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The Party Mix: A Fun Fact Trivia Card Game for Curious Minds

Unleash your inner trivia wizard with Fun Fact Co.'s outlandish, hilarious and all-ages game.
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The PARTY MIX: A Fun Fact Trivia Card Game
The PARTY MIX: A Fun Fact Trivia Card Game

A Uniquely Nerdy Trivia Game

Meet the Fun Fact Trivia Deck Game (PARTY MIX Edition). It’s a new take on a familiar  fav and you’re gonna love it. 

The concept is simple, ask a question, guess the answer. What is NOT simple are the questions. Each one is based on a crazy fact of our world that most people don’t know but will be delighted to learn.

The game adds some spice by using a sassy comedic tone that people find irresistible. Mix this in with the outlandish and mind-boggling fact nuggets and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good time!

A Few Fun Examples:

Each deck comes with 100 teasingly fun trivia question cards. The questions are a mix of multiple choice and true/false formats (so you’ve always got a sporting chance of getting one right). This edition covers a PARTY MIX of topics including: death, animals, space, math and humans.

Oh, and even though some topics might be a wee bit taboo (e.g. death), the decks are approved for readers as young as 8 and devoid of truly “TV-MA” stuff.

Fun Fact Trivia Card Game Box and Benefits
A few neat benefits of the Fun Fact Trivia Game

This deck series is a blend of learning, sharp design, and lighthearted fun. Perfect for raucous trivia nights, family game night, or to entice young readers with something taboo.

This is also a great game for improving vocabulary and enticing the most reluctant readers due to the humor, taboo facts and short-burst reading style (thanks for the card format!). Easy wins for all!

How to Play

At its heart, the game is simple: read the question, guess the answer. 

However, for a more rowdy group play experience, we’ve included a rule card outlining possible competitive angles and gameplay tweaks so you can make it your own (and see who the smartest player really is).

Deck Specs

The Deck box is a sturdy 2-piece design, complete with colorful and thematic artwork. Inside each box are 100 hefty cards (yup, matte finish) and a helpful instruction booklet.

  • Decks measure: 3.75″x3.25″x2″
  • Cards measure: 3.5″x2.75″
  • Fun had: 💯 

Who Are the Creators?

In all seriousness, our team has the chops to take FFC from concept to reality. The Co. is the brainchild of two creatives: Raelina & Christman. Beyond both having odd first names, they have been collaborating for years on various design projects and new product launches. Raelina is an accomplished illustrator and artist and runs her own design agency. She’s also an avid public servant who is very passionate about community.  Christman is a different sort of designer (yin to Rae’s yang) and has built two successful design brands in the past. He’s worked in the education field for years and has experience working with special needs children, homeschooling and early literacy.

Feel good about being nerdy.

We’re passionate about coming up with neat ways to captivate attention, stoke curiosity, and share knowledge (without needing a screen). In this day and age, there are many distractions, and brains everywhere are getting rewired to appreciate shorter, quicker bites of info. Instead of fighting this attention-shortening beast, our goal is to tame it, throw a saddle on its back, and ride it.

But Also… Bonus Perks

Backers of our campaign will enjoy several perks beyond the items they picked to back (those are awesome too).

  • All backers will automatically receive a FFC lifetime membership to our site (launching in full this summer). Members will enjoy *FOR-EV-ER* discounts on our site for anything we create: games, books, comics, downloads, etc. Our hope is that it will be a rushing spigot of facts and you can take a sip whenever you want.
  • You will also be able to join our exclusive FACT BLASTER service (totes optional, but awesome). This is our verified non-salesy / altruistic weekly email blast that shares a few fun facts and positive words to brighten and enlighten your week.
  • EARLY BIRDS can access our best-ever deal: 35% off each card deck + a FREE download of the hilarious PEOPLE WATCHING BINGO game! Quantities are limited.
Thinking Cap and Fun Facts about Falcons Poster are two rewards for people who back the project.
Look super smart and fabulous out in the world and at home with these two killer backer rewards!

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