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Two Trees TS3 - Powerful 4th Axis Laser Engraver & Cutter

Unleash Your Creativity On Almost Any Flat Or Cylindrical Surfaces
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TS3 let you cut or engrave anything you can imagine on flat or cylindrical surfaces. It combines the latest features in both safety and functionality, making it a must-have addition to any personal or professional workshop or craft space.

The laser beam went through the micro lens, being condensed and reshaped. Then smaller–taper laser beam with more concentrated facula will be output, which enables TS3 to achieve accurate result, making the edge cleaner and tidier.

With LD+FAC+C-Lens technology guiding the TS3’s laser source, its faculae can be as small as 0.08mm.  

What you can do with TS3’s innovative features:

Put your sketches, designs, and signature patterns on clothing, gift boxes, glass and other transparent items with coating. For example, glass with spraying coating would be great for creating an extraordinary art work.

Use engraved patterns to make it easier to recreate products and other useful tools, such as coasters.

With 10W Laser output, your TS3 will be able to cut through plywood and pinewood up to 8mm thick, or engrave on any hard surface including stainless steel.

Two ways are applied to deal with the smoke:

1. For the backers who purchase the cotton filter, the smoke can be filtered by TS3’s internal circulation system. However, the filter must be clean once a while to make sure that the power of laser will not be affected.

2. For the backers who didn’t purchase the cotton filter, the smoke will be ventilated by a tube so that you can see the engraving clearly as well.

Where most engravers lack fourth-axis compatibility or require a purchased attachment, the TS3 has a built-in fourth-axis ready to use out of the box. Its unit-body design also makes it less susceptible to component damage.

Engrave any design on water bottles, cans, and other cylindrical items. Your fourth axis can be set up at the bottom of your engraving platform and easily removed when not in use.

The TS3’s 10-watt output is based on its laser power, not its total power. This means each device can achieve high-speed engraving of up to 10000mm/min, so you can finish some of your more ambitious projects without waiting for hours.


TS3 can connect to its cellphone App using Wi-Fi Direct without any internet connection, which means you don’t need to connect to the internet for engraving. Both Android and iOS versions of the app are available.


Connect your TS3 directly to your PC with compatible cable. This feature is especially helpful when engraving larger patterns, as it’s easier to make adjustments.

TF/Storage Card:

Store patterns on TF Cards and use the TS3’s 3.5-inch screen to monitor the speed, power, and time of the project.

Toggle between flat and curved surface engraving using a single switch knob on the back of the device. You can easily switch between flat and curved modes with a single turn of the knob at the back of the device.

Gear 1: Flat mode. Once complete to adjust the light beam and focus it onto flat surface, the engraving work will be ready to get started.

Gear 2: Curved mode. After removing the beehive platform and focusing the light beam onto the surface of cylindrical item, you can start the engraving.

Protective Eye Shield:

TS3 is equipped with a protective shield, so you can view the progress of a project without damaging your eyes. Also, your friends can join us watching the process of engraving, all of you can have the fun together.

Flame Detector and buzzer alarm:

Light-sensor is applied on TS3 to detect the flame. Once naked flame is detected and lasts for 3-4 seconds, the buzzer alarm will go off. The buzzer is composed by vibrator and resonator. The sound made by it is stable and penetrating, and it is as loud as 100 dB.  

Automatic Shut-down Function:

If your laser stays on for a while without any operations, an automatic shut-down of the laser source will be triggered.

Photoelectric limit switch:

Accurate positioning, avoiding damages as well

Photoelectric limit switches are applied so that the response time is extremely short.  Due to the higher accuracy, position of smaller objects is able to be detected. One more thing, the detection without any physical contacts will not damage the objects and the sensor, making the device more durable.

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