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AMR5–The First Mini PC with Three Operation Modes

Turn the button of the flying warship to enter the games, work and quiet scenes, and there are more you can expect.
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AMR5 is a multifunctional RGB Gaming PC, you’ll be amazed by its cool flying boad look and it poineering three operation modes. You can freely switch to three different modes: gaming, working and slient mode. Entertainment, games, work, study, audio and video, and light setting etc application scenarios can realize easily. It will help you to focusing in almost invisible way when you need a quiet environment.Its design includes a magnetic case holding the main components which can be easily disassembled.And the storage can be upgrated and customized.

 Why do you buy AMR5?

  • Three modes switch to create a concentrating application environment
  • Mini computer 133×156×72mm saves space for your limited desktop
  • Standing design, Capable ofbeing an exquisite ornaments.
  • AMD 4500is suitable forheavy-loadgaming and working
  • With ambient RGB lighting
  • Suitable for home games or mobile office
  • Windows 11 is ready.
  • Extendable Storage
  • Magnetic Cover for easy upgrades.
  • More USB ports
  • Ultra Silent active cooling system
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi 6 for higher speed wireless data transfer
  • 4k ultra-HD video output

Most MINI PC models on the market are either cubic or cuboid. To make it stand out, we alterned the design of AMR5, giving it a unique look, similar to a flying warship. It has an upright design to save your desktop space and RGB lighting which gives it an extra edge.

AMR5 has 3 operation modes:Silent Mode, Work Mode and Game Mode.

To choose the most suitable mode, use this guide for different scenarios:

AMR5 does not overheat even while performing at a maximum.It adopts notebook professional cooling scheme and built-in high-speed mute fan.copper heat sink and ventilators on 3 sides of the body. This three-sided ventilation designkeeps the PC cool, maintaining low speed, low-noise, and high ventilation. Ideal for a long-time gaming experience.

Upgrading the setup of AMR5 is quick and easy. The magnetic side cover of the PC can be easily removed so you can access the components and perform any needed upgrades you need.

Easy to disassemble and upgrade memory

Advantages of AMR5

AMR5 was built for high performance. It features the latest AMD Ryzen R5-4500U processor and AMD Radeon Graphics Core Graphic Card which is 30% more efficient than the last generation. AMR5 can meet your needs of games, work, designing English entertainment lightly, watching videos, browsing pages, chatting online and so on

Performance Parameters:

The powerful processor and graphic card deliver a flawless gaming experience.

Typical performance in the gaming mode:

In silent mode, the PC generates a low level of noise to help you focus on a task at hand. Ideal to create a quiet environment for work or study.


No more slow data transfer or network congestion. This PC is equipped with WIFI6 technology,  which is 3 times faster than WIFI5, and gigabyte networking solution.

Support any scene use, home audio and video, office, online classes, games, conference projection, LED display, etc.

AMR5 is ideal for users who need to multitask or use several screens. You can connect it to 3 displays at the same time via HDMI+DP+Type-c ports.

AMR5 is equipped with 11 ports so you have plenty of options to connect with external devices.

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