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ZERA Sonic - The First 2-Way Auto-caring Toothbrush Kit

1st Sonic Interdental Brush | AutoCare Case with UV Light |Self Air-drying | Automatic Charging | 50,000 Brush Strokes/Min | Compact
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Are you brushing your teeth properly, doing it after each meal so the bacteria won’t have a chance to make a cavity? Having good dental hygiene can keep you away from the dentist, but not everyone can do that everyday. Luckily, ZERA Sonic is here to help.

Introducing ZERA Sonic, a revolutionary sonic toothbrush that takes care of itself after each use! Both the main brush and interdental brush are integrated with sonic vibration, cleaning your teeth effortlessly. The AutoCare case will air dry and clean your brush in under 5 minutes, keeping your toothbrush and interdental brush clean and performing like new and fresh every day.

ZERA Sonic is the first sonic toothbrush with the option of an interdental brush. Unlike regular electric toothbrushes that vibrate too much for such delicate jobs, sonic is powerful yet doesn’t move around too much during its operation. This technology allows it to clean better with less movements.

For a complete dental cleansing, a little pointy interdental brush can come handy as a companion to the main brush. Its delicate job is now aided by sonic power too. ZERA Sonic has a universal mounting to both brushes, so that you can swap around them in 5 seconds. Better yet, they all fit inside the charger-case.

The standard toothbrush is a tool designed for brushing the main surfaces of your teeth. It excels at that task, but doesn’t go deep into the gaps between the teeth. This is why you need the interdental brush. We have not just included one, but we have also made it compatible with sonic, so you can fully clean the gaps effortlessly.

Sonic is one of the very few sonic toothbrushes that are designed to be portable. Not only that it is light and compact, but its case can also store everything you need inside, including a tube of toothpaste of your choice. Everything is fixed and protected inside, ready to get checked in on flight, or bounce around in a bus.

AutoCare Case is what we call our 4 in 1 all-purpose case for ZERA Sonic. It can withstand shock and pressure with its strong polymer shell, yet looks sleek, modern and compact for your stylish bathroom. It will charge, dry and sterilize your toothbrush all by itself. 

Another feature of the AutoCare Case is its ability to keep the brush handle in full power. We have installed a larger battery inside the case which charges the brush everytime it is inserted. This boosts the combined battery life up to 6 weeks without unnecessary weight on the brush!

With ZERA Sonic’s  Auto-caring feature, this is all done automatically once you insert the brush back inside its case. A micro fan will air dry your brush and handle, dispersing excess water droplets and moisture out of the exit vent. Once the brush is fully dried, the fan will shut down automatically after 5 minutes.

Although drying the brush will keep it fresh, unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria can still grow on the brush. To counter this threat, a medical grade UV-C ultraviolet sterilizer is fitted inside the case. It is designed to turn on only when the case is fully closed, so your eyes are safe from its drizzling strong light.

You need to keep your toothbrush dry and clean. However, it is often impossible to dry it before packing in on a tight morning schedule. Our AutoCare Case offers a one-step drying treatment to your kit, blowing everything dry in 5 minutes and works even when it is inside your luggage.

Molds and microorganism can grow on anything, even when the brush is mostly dried. To keep them at bay, the UV cleaner works every time you stick the brush back in, annihilating any microorganism. The system is built deep inside the case, so it won’t risk dazing you while in action.

ZERA Sonic is fitted with an sonic generator that vibrates 50,000 brush strokes every minute, gently rubbing off food and beverage residues from your teeth. The sonic power is not only more effective, but also feels more gentle on your sensitive gum. The whole brush has IPX7 rated water-resistance and the noise doesn’t exceed 60dB.

By modulating the power and pattern of the ultrasonic pattern, ZERA sonic offers 3 modes to suit your dental care needs. 

The basic Cleaning Mode hits a perfect balance between power and comfort, ideal for daily use to keep your teeth polished. A Sensitive Mode is also available for users with sensitive gum, achieving the same effect by taking a little longer. Finally, De-plaque Mode removes the hardest stains from your teeth until they are shiny enough for other modes.

AutoCare Case houses everything inside. It can withstand physical impacts despite the sleek, modern look. The interior is fully compartmentalized, with dedicated spot for the brushes, the handle and toothpaste of your choice. 

Sustainability is a key factor for our design. Our philosophy is to do more with less by using superior material and design. The pairing of main and interdental brush will reduce wear by offering a matching profile of each use. The immediate drying and cleaning will also keep them fresh for longer. Sonic improves toothpaste foaming so you need less. ZERA Sonic is powered by rechargeable battery, expected to outlast the device itself and is extremely energy-efficient.

ZERA Sonic can be slipped into any bag for carefree convenience while away from home. Recharge your brush without even removing it from the case. It is very compact and weighs in at just 180g, perfect for traveling on a luggage limit.

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