Dockcase 2.5″ Smart Hard Drive Enclosure is the safest companion for 2.5″ 7-15mm SATA HDD and SSD. PLP technology guarantees an additional 10 seconds of cache data writing time during power outage, with health status display reminding you to replace disk timely before disk crash. No longer worry about data loss with the 15W auxiliary power supply Type-C. Plus the resilient silicone provides 360° shock protection, the triple protection design escorts your data transfer all the way.


A huge amount of data is produced in our life and work. According to research, data loss happens from time to time whether it’s precious business documents or cherished family photos.  

More than 20 engineers on our team have experienced data loss 8 times, data loss always happen suddenly and unexpectedly. More than 100,000 searches per month for data recovery, disk repair, etc, the demand for data recovery is increasing day by day. Don’t wait until it happens to spend sky-high services to rescue it.

Take control of your detailed work data anytime, anywhere, nip in the bud.

The health status display of hard disk can warn the hard disk risks in advance.When it displays POOR, please save important data to another hard disk with good health in time.  

 The smart screen can display Power Loss Protection in real time, different panel information allows you to know the real-time working status very well, and the newly added 3 touch keys deliver a more convenient, quicker and time-saving working experience.

 Even if you don’t have a computer, you can connect it to a charger to check information such as SSD model, capacity, number of partitions, etc. So you can power on it at any time to check the disk’s health status to avoid data loss due to data not being transferred in time when the drive is running out of life.

 360° rotation can adapt to your needs of different work scenarios.

 The longer the Power Loss Protection time, the more data can be rescued.  PLP is the all-important mechanism to protect data during power outage. Larger capacitor can provide longer PLP for hard drive, it ensures data in the cache is written to the hard drive during power failure, which is criticalto improve SSD and HDD’s reliability. 

 Dockcase 2.5″ Smart Hard Drive Enclosure provides 5/ 10 seconds of writing time after power failure(the actual time will be affected by the working state and power consumption of the SSD/HDD), no data loss, no disk failure. 

 Accidental falls are everywhere. Resilient silicone provides 360° drop protection, greatly reducing the chance of disk failure in daily life. The vibrant orange shows your high taste and no longer leaving it behind.

No worry about cable replacement. No worry about data loss due to insufficient power supply. Dual Type-C ports design provides your daily life a seamless connection. 

Solid-state drives or large-capacity mechanical hard drives have high power, and some mobile phones with low power Type-C port may cause the hard drive to get stuck or disconnected during file transfer. With the 15W auxiliary power supply Type-C, this situation will be greatly reduced.

The power supply cable of most desktops’ front panel is too weak to provide strong power supply. Generally, it is suitable for connecting low-power devices such as keyboard and mouse. When connecting high-power devices such as mobile hard disks, it may not be recognized due to insufficient power supply during file transfer. With the 15W auxiliary power supply Type-C, you can transfer, collaborate and share seamlessly.

10 Gbps Type-C port satisfies your need for speed with accelerated transmission protocols-UASP and TRIM, which is 70% faster than 5Gbps hard disk enclosure using the traditional micro-B USB3.0 port, reducing CPU utilization and slowing data latency to breathe new life into the performance of SSD.

Test result from XPS 13 9305 and Samsung 870EVO 500G.

The fins cover improves heat dissipation by 30% over a regular flat cover and takes into account firm grip. Superior to ordinary hard drive enclosure, aluminum alloy design is built to withstand fierce shocks. Exquisite and sleek workmanship enhances your equipment level and makes your desktop stand out.

The USB-C to USB-C/A data cable lets you get rid of the embarrassment of limited interfaces, available for computers, laptops, tablets and phones, etc. 

Every time is a new start. 

Upgradeable firmware can be continuously optimized to improve the stability of working. 

 In addition to supporting regular SSDs and HDDs, Dockcase Pro can also support high-capacity HDDs up tp 15mm in height  and high-power SSDs. Even for NAS or enterprise-class products, with the support of enhanced circuit components, we can meet the harsh power supply requirements of these drives to ensure stable operation of the drives. Improved PLP components can also provide a safer working environment for high-power/large-capacity hard disks.

Ordinary 2.5″ hard drive enclosure on the market and Dockcase only support up to 2TB HDD, Dockcase Pro is compatible with larger HDD capacity up to 5TB.