MagHolder—Multi-functional modular card-token holding box

It works well with most mainstream board games and can be put onto any flat surfaces.
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MagHolder, A multi-functional card-token storage box especially designed for board and card games.

We are enthusiasts about board games just like you. Sometimes, We find it annoying to sort the cards and tokens during the game. Messy desktop or overcrowded space slows down the game pace and affects gaming experience. We also looked onto some simple wooden/plastic storage boxes to help us deal with the problem. They are veritable storage boxes, but they are just storage boxes. They can’t help us sort the cards or give us a good feeling when drawing cards. Precisely speaking, The dull design and cumbersome failed to help us integrate into the game.

In our project, we focus on the fundamental features to our experience as players, using an excellent management system of card/token to improve player’s gaming experience.

The main areas of our project are:empathy, customizable, 3D storage, stable and more expansion.

When the funding of our campaign reaches 60,000 USD, each backer will get the theme decoration for free. There are four types of them, we will send our randomly. If you backed more than 6 Magholders, you will have the chance to collect them all.

A single Magholder can horizontally hold up to 60 pieces of standard cards (size 63x88mm) or 54 pieces of standard cards with card sleeve. Due to stepped surface design, we can also choose to store 140 pieces of standard cards vertically.

Its unique inclination and stepped, protruding platform can provide us with a stable and fantastic experience when drawing cards.

 The testing data is based on Wingspan. Depending on the thickness of the card and card sleeve, there will be a slight deviation.


We solved many problems during the design, and we also added many useful functions to make sure that everyone can get the best gaming experience.

One of the unique features of magholder is that the space on the reverse side (The other side of the side which carries cards) can be used as a token container (or to contain other small cards or any shape indicators). Its smooth edge allows you to easily take any token. Due to Its exquisite structural design and its own weight, It has outstanding stability under any flat surfaces whether it is marble, wood, glasses or whatever.

The magic of MagHolder is that it can be freely combined by magnetic attraction. Users can freely combine several magholders into their desired modes. It provides endless possibilities of combinations, including front size, rear side, left and right or up and down. The none screws and none sharp structure design guarantee the safety of your children.

Beside the features above, magholder also greatly enhances your game experience By attaching 3D-themed model. Players can attach corresponding themed model to each magnet connection point according to the board game..  Three basic theme models are included in the full range of our products. Moreover, New 3D print theme models and magnets will be unlocked once achieved the ‘MileStone’. Alternatively, you can also design the theme yourself, and you’re free to choose small, exquisite pieces or grand masterpieces.

We also dedicated to easy storage besides easy usage. Due to the exquisite design of MagHolder, you can put them on your desktop, into the drawer or even simply sorted in your board game storage box (takes nearly nowhere and easy for next preparation).

To make you integrate into the game better, we have six optional colors. There is always one for you. Glossy Silver is the primary color. Gold, red, blue, black, and green are the five exclusive Kickstarter colors with a matt finish.

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