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Artemis - Future Bow & Arrow Universe

Real Archery Gaming | Smooth Archery Experience | From Novice to Pro | Easy Set-Up | 600g Lightweight | Metaverse Possibilities
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Take your Artemis and step into the WONDER FITTER universe, where the heartbeat races in sync with the arrow’s flight. 

Grasp the nock firmly, maintain a steady hand, and breathe in a calm, controlled way for stability. Concentrate and take aim at the target, then let the arrow fly until it solidly lands on the target. Aim, SHOOT, and be instantly transported into the virtual world of immersive archery fun.

Revamped with the advanced Aiming Module 2.0, Artemis sets a new standard for accurate and smooth archery gameplay, from lining up your shot to hitting your target. Looking for engaging action?… Only Artemis can deliver.

Be the sharpshooter of the archery world while working up a satisfying sweat with Artemis. Transform your exercise routine into an exhilarating adventure, conquering challenges with your bow and arrow to improve your sportsmanship and boost your fitness. 

Experience the thrill of archery as you simultaneously enhance your strength, focus, and overall well-being. Embrace the joy of playtime while honing your skills and achieving your fitness goals!

Artemis embodies the seamless fusion of art, sport, and technology, in an innovative design characterized by its simplicity and elegance. This incredible bow is lightweight at just under 1.5 lbs, making it a delight to naturally grip, aim, and smoothly pull back the bowstring. The comfort and ease of use let you recover instantly after each arrow shot and keep you in the zone effortlessly for extended sessions. 


Artemis’ ambidextrous design makes it the perfect choice for both left and right-handed archers. Its thoughtful engineering ensures that whether you’re drawing the bowstring with your left or right hand, the experience is equally seamless and comfortable.

Artemis and WONDER FITTER App together let you see, hear, and feel the seamless synergy of archery gameplay. Designed to work perfectly across mobile devicesbig screens, and the metaverse, Artemis invites you to delve into a world that surpasses the limitations of hardware or software.

Artemis gives you access to an array of highly engaging activities, like a shooting range, hunting, tower defense, and more. Unaffected by time, location, or weather conditions, you can keep Artemis in your backpack and set it up instantly. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you can effortlessly dive into the excitement of aiming and shooting.

Additionally, Artemis supports various modes, allowing you to enjoy these activities on your smartphone, television, or in virtual reality (VR), offering a versatile and adaptable gaming experience for everyone.

Artemis offers both Split-screen Co-op and Online Co-op/PvP. With its Cross-Platform capability from mobile to the metaverse, you can enjoy gaming with friends and family from anywhere in the world, by teaming up or competing against each other.

The versatile SDK we’ve created is compatible with Unity Engine, potentially opening the door for exciting collaborations with MR/VR hardware and game content creators. This paves the way for potential future game additions that could cater to your interests, extending the possibilities of gaming beyond the confines of the WONDER FITTER world.

Shoot for perfection without compromising the exhilaration. Artemis boasts not one, not two, but three layers of cutting-edge safety measures to ensure the arrow is safely secured. Everyone can feel the rush of archery with worry-free operation from start to finish.

For each arrow release, Artemis’ adaptive cushion valve effectively absorbs arrow impacts up to 50 pounds. The dual locking design tightly secures the arrow shaft to stop the arrow after release and keep it safely secured even at high speeds.

Step into WONDER FITTER, a captivating universe for the future of sports & entertainment, that you can enjoy today. Within its unique realm of time and space, every WONDER FITTER product that you own becomes a gateway to immersion, anywhere, anytime. Now all your senses are engaged to deliver the most authentic bowstring draw. This is the dawn of a next-generation sports entertainment experience.

As we embark on this Kickstarter journey, we envision a future filled with endless excitement and possibilities. We are considering a range of peripherals for shooting, boxing, and golfing that could potentially bring a new level of immersion and realism to the WONDER FITTER universe. By showcasing the potential of our products through this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to gather the necessary resources and support to turn our vision into reality.

We’ve collaborated with an AR headset manufacturer, Ximmerse, to create a solution, and we’ve successfully launched an MR offline store at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai.

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