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Rolling Seeds: Smart Play Pot

Bluetooth/NFC-tech-based Smart Play Pot for family. Includes 20+ games and lots more to come!
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Rolling Seeds is a first-of-its-kind smart tabletop game platform for the whole family. The smart Play Pot and user interface the Seeds promote play-based learning through engaging gaming experiences. 


  • They boast a universal UI design that looks a bit like coins, so everyone will know how to play with and use them in an instant. Everyone from ages 3 to 99 will enjoy them. In fact, they meet global safety standards for people 3 and up. 
  • They have simple yet vivid colors that give them an engaging look. With colors like red, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, and more—and in a variety of hues—they are sure fun to look at. And their eco-friendly water-based HD resolution UV printed graphics (think cats and beans) are adorable.
  • The smartest part? The Seeds have NFC tags inside them! This is how they deliver coded inputs into the box as you play your games.
  • Inclusivity was at the forefront of our design: the Seeds have Braille on them, so people with visual impairments can play Rolling Seeds games.
  • The seeds measure 1.5” in diameter by 0.16” thick, providing the perfect size to grip. Made of premium-quality nontoxic recycled ABS, they’re sure to last for game after game.


  • Along with the Seeds, you’ll need the Smart Play Pot to play. This Play Pot has a simple, intuitive UI. Designed with an obvious power button, it has a smart device mount on top, a seed gate, and a seed basket with a handle.
  • Place your smart device—like a tablet or smartphone—in the mount, and the Play Pot lets you physically interact with the user interface and the visual representations of the games on your device.
  • The Play Pot has a battery life of 10+ hours, ensuring you can play for a couple game nights in a row without recharging. When you need to charge it up, plug the cable into its USB-C port.
  •  Seed Basket: Simply pull down the silicone handle to open the basket, which can hold about 45 seeds. Its anti-slip bumper prevents the seeds from falling out.

Rolling Crazy8: Be the first to roll all your Seeds!

You won’t need a manual to get started playing games! Say goodbye to spending the first half of game night reading the instructions. Simply roll the Seeds and get started.

Spelling Master: Spell the words, challenge the speed!

Rolling Spoon: Grab a spoon to survive!

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