the area that needs it the most. This also boosts its battery life and requires less recharges.  




For this device, we have borrowed part of its design from high-end audiophile headphones, as they allow all-day wear without the user feeling uncomfortable. we are able to fit most people with just one size with 8 different adjustable settings.  




Experience ultimate comfort with our premium earpads crafted from high-quality, luxuriously soft foam. Designed to be as gentle as a customized pillow, these earpads ensure all-day usage without any discomfort or irritation. The memory foam cushion acts as a barrier, effectively blocking out external noise and creating a serene environment.




Our Bluetooth link with mobile devices allows you to make personal settings, with potential to integrate with other Apps that you use. It will also help you to find the most effective treatment, not just one mode fits all.  




The ZERA Grow App is a convenient tool that sends daily reminderstracks progresssets alerts, and provides monthly reports. It also helps users analyze and adjust their routines for better results. 




ZERA Grow is functionally identical to laser helmets on the market, yet weighing just 1/3 and can be packed into a tote bag. The key is better laser placement, fitting all 80 medical grade laser diodes into the only area that matters.  




By completing the task with less laser diodes, ZERA Grow needs less power so its battery can last longer between charges. You can use it for at least 3 cycles per week on one full charge.  

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