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World's Most Powerful 2-in-1 40000mAh Portable Power Bank

PD 3.1 140W Input/Output|40000mAh|3 USB-C 1 USB-A|2-in-1 Charging Station & Power Bank|Intelligent Power Distribution
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We’re proudly introducing AOHI Starship, a stunning cyberpunk-inspired power bank with a charging station that looks like and performs as if it came just right out of outer space!

Featuring USB-C ports capable of reaching 140W, AOHI Starship’s 2C1A output port has been designed to fully meet all your charging needs—for multiple devices. 

In a nutshell, this is the most powerful power station you’ll ever see or use!


So how does the Starship keep the competitors at bay? Check these out, AOHi The Future Staiship has…  

Greater power output and battery capacity, as well as more diverse charging modes and an attractive price.

Starship features bi-directional input and output shunt design, effectively combing the direction of the desktop cable. This way, along with looking impressive on your desktop, it also keeps it decluttered—as neat and tidy as you’d always want it to be!

Your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet. There is a world of devices you use and need to keep powered, so we built Starship with Intelligent Power Distribution, making it possible for three ports to simultaneously fast charge your devices.

What’s even better: at home, in the office, traveling, or on the go during hectic busy days between meetings, one Starship can quickly charge all your electronic devices.

One Powerful Charging Sidekick Does a lot More than Multiple Conventional Devices

Our seasoned R&D team spent a long time and strong resources creating a 2-in-1 power bank and charging station that single-handedly outperforms two separate conventional devices. 

In other words, you’ll no longer need to buy one power bank and one charging station. You’ll no longer need to carry multiple power devices, which cumbersome, heavy, and not efficient enough. Starship’s lean and portable design holds more than enough power to deliver a high-performing charging performance that will fulfill almost all your daily charging needs.

Equipped with 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A ports, once you connecting the 140W input capacity, Starship will act as the stellar desktop charging station that will quickly and fully charge three devices before you know it. You can finally say goodbye to that bulky desktop charger that made you feel frustrated, taking too much desktop space and delivering not enough power for only one or two devices. With Starship, the new age of charging more and worrying less is here!

Equipped with a 40000mAh Huge Capacity battery, AOHI Starship is truly ready to rock when it comes to juicing up your devices!

We believe that’s the perfect equation, which why we built Starship with the higher power density and conversion efficiency of a Bicker Battery. Its vehicle-grade quality ensures its long service life, which is something you need for a remarkable 40,000mAh large capacity battery that you want to keep with you for years to come. Whether you’re traveling or just agoing about your daily business, Starship holds enormous and an efficient charging power integrated into such a compact body. 

Wherever you go, and whichever charging requirements you’re facing, Starship will be your perfect power station anywhere! 

Your fast-paced days require a past-paced charging partner. AOHI Starship is the sidekick for the job, integrating the latest PD3.1 protocol and 140W bi-directional fast charging. It can fast-charge your MacBook Pro 16″, taking it from 0% to 56% in only 30 minutes. It doesn’t keep you waiting forever. Instead, unlike that cumbersome power bank you were used to, which kept you frustrated with its slow charging delivery, Starship is always ready to rock and roll, charging your devices as quickly as you need them.

One of the shortcomings of many current multi-output charging devices is the lack of accurate and intelligent power distribution. In a nutshell, they struggle to efficiently charge multiple devices, and they go out of power before you know it. Starship, on the other hand, is capable of delivering 140W through its two USB-C output ports, but it does so intelligently, by efficiently allocating charging power according to the requirements of different devices.

On the other hand, our unique power bank and charging station is designed to protect the battery from current when you’re using its desktop charging mode, which effectively protects the battery life.

Another key feature of AOHI Starship is the fact that, when the output power demand is lower than the input power demand, our portable desktop charging station will allocate the additional power input to the power bank and recharge itself. Yes, this means that, in your everyday use of Starship, this unique charging partner will constantly and intelligently recharge itself, ensuring it is fully charged at all times.

How will it work when accessing numbers of charging devices?

Starship’s visual display gives you a clearer and more intuitive view of the current charging speed, charging mode, and remaining power. This user-friendly display is extremely intuitive, giving you an instantly understandable snapshot of how it is doing.

Nothing exceeds Starship’s performance, except the safety it also delivers. That’s right, AOHI Starship uses automotive-grade battery cells, with safety and conversion efficiency patterns that are leading throughout this entire industry. There are 9 major charging protections to ensure the safety of Starship, the devices you’re charging, and your own!

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