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Wizmaker P1: User Friendly 3D Priner with 30% Energy Saving

Voice control|Automatic leveling|Energy-saving|Integrated nozzle|Smart LED indicators|Carbon black PEI sheet|4.3-inch touch screen
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The modular design of Wizmaker P1 makes it extremely easy to install and maintain, even for those who just have their first 3D printer. Also, it knows how to do its job better than you do, at least at first, thanks to its intelligent operations guide, it’ll take you through its first print with its guiding system. Then, it tests all of its systems automatically and lets you know the simple tasks to set things right. You may be amazed that a printer suitable for business operations is so user-friendly your children can use it for classroom projects. Now, you are ready to go. Start your journey of creation!!

WIZMAKER P1 has its own unique 3d auto-leveling system, so if you’ve used a 3d printer before, you won’t need to dread manual leveling and endless Z-axis offset again, and if you’ve never used one before, then you won’t need to worry about it. With the improved algorithm and advanced sensor, the P1 can truly achieve 3D auto-leveling and Z-axis offset free, we all like to work with stable and well-balanced colleagues; the WIZMAKER P1 is the most durable and well-balanced member of your team.

The one thing that the Wizmaker P1 can’t do is make James Bond a martini. Because with its rock-steady stabilization system, it doesn’t know anything about shaking. Seriously in these chaotic times isn’t great knowing there’s something this stable in your life.

WIZMAKER P1 easily integrates both the extrusion and transmission systems into a more compact and streamlined. WIZMAKER P1 does more in a more compact, streamlined package, saving you time and space as well as being far easier to maintain than you would imagine in such a sophisticated device. In addition, you can do more with fewer moving parts. Maintenance becomes something so easy; you may look forward to it.

Integrated nozzle with minimalism design, the filament can be connected to the nozzle directly. The direct-drive nozzle of P1 also ensures temperature stability during printing, further raising the success rate.

Support TPU, PLA, PETG and ABS soft silicone printing

The WIZMAKER P1 is the whole package that does everything amazingly with fewer parts and is easier to maintain than you thought possible.

The modular design of P1 provides everyone with the most effortless installation. Five minutes is all it takes, even you are new to 3D printers.

WIZMAKER P1 knows how to do its job better than you do, at least at first, thanks to its intelligent operations guide, it’ll take you through its first print with its guiding system. Then, it tests all of its systems automatically and lets you know the simple tasks to set things right. You may be amazed that a printer suitable for business operations is so user-friendly your children can use it for classroom projects. They may learn how to use it faster than you do. You’re busy designing all the cool artifacts your WIZMAKER P1 is going to print; let it think about everything else.

WIZMAKER P1’s HALO hotbed system divides its zones into three efficient fast and even printing areas. Did you know that the WIZMAKER P1 can print trees, real living trees? Not quite, but it’s so energy efficient it saves the equivalent of 42 trees a year in energy saving. In addition, the WIZMAKER P1 is so good at getting temperature perfect.

Not only is the WIZMAKER P1 smart, but it lights up when it sees you and shows you just what it’s doing. The Wizmaker P1 has, as well as its voice control and HD display, some more familiar LED lights. They let you know at a glance if it’s ready to print, heating up, or just pleased to see you. But it’s always happy to see you, it’s bright and cheery, and its LEDs are bright enough to illuminate your works. Different status can be easily recognized by different colors of the LEDs, as shown above:

WIZMAKER P1 has a modular design that makes it super-fast to set up. We reckon opening the box to being ready to print may only take you five minutes. And whether you’re linking via an SD card, an ether cable, if you’ve got a design somewhere, you can tell the WIZMAKER P1 all about it, and it’s ready to print, so it’s one step away from if you think it, it can be in your hand.

For years now, 3d printers could make all kinds of artifacts and parts you might ask them to; now they’re going to listen to you, or at least the Wizmaker will. You’re used to having this degree of convenience with your Alexa or Siri device. Now have it with your mini factory. With just 22 commands, you can get the most critical functions at voice command from heat up to stop, and with the cost of 3d printing, it’s great to tell your 3d printer to stop, and it listens. So talk to the WIZMAKER P1. It’s listening, and unlike other 3d printers, it’s listening and ready to help.

It fully utilizes the space under the platform and comes with a neat, almost hidden underbody toolbox. Wizmaker P1 is already a fantastic, minimalistic design. Now you can have essential and rarely used tools at hand while saving space.

The WIZMAKER P1 comes with an easy-to-remove hotbed with PEI sheet, made of High-strength spring steel, Matte texture, avoid wrapping edges, its bendable and can be attached to the magnetic bed firmly. Compared with the traditional crystal glass panel, it’s more like having a gentle blanket to wrap your creations. WIZMAKER P1 treats your artifacts more gently than if it was tickling a hummingbird. I mean, it’s a blanket. You wouldn’t put your kitten on a glass panel if you had a blanket to hand?

WIZMAKER P1 has a visual touch screen operation. This gives you a big screen that clearly shows what you are doing. A novice user or a child can follow the guide on the screen and start printing almost immediately. This screen helps you start producing art or classroom projects with ease at speed. The WIZMAKER P1 is so smart; we think it’ll show you how it works so that you can keep up with it.

7-segment S-curve acceleration: utilize quintic polynomial Bézier curve to program,
                which sounds like something out of Star Trek, right? 

This turns your WIZMAKER P1 into something closer to a transporter or a replicator. With smoother edged printed artifacts.
                It’s also quieter, smoother, more long-lasting, and will wear out more slowly. So when a product description sounds like a dating profile, then maybe it’s what you’ve been waiting for. Also, the algorithms make it impressively energy-saving.

It’s like you’ve gone from using a machine-held nozzle to one held by a craftsman who cares about their art. The Wizmaker P1 is the intelligent, gentle, and experienced master craftsman who lives in your workshop. You’ll have to resist the urge to offer to make it a cup of coffee.


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