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Ultrahuman Ring AIR

World's Most Comfortable Sleep-Tracking Wearable
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Weighing as light as 2.4 grams, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR stands as the lightest smart ring* in the market today. Designed for enhanced comfort, this sleek device enables users to effortlessly monitor key health indicators such as sleep, movement, heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and skin temperature.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is compact, notch-less, ultra-thin, and boasts a smooth inner shell, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout the day and night. With its minimal form factor, this wearable is specifically designed to be unobtrusive and much more comfortable during sleep than other bulky fitness devices.

We are delighted to unveil the Ultrahuman Ring AIR in an exclusive Black Mirror edition, tailored exclusively for our esteemed Kickstarter community. This meticulously crafted colour option is a testament to our deep appreciation for your invaluable support during this Kickstarter campaign.

Ultrahuman Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR are both powered by R1 technology that has the same PCB, battery, data and insights. The Ring AIR is a form factor variant and differs in terms of footprint (lighter) compared to the sturdier Ultrahuman Ring. Firmware/software updates for both variants will continue.

Kindly be advised that the actual product might vary from the images provided as they represent renders of the ring designs.

Engraving the Ultrahuman Ring AIR

We understand that a word isn’t just a word, it carries depth in the form of a name, or in the confluence of a memory and an experience. Etching words of significance onto the Ring AIR, you can now capture a fragment of emotion that resonates meaning in your life.

Get this word in 8 characters now engraved in the Ultrahuman Ring AIR‘s fighter jet-grade titanium outer shell.

A tangible reminder for all things you.


Ultrahuman Ring AIR’s minimal, ultra-lightweight form factor combines with powerful sleep algorithms to help you dream comfortably.

The sleep index is derived to help you understand the various sleep stages such as Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being Awake. During different stages of sleep, different metabolic processes of the body occur for growth, repair, restoration, and maintenance.

In our fast-paced lives, we often tend to neglect sleep. But rest is just as important a factor in your health as any other. Keeping tabs on your sleep health can be hard, it’s just not possible to track your sleep hours manually and tracking sleep quality is whole another story!

This is where the Sleep Index comes in. We’ve designed the Sleep Index to be the one single metric you need to judge your sleep health, it gives you a holistic picture of your sleep quality using several contributors, ensuring you get the right amount of sleep. This way, when you wake up, you’ll feel fully rested, energised and ready to tackle whatever you put your mind to. Here are some of the contributors we factor into the Sleep Index and their roles:

  • Sleep Efficiency: This is a measure of how much time your body spends resting and repairing while you’re in bed. Poor efficiency can indicate inadequate recovery even if you spend enough time in bed. Good efficiency indicates that your body is resting for most of the time you spend in bed. The Sleep Index helps you optimise Sleep Efficiency so that you get the most rest while spending the least time in bed.
  • Total Sleep: It’s really important to get a minimum number of hours of uninterrupted sleep every night for your body to function properly and there are no shortcuts here. The exact number of hours can depend on your age, gender, genetics, physical activity levels and more. The Sleep Index makes sure you’re meeting these requirements.
  • Restfulness: Provides an assessment of the overall quality of sleep, taking into account several parameters such as the number of wake times, duration of wakefulness, and sleep stage transitions, offering insights into the body’s restorative sleep cycles.
  • Consistency: Assesses the consistency and alignment of an individual’s sleep timing with their natural Circadian Rhythm. This factor takes into account the regularity of bedtime, wake-up time, and sleep onset, offering insights into the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.
  • HR Drop: Defined as the time your HR takes to drop to the lowest point during sleep. This is a marker of rest and recovery. Earlier the drop, better the recovery or more rested you will be.
  • Timing: Early sleep timing or going to bed early means you will have more time during the night to sleep and your middle point of sleep will fall before 3 am. This helps users sync with the natural circadian rhythm driven by their environment (sunlight) and promotes better sleep discipline.
  • Restoration Time: Comprised of two critical phases, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Deep sleep. Typically, Deep sleep occurs early in the sleep cycle, followed by REM sleep. To promote optimal restorative sleep, it is essential to follow a consistent sleep schedule and avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, and marijuana later in the day.

Introducing Circadian Phase Alignment, a revolutionary way to sync with your body’s natural rhythm. Analyse temperature minima, align your lifestyle and optimise your sleep-wake cycle for improved cognitive function, energy levels, and hormone balance. 

Experience Phase Advance with timely, actionable nudges for sunlight exposure and movement to shift your sleep schedule earlier. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is equipped with advanced features that enable the automatic detection of short naps. Whenever you take a nap that exceeds 25 minutes in duration, the ring prompts you with a nudge to confirm the nap. Once confirmed, the nap contributes to your sleep index and recovery score, providing valuable insights into your overall sleep quality and body’s rejuvenation.

It’s worth noting that if you happen to take a nap after 6 pm, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR takes into consideration the timing and incorporates it into the recovery score and sleep index of the following day. This ensures that the impact of late napping on your subsequent day’s recovery and sleep patterns is appropriately captured and considered in the data analysis.

Understand your body’s current state with the Recovery Score

Derived from a blend of key metrics, including Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Heart Rate, and Skin Temperature, this score provides insights into various signals your body sends throughout the day, enabling a deeper comprehension of its needs. 

Leveraging the power of heart rate variability (HRV), the recovery score serves as a valuable indicator of your body’s state. 

Should the score identify a heightened state of stress, Ultrahuman’s extensive library of premium content will guide you towards tailored meditation, breathing exercises, or workouts. World-renowned trainers, coaches, and psychologists empower you with actionable insights and corrective measures to incorporate into your daily routine, fostering sustainable and holistic health.

We designed the Recovery Score to help you interpret the signals your body sends, enabling you to monitor your overall well-being.

  • Sleep Quotient: Your body needs a minimum amount of rest to repair itself physically and mentally. Improper sleep can hinder your ability to function at your best. Sleep quality and duration are factored in to ensure you get enough sleep for your body to recover.
  • HRV Form: HRV or Heart Rate Variability indicates your body’s adaptivity and mental state. Higher HRV is generally an indicator of better physical and psychological health. The Recovery Score takes your HRV patterns and deviations to decode your state of well-being.
  • Skin Temperature: Your skin temperature is a crucial window into the internal state of your body’s physical health. For example, elevated temperature can indicate that your body is working harder than usual and this is an underlying issue. Temperature can also help identify illness and help you take appropriate steps to get better. Additionally, it is vital for measuring your body’s physiological states and responses to various factors, including exercise, stress, and illness. The correlation between HRV and recovery is pivotal to understanding the body’s recuperative capabilities and its readiness to take on another day.
  • Movement Index: Getting sufficient physical activity is also required to keep your body systems at their peak. Proper physical activity in your lifestyle is linked to better physical health and improved mental health. Your overall movement trends are factored in, ensuring you don’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

The movement index has been formulated to help you understand your overall energy expenditure. The score is based on metabolic equivalent (METs) and depends on how much you move throughout the day rather than just your workout for a specific duration during the day.

More movement spread across the day enables better metabolism and cardiovascular functioning. The score is based on 100, with higher scores indicating more movement, more often.

  • Metabolic Equivalents aka METs: They simply measure how much your body is working compared to when it’s at rest. METs are a great way to describe the energy intensity of your activity. For example, 1 MET is the energy your body spends at rest, in these terms, brisk walking is around 4 METs.
  • Active Hours: Spending extended amounts of time sitting or standing causes harm to your body including lowered blood circulation. The index will help you stay active at least once per hour for more hours of the day.
  • Inactive Time: The key to a healthy metabolism is that you don’t spend long periods being inactive. You’ll get timely nudges to start moving if a low activity is detected during the day so that there are no more excuses for being lazy!
  • Steps: Based on your personal mobility levels, patterns, the number of steps you’ve taken and how you’re comparing to what’s expected based on your routine for the current hour of the day are factored into the index.
  • Workout Mode: The Ultrahuman Ring AIR has a dedicated “Workout Mode” that enables precise heart rate tracking during active workouts. This feature provides users with valuable real-time information about their heart rate, helping them monitor and optimise their performance during exercise sessions. By tracking heart rate during workouts, users can gain insights into their cardiovascular response, track intensity levels, and make informed decisions to improve their fitness outcomes.
  • Workout frequency & Volume: It’s also important to get a few higher-intensity workouts that get your blood pumping throughout the week. This metric counts the number of days you were active and the number of workouts you did to add a more long-term measure of your activity.

We are excited to introduce the innovative Stimulant Window Recommender, a groundbreaking feature integrated into the Ultrahuman app, specifically designed to optimise your stimulant consumption for enhanced productivity and sleep management.

The Stimulant Window Recommender was developed in response to the widespread use of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, and amphetamines to improve alertness and drive throughout the day. Recognizing the inseparable relationship between stimulant usage and the circadian cycle, we aimed to provide users with a comprehensive tool to make informed decisions about their stimulant intake.

This feature operates by breaking down your daily schedule into favourable times or “stimulant windows” during which the consumption of stimulants can effectively enhance productivity without negatively impacting sleep quality. It also considers the times when stimulant usage is permissible, taking into account individual circadian rhythms and lifestyle patterns.

By utilising advanced algorithms and personalised data, the Stimulant Window Recommender presents users with a curated list of popular caffeinated options that align with their specific time frames. As caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant with a notable impact on sleep due to its extended half-life, the focus is initially centred around caffeine recommendations.

With the Ultrahuman Ring AIR’s comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, including sleep tracking and circadian rhythm insights, the Stimulant Window Recommender becomes even more powerful. Users can now make informed choices about when and what type of stimulant to consume, taking into account their body’s unique needs and optimising their overall well-being.

Our mission is to empower users with cutting-edge technology and personalised insights to achieve their health and performance goals. The Stimulant Window Recommender is a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic approach to health and well-being, helping individuals maximise their productivity and enhance their sleep quality for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Experience extended usage with the Ultrahuman Ring AIR, boasting an impressive battery life that lasts up to 6 days. Stay powered and connected throughout your daily activities without the hassle of frequent charging.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is designed for enduring rough usage conditions and workouts. The Ring AIR’s outer surface is made of a titanium body coated with tungsten carbide which is 5 times harder than tool steel. At the same time, comfort and minimalism are at the core of the product. This is ensured by the smooth inner shell of the ring that makes it comfortable during sleep and rest scenarios.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is specifically crafted to withstand demanding usage conditions. Constructed with a Titanium body and coated in Tungsten carbide, renowned for its exceptional hardness, this ring offers remarkable durability. Emphasizing comfort and minimalism, its smooth inner shell ensures a pleasant experience during sleep and rest periods.

Ultrahuman Ring AIR provides reliable water resistance up to ~330 feet. You can get your cannon balls in the pool or surf those waves, without any worry.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available in 7 Sizes – US Size 6-12. A sizing kit will be sent to you before the final product is shipped to help place an accurate size.


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