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Unitree Pump: Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym

Quantify Resistance| 700g Weight| Eccentric&Concentric Available| Arcade Style Games | One for All Training Demands|Free 100+ Tutorial
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Meet the all-in-one Unitree PUMP, a travel-ready fitness machine that packs 1000’s of intense workouts into one tiny kit — giving you the power of a rowing machine, squat rack, dumbbells and cables anywhere you go.

Pump is the first portable fitness machine with a built-in motor that cleverly controls resistance from start to finish, for a consistent pump that works your muscles evenly on every lift and pull. Designed by award-winning robotics engineers and fitness experts, PUMP anchors to any doorway, chair, and even your ankle to unlock 1000s of workouts… with zero elastics.

Gyms are overpriced and crowded. Home equipment is bulky and awkward. And busy people are desperately trying to get fit using minimal workouts that lack resistance.

The travel-ready Unitree PUMP solves all that by bringing powerful workouts to anywhere. PUMP helps you skip the excuses, and get better pumps from your home, hotel, office or friend’s house.


What’s the key to PUMP’s success? A small but clever motor, carefully designed to work every muscle evenly and give you powerful, stable, adjustable resistance. It gives you a scientifically tested and secure workout experience like you won’t find anywhere else.

Every workout is different, and every muscle has different needs. Find the perfect resistance for any exercise and adjust it with a few taps on the app. PUMP lets you pinpoint the perfect resistance from 4.4 – 44lbs, or more if you combine PUMPs.

The amazing thing about PUMP is that it lets you choose between eccentric and concentric resistance. That means you get the option to feel more burn on the way up, on the way down, or both equally. PUMP provides you with 4 training modes: Concentric mode, Eccentric mode, Constant mode, and Chain mode.

In PUMP’s concentric mode, you can customize resistance from 11 – 44lbs (5-20kg) and a ratio from 0-50%. That means if you set the resistance at 20lbs and the ratio at 20%, the resistance when pulling the rope will be 20lbs, while the resistance of the rope rolling back will be 16lbs.

Eccentric mode works the opposite way — it gives you more burn when you’re releasing the weight, giving your muscles more time under pressure. And with custom ratios, PUMP’s eccentric mode lets you choose how the weight is spread out from lift to release. Set the weight to 20lbs and the ratio to 50%, and you’ll experience 10lbs of resistance on your lift, but 20lbs on the release. That gives you more ways than ever to shock your muscles and customize every workout to make the greatest gains in the shortest time.

When you train in constant mode, you can adjust the resistance range from 4.4 – 44lbs (2-20kg) to get even resistance through the whole movement. The resistance will be the same whether you’re pulling the rope out, or releasing it back in.

In chains mode, you can still choose resistance from 4.4 – 44lbs (2-20kg), but it allows you to schedule resistance and let PUMP adjust resistance automatically while you train.

Designed with safety in mind, PUMP pulls the rope at a steady slow pace even if you let go, so you can avoid rope burn and hand injuries. Meanwhile, the patented motor is designed to prolong PUMP’s lifespan and put out precise resistance for the entire time you own it.

Rip it, pull it, lift it, stretch it. PUMP opens a massive range of exercises in one mighty, tiny package.

We built PUMP to integrate all your gym equipment into one kit. It’s truly made to train your whole body, covering 90% of muscle groups with adjustable resistance. With 44lbs (20kg) of resistance, even one PUMP meets the daily resistance requirements for most of fitness lovers.

We believe PUMP can be anyone’s best fitness tool outside the gym. It’s truly built to revolutionize the way you train, fitting more workouts into your routine from anywhere. 

Other portable exercise devices give you limited workouts and weak resistance. The result? You still end up needing other machines. PUMP makes full-body workouts simple, with all the trappings to work your traps, calves, and everything in between.

PUMP wasn’t just made for light sessions and cardio. You can combine up to 8 PUMPs in one to get 352lbs (160kg) of massive resistance. With every additional unit, you add a full 20kg of potential resistance, letting you truly imitate the heaviest full-body gym movements.

And the app coordinates each PUMP unit together for true synergy and the smooth, steady resistance your muscles crave. Squat, bench, and deadlift with serious weight. Because more PUMPS are better than one.

Ready to row? PUMP comes with the handles and accessories to unlock every workout you love, and then some. With a rowing bar, handles, power rack and more, it takes the most effective movements from the gym and brings them to any place you train — at a fraction of the cost of other equipment.

Compact, comfortable, and easy to set up, each accessory is ergonomically designed to give you the perfect grip while packing up easily into your bag.

And every accessory can be interchanged with any exercise, to give you truly customizable workouts. Multiple devices can be used with the accessories, letting you PUMP up to meet your workout needs. So grip it and rip it, any way you like it.

PUMP features over 100+ videos and courses showing you exactly how to get through every movement perfectly. The PUMP fitness app will also track your progress and recommend training tutorials based on your training, helping you to level up and find your weak spots. With new courses being added regularly, it’s a vast catalogue of programs that cuts the price of a trainer down to size.

And the app will record your exercise data to show how many reps you’ve done, your number of sets, calories burned, and more. It’s all designed to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals by raising the bar at the perfect pace.

If you’re the type who gets bored by the same old repetitive workouts, the PUMP app’s built-in fitness games are made for you. Unlike other fitness games that mainly use aerobic exercise, our fitness games are based on traditional weight training. They’re designed to keep you engaged and challenging yourself every time you start a workout. Plus, the online platform lets PUMP users share photos, tips, and support, keeping you motivated and learning how to get the best out of your PUMP. 

Light, compact, and ready to travel, PUMP is the workout system you can take on the go. At only 700g and 10cm wide, it weighs less than a 2L bottle of water and slips in your backpack, suitcase, or overnight bag, taking up less space than a pair of shoes. That gives you quick access to powerful workouts even on the road.

Workouts can happen any time, anywhere with the PUMP — your home, hotel, office or even a friend’s house. PUMP easily anchors to anything solid, like a door in your hotel or a sofa in your living room — even your own foot — without using risky elastics that give you an awkward pump.

It’s got all the standard in-box tools to open up your whole workout regime, like belts, handles, ropes and buckles, with an internal motor that gives you plenty of adjustable resistance. And set up and tear down take seconds, getting you in and out of workouts fast so you can get on with your day. Try doing that with your home bench!

Drop your PUMP, but never drop a workout. PUMP is protected by a thick 0.78-inch (20mm) shell that’s built to take falls from over 3.2ft (1m). Inside the PUMP, the motor is encased in a honeycomb structure made with tough sheet metal that keeps its parts perfectly in place. So it can not only survive falls, but maintains its resistance and control even after serious tumbles.

Every move you make during a workout creates energy. PUMP lets you turn that energy into real electricity.

Or use that power to charge your iPhone or Android instead. Simply connect your phone, tap the Power Generation button, and add life to your phone battery.

A fully charged PUMP will take you through a week worth of full workouts. At 100% battery, the PUMP can last 1,000 reps at 22lbs (10kg) or 500 reps at 44lbs (20kg). That’s enough to keep you going all week, with efficient charging to get you back to capacity in no time.



The Unitree PUMP standard kit can satisfy your basic demand of workouts. With the parts in the box, it is practical to meet the most common basic workout demands and activcate your muscles!

*Please be noted that PUMP will always come with all the parts in the standard kit.

There are 4 colors available for the PUMP. No matter you like a modest “Abyss Blue”, an active “Energetic Blue”, or you prefer a pure “Dynamic White” or a dreamlike “Youthful Pink”, PUMP can satisfy your preference and make you exercise with joy.

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