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Kneeflow: Knee pain relief in less than 15 minutes

3-in-1 massage therapy device that combines soft massage airbags, infrared light and heat therapy.
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Is your knee pain keeping you from doing your daily activities with ease? What if you could have relief in as little as 15 minutes? 

Kneeflow is an at-home, unique 3-in-1 massage therapy device that combines soft massage airbags, infrared light and heat therapy to bring you lasting comfort and relief

Leave your knee pain behind and get back to the activities you love with Kneeflow!  





Personalize your 15-minute therapy sessions with our soft massage airbags, infrared light technology and alternating heat therapy for pain relief and prevention

Whether you’re recovering from a surgery, long lasting pain, exercise or just looking to get ahead of your pain, Kneeflow has adjustable features to personalize each therapy experience







The Kneeflow is perfect for:

  • Knee pain relief from inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, meniscus and tendonitis issues
  • Recovering from a traumatic injury (ACL,MCL,Meniscus tear)
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Amazing for athletic recovery post training or workout
  • Lubricating and heating up the knee joint and helping you get back to running, cycling and hiking
  • Saving time & money on inferior alternatives








Our 360° air pressure massages your knee via fully encapsulated micro buffered airbags that inflate softly to ease your muscle tensionincrease blood circulation, energize knee cells and alleviate paininflammation and swelling.

Choose between three vibration settings based on your needs:

– Low: for a relaxing massage

 Medium: for daily care & maintenance

– High: for deep kneading  


Kneeflow’s infrared technology is composed of 19 LED healing lights that surround your knee to bring you pain relief

Our infrared light technology works to penetrate deep into your tissue to produce energy in the form of heat that decreases your inflammation. The light also triggers a release of nitric oxide and improves your blood circulation. While the infrared technology stimulates the mitochondria, it can help to reduce oxidative stress to improve ligaments and tendons.  




Enjoy three comfortable temperature settings to personalize your therapy experience ranging from low to high. 

Plus, enjoy active ventilationoverheating protection and a 15-minute auto shut-off timer for your comfort and peace of mind.



Enjoy our adjustable Velcro strap to customize your Kneeflow to fit comfortably during your therapy session. 

Our easy-to-use, at-home therapy device helps you get back to doing what you love most. Our LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) touchscreen allows you to quickly operate and use your device anywhere and everywhere! 

Plus, Kneeflow’s is portablecompact and cordless, making it perfect for you to bring into the office, pack for a trip, use during training or in your home so you can always have relief




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