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ScrewDriverKing™ (40+Tools-In-1) "UNRIVALED"

27 Screw-bits | Dual Hex Sockets | 9 Spoke wrench | File Tool | Bubble Level | Ergonomic Driver | Rulers | | Adaptable |Tool for tools
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Three Years in the making, “WOW” there is a lot more that went on behind the scene. But here we are, finally back on Kickstarter. We are very excited to offer our backers the best of the best product never before seen in the marketplace. You will be the very first to own our newest and most useful multi-tool.

 ScrewDriverKing™ – Patent Pending

ScrewDriverKing™ is an innovative design with you in mind. Packed with all essential tools. Now, here is something very special that we’ve created for you!

See the problem and the solution all at the same time. A real-time saver. All tools are visible and easily accessible with a flick of your finger. 


Have you been thinking about becoming DIY (Do It Yourself) but haven’t found the right multi-tool to motivate you to start? Today is your lucky day.

Turn your pocket into a walking toolbox. Not only does it allow you to bring all the tools you need, but it also lets you swap the tools you would like to carry or not carry.

Experience a seamless anti-slip comfort handle that enables you to adeptly use all of the screw-bits as grip leverage. It facilitates an air circulation process through the tool grooves, allowing the air to pass through on both ends, and keeping both the tool and your hand dry.

We’ve all been there when we lose screw-bits during or after a repair job. With ScrewDriverKing™, your screw-bits don’t even have to rest on the ground. they’ll always be in their dedicated housing.

It accurately measures both horizontal and vertical surfaces for those of us who like to get things done correctly.

One of the many reasons a screw gets stripped when loosening or tightening is because the screw bit isn’t sitting in the center of the screw while torquing. Integrated into this tool is a large circular bubble level that allows you to center the position of the screwdriver.


We are fascinated with Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets and their ability to perform. These magnets are embedded in almost all modern technologies we use today. Did you know that the Earth Magnet loses no more than 1% of its magnetic strength over a period of 100 years? We built ScrewDriverKing™ to last and with this added feature, it is a perfect combination to its long-lasting design.


Many of us creators and backers own and use 3D printers, CNC, and laser cutting machines that help us to be more productive. ScrewDriverKing™ allows us to keep them running smoothly so that we can keep creating and sharing the things that we love.

We’ve implemented two rulers in both inches and metrics. Awesome functions that we can all appreciate in times of need.


The weight is designed to be equally distributed throughout. The result, is a tool that feels good on the hands. Prevents forearm fatigue and tiredness when held for a long period of time.

Screws are the trickiest to keep safe, especially the small ones. It is almost impossible to get the exact replacement that will fit correctly. With this built-in feature, you won’t have to worry about it.

Many screwdrivers will only come with a few screw-bits. And with others, you will have to carry both screwdriver and the screw-bits in a separate case. ScrewDriverKing™ has complete screw-bit sets and allows you to carry them all-In-one.

Transform your ScrewDriverKing™ to a standard 1/4″ set up for most of the everyday repairs either for a hobby or work.

Transform your ScrewDriverKing™ into a full professional beefy 5/16″ screwdriver for larger/longer screw-bits – Philips and Flat head for bigger jobs.

Thoughtfully designed so that you can have the flexibility of how you would like to use ScrewDriverKing™ to accommodate the level of your repair perfectly. Double ended hex sockets 1/4″ + 5/16″. A tool when you need it. 

It can be used to smooth sharp edges for those of us looking for perfection.

Pain-free thumbs, we’ve all been there in pain when installing these eye hook screws. For those of us that don’t have iron fingers, now there is a solution. Tested to work with sizes 7/8″ – 1 1/4″.

There is no sharp knife in it, but it’s capable of opening your packages. If you are like those of us who get packages almost every single day, it helps to have this tool right next to you at all times.

As simple as removing batteries can easily break your fingernails and it can be painful. ScrewDriverKing™ can help. 


Opening a pull-tab can cause injuries such as: cutting your fingers/hands and straining your wrist. ScrewDriverKing™ allows you to lift the pull-tab open without touching the sharp metal part of the can with your finger. 

ScrewDriverKing™ lets you open conventional paint cans, small or large.


We’ve used SS 17-4 PH material which has a valuable combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and hardness. We would like you to have peace of mind that the tool you got from us will last you a lifetime.

Some tools stay hidden in the garage with other tools. Some rusting away or lost somewhere and you can never find them when you need them. Not ScrewDriverKing™. It can be next to your other beautiful gadgets because it has a unique appearance and it’s beautiful to look at. In addition, it’ll be there ready for you when you need it.

Tools that are available on the market today are limited in functionality. Therefore, you might not have the right tool that you need to get out of troublesome situations. However, we made sure we’ve created a multi-tool that would, regardless of what you ride.

Less is more, ScrewDriverKing™ offers spoke wrench in all sizes available, including DT Swiss Tricon (T20), 3.00mm, 3.23mm, 3.30mm, 3.45mm,  3.75mm, 3.96mm, 4.40mm, 5.00mm. 

We’re confident that one of these spoke wrenches will fit yours.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the all-in-1 multi-tool that’ll help you keep things neat and tidy IN or Out of your home? People you live with will love you for it. 

PHOTOGRAPHY/ATTACHMENTS: DSLR/MIRRORLESS/ACTION cameras & accessories need to be attached/detached, adjusted, or tightened. It is good to know you are prepared. Keep on shooting.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Now, snowboarders and skiers don’t have to hike down the mountain with their broken gear. Don’t get stuck and be safe. 

When you have access to the specific tools you need for the job. It’ll make any repair job faster and more sufficient. 

From sports bikes to cruisers, ScrewDriverKing™ shines when it comes to motorcycle repairs. Gentle on threads but tough on torque. This multi-tool can save the day.

We’ve asked the professional mechanics if they can use ScrewDriverKing™ during their busy repairs. A quick introduction and they put it to work as if they owned it.

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular these days because they’re so much fun to ride. However, due to a large amount of vibration while in use, moving parts must be checked after every ride to make sure all hex screws are not loosened. Here is where ScrewDriverKing™ will come along.

As per a report, the global sales of electric scooters are expected to reach 129 million units by 2028. Electric scooters are one of the main modes of transportation that people use today. You’ll need ScrewDriverKing™ for future repair without having to rely on a friend to lend you extra hex bits:)

Once in a while, an electrician gets an emergency call from their clients during off hours. Unfortunately, he/she may not have their dedicated toolbox with them. Thanks to ScrewDriverKing™, the EDC (Everyday Carry) solves the problem.

This one is very interesting and got me thinking. Tools are like human beings, no matter how complex we are, we all need each other.

Fitness equipment repair is common among fitness enthusiasts. This equipment needs to be tightened every so often. 

With these many selections of screw-bits available, ScrewDriverKing™ will be useful when working on cars.

ScrewDriverKing™ can adapt to work on many different projects when you need it.

Not too small, not too big. Compact enough to perform well on both small and big jobs. We didn’t sacrifice length and circumference, which is crucial when applying force from the handgrip into a powerful torque.

Bringing its weight down was a challenging task for the Chiseled Design team because of all the tools it has and the quality of the metal we wanted to use. We didn’t want to use aluminum material that would cause problems in the future which we don’t want our backers to experience. However, we managed to get it down to the lowest weight possible and still kept our vision 100% unchanged. When you hold ScrewDriverKing™ in your hands, you will feel the quality. (Note: weight may change more or less as we add attachments/functions in the future)

Made with precision and toughness. You’ll have every screw-bit size you will need for that specific repair. ScrewDriverKing™ comes with: (1/4″) H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL8, PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, SQ1, SQ2, SQ3, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T35, T40 Plus (5/16″) double-sided screw-bit Phillips & flathead.

Double-ended screw-bit 3/16″ PH3 & SL8 with an integrated detent ball. Solid screw-bit that won’t break easily. Reliable Phillips and flat head for heavier repair. 


Here are the additional functions and techniques you can do with ScrewDriverKing™. We’re pretty sure that once you have it in your hands, you will discover more interesting functions to share with us. We can’t wait to see what you can come up with.


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