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DARKBOARD | A Modern Take On The Classic Boards

Dark Board is a versatile unusual game surface that tricks your eyes and challenges your mind!
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DarkBoard is designed to provide an unusual gaming experience with its aesthetic and 3-dimensional appearance, and its illuminated floor suitable for playing multiple games.  We preserved the old and familiar aspect but also brought a new perspective to boards.  You can now approach your game boards in a brand new way!

Always keeping classic board game lovers in mind, our goal is to turn the most basic board games that have been played with great pleasure for centuries into more attractive and preferable games.  DarkBoard is a versatile unusual game surface that tricks your eyes and challenges your mind!

No software, no apps, no hassle! Turn off the lights and enjoy a fun gaming experience!

 ####### Playing games is fun and we are happy to shed light on that #######

############## darkboardgames #chess #3d #design ##############

We are very happy that DarkSole is selected to be exhibited in the Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum, which is one of the largest chess museums of the world…

DARKBOARD – A Modern Take On The Classic Boards

Expand your space with DarkBoard.  Our design philosophy is about reviving classic game boards with posh and creative touches.

Even the basic games are now more fun and attractive with DarkBoard.  Let us introduce you to the members of the DarkBoard family.

DARKSOLE – Compact, Portable Chess Board

If you map out moves on the ceiling at night like Beth Harmon, DarkSole will add colors to your experience.  Grab it by the handle, and it will come with you everywhere, even on your darkest journeys 🙂 DarkSole is a compact, and portable game board,  designed for chess lovers. 

Losing is good 🙂   change your game to win 🙂   Change the top layer at ease, drop it on top of The Dark board,  and leave the rest to the powerful magnets!  DarkShift offers the convenience of playing multiple games on single surface.

The stylish design will create authentic spaces.

During an evening party with friends, the scene can be illuminated very easily, which provides more entertainment!  DarkBoard sets bring new excitement to your gaming experience. 

DarkBoard is an innovative design that combines functionality and aesthetics by reshaping tabletop games on a flat and clear surface with 3D illusions.

We all like innovation and our new game boards, inspired from classic and vintage board games, will add a modern touch.

DarkBoard is durable and reliable with its 5000 mAh Li-ion battery. It can light the board for 48 hours with approx.  30 min of charging thanks to their rechargeable batteries.

Name Writing Option

While adding an artistic feature, impressive design, and magical ambiance to your environment, we are confident that it will soon become an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

You can ask for any name or text to be “inscribed” to make you feel special and make your loved ones feel special.

The carrying handle made of faux leather is durable and aesthetic.

 Darkboard  Prototype and How it Works

The basis of our 2D designs is to create original products intending to change your visual perception by means of 3D shapes.  Thus, we are excited to introduce you to Chess, Surakarta, Ludo (Parcheesi), and Nine Men’s Morris set from “DarkBoard” family.

***Chess is a war over the board. ***Surakarta is a little-known Indonesian strategy board game for two players, named after the ancient city of Surakarta in central Java. The game features an unusual method of capture which is “possibly unique” and “not known to exist in any other recorded board game”. ***Nine Men’s Morris is an ancient game, popular in Ancient Rome and the medieval period. No one really knows where and when the game originated. The oldest building that has a Nine Men’s Morris board carved into its stones is an Egyptian temple at Kurna, Egypt, which dates to roughly 1400 BC. ***Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single dice. Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi The game and its variations are popular in many countries and under various names.

Darkboard 2D and 3D game boards intend to make you reconsider the game objects you are having fun with and create a big smile on your face.

Surprise your friends and family with the optical illusion!  It offers a versatile use for the entire family and can become a fun moment to spend more time with your kids.

Thanks to their interchangeable upper boards, they will give you the opportunity to play a game of your choice.  DarkBoard will stand out in playgrounds, workspaces, homes, and more.

DarkBoard has been made combining both machinery and artisan handwork, which unite to create design harmony.

Combining the machine work with craftsmanship, acrylic glass is cut by a laser machine and then handcrafted.  Each product is hand-made, which makes them exclusive for you.  You won’t be satisfied with just having one on your table and will be eager to buy one for one of your friends. 

 We are aware that first impressions are very important, and packaging is often a consumer’s first introduction to the product.  Therefore, we have designed a sturdy and reliable package.  Our goal is to deliver the product to you without any damage, to ensure this, we have not refrained from using many protective materials between the layers.


Side View

Piano black

♡ Other Game Pieces ” checkers, surakarta,ludo and nine men’s morris” ♡

*** Heads-up 1:  After manufacturing the prototype of DarkBoard, we invited numerous chess players to evaluate the product and they gave us their feedback to increase the weight of the chess pieces.  So, we took their advice. ***

Your feedback is invaluable for us and will continue to be appreciated.

 Chess pieces are embedded under our product.  The transparent bottom floor, thanks to the magnets in its corners, preserves the part where the chess pieces are located. Other game pieces are kept in different cloth pouches in the product package. 

 We also specified chess lamps and the name writing option as add-ons so that our backers can be more flexible in supporting our campaign.  Especially, if these products are not included in the package you backed, you can add them to your pledge during the purchase phase, thanks to the add-ons feature.

  For example, when you pledge the DarkSole Standard Package, you can add chess lamps and the name-writing option during the purchase phase.  The fixed fee for the name writing option is $10. If you add a chess lamp, you pay an additional $ 29 chess lamp fee to your package.   Also, each lamp you choose increases the package weight by 0.75 kg.  If the package you selected is 4.5 kg and you added two chess lamps using the add-ons feature, your package will be 6 kg and the shipping fee will be calculated as 6 kg.

 Chess pieces lamps will add magical ambiance to your environment with the effect of 3-D illusion.  The product consists of acrylic glass which the light is emitted, a wooden base, and a 12-Volt Switch adaptor. The acrylic glass design is created using a laser machining process. Upon placing the acrylic glass design in the lamp’s base (where the LED is positioned), the light breaks through the etched surface. The base is made from high-quality plywood birch. And the light is LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, a warm glow.

*** Heads-up 2: When you scrutinize you can spot the differences in the headings on our page as the clues are hidden in the titles.  The first person to solve the puzzle based on these clues and share the answer in the comments will be awarded the ‘DarkSole’ package.  We wish you luck!  ***

 As Augustent LLC, we are an R & D company working on industrial design projects. In this context, We have been involved in many projects and product development processes as producers and consultants.  After the positive feedback we received, we wanted to present our designs to our customers at a global level.  We decided that the best way to achieve this dream is to use the Kickstarter platform that values new ideas and projects.

Sketch Studies

 As chess lovers, we are a fun team that organizes chess tournaments in our free time at the office.  In this process, we found that chess sets in general, with the exception of expensive chess sets, were played on customary surfaces, and we wanted to add innovation to this magnificent game.  Starting with the idea of an illuminated chessboard, we also added new games by designing the changeable top layers feature.  After developing the prototype of DarkBoard, we tested it with many game lovers for evaluation, and as a result of the feedback we received, our product development process continued.  In the advancing process, the feedback we will receive from you will be very valuable to us.

Our office

 We have been painstakingly working in our workshop to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective production and shipping planning.

Handmade photo studio 🙂


Each flat sheet “DarkBoard” game board is made of a laser-engraved, thick and durable acrylic glass.  By engraving intricate lines on the acrylic sheet, the LED light that illuminates the design creates a sense of dimensionality as it passes through the lines, creating the optical illusion.

The complex pattern of acrylic glass is created by a laser engraving process.

 Energy-efficient DarkBoard uses daylight LED that lasts up to 50,000 hours and does not radiate heat.  All materials are made of 100% recyclable materials.

Lighting and charging units are wired according to the highest electronic standards.


The next stage is the most simple one and this is where you step up to mark!

We need your financial support to produce a sufficient and cost-effective number of DarkBoards.  We set our target at $7800 to kick-off our project produces a sufficient batch of Dark Board packages.

We plan to send packages of our first 300 backers,  pledging our Super Early Bird packages in the early days of our campaign,  to their addresses in May. Packages of our backers who missed this opportunity will also be sent in June.

We prepared the production processes. Our priority is to deliver you a high-quality DarkBoard as soon as possible.  So, sit back, relax and be ready to have fun with your new game boards.

Many thanks to everyone for their support.  It would be a shame to keep these game boards for ourselves!

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