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Pruto: Mesh Action Sports Communicator with LED Light

For Skiing, Yachting, Cycling and all Sports Players. Have Fun and Stay Connected, Go Adventure Boldly with Pruto!
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Go wild! Have adventures with friends and stay connected no matter how intense the action gets! With Pruto, revolutionize the way you communicate with your companions while enjoying outdoor activities.

From the mountains to the sea, enjoy a true hands-free experience with mesh network connection, real-time voice chat and intuitive operation. 

Different from traditional walkie-talkies, Pruto is always ready to pick up and transmit your voice to your group, no push-to-talk is required. You simply speak whenever you want to share your “wow” moments in real-time with friends while you rush down a slope, without the distraction of stopping to handle equipment.

Planning for an off-the-beaten-path trip with your teammates, but the unstable cell phone signal makes teamwork difficult? Pruto work it out! Adopted mesh network that requires neither Wi-Fi nor cellular networks, it provides a more reliable connection no matter where you are so your fun won’t be interrupted by weak signals or dropped calls.

Featuring a max connection distance of 762 meters / 2,500 feet for every two devices, the mesh network can connect up to 50 members at once, allowing them to communicate freely over a wide range of distances.

You can instantly chat via Purto to make plans, check the position, or confirm the safety of any group member anytime. In the mesh network, data transfer is secure and fast, and speaking via Pruto is just as straightforward as talking face-to-face.

Whether you’re racing through the wind or surfing on the waves, with Pruto’s built-in microphone set and built-in speaker, you can hear and be heard clearly and loudly during adventure. 

Pruto equips with a unique 6+1 microphone set, which includes 6 full-range noise-canceling microphones, plus a dedicated high-frequency-noise filtering microphone

Thanks to its unique high-frequency microphone, the high-frequency noise, especially wind whistling in high-speed motion, can be collected and greatly reduced, resulting in a natural and stable group conversation.

And if you ever want to be out of the conversation, you can easily mute your microphone with a single click on its glove-friendly mute button while still being able to hear and follow along with the group.

Pruto also supports Bluetooth 5.0 which means that you can connect the device to your earbuds to further reduce the impact of ambient sounds on your chat conversations.

Click, snap and go! It’s extremely easy to set up a group chat with Pruto. Just bring all the devices together, press the group button, and you’re now connected to the real-time group chat!

Pruto comes with an adjustable long strap and a short strap that let you attach it firmly to your backpack, helmet, handlebars, or arm with the adjustable strap.  The lock that secures the device to the strap has a strong magnet and a nylon inner buckle. It is designed for outdoor activity so it can hardly detach by accidence.

No matter what sport you love – surfing, biking, skiing, or skateboarding, Pruto lets you stay in touch and still go hard without worry.

With an industry-leading IPX7 waterproof rating, Pruto is capable of handling the different sporting environments that most electronic devices shy away from. 

 From Kayaking, canoeing, to water skiing, and even sailing, Pruto will always have your back and keep you and your mates linked.

Pruto comes with a built-in LED light, which can light the way and guide you safely through the dark. From dusk to dawn, Pruto’s light and the voices of your friends will be like the North Star, leading you on towards your goal.

Pruto’s intelligent power-saving algorithm ensures a reliable and seamless connection for up to 12 hours of continuous working time and up to 72 hours in standby mode. No more worries about low power situations! Even during a full day of sports, the invisible bond between you and your companions will always be powered up and ready.

Unlock more possibilities with Pruto App, including but not limited to Broadcasting, 1-on-1 Chat and more.

 Your color options will be collected via a survey after the campaign ends.

Pruto you see now is actually quite different from the original design sketch. Initially, we wanted to give it a more rugged and wild look. We also tried some distinctive, geometric designs. We thought a real outdoor device always should be cool.

After some research, we realized that outdoor activities such as extreme sports may have intense motion and the edges of the device may cause discomfort and inconvenience.

In order to improve portability and safety, Pruto adopted the design you see now, which has a round shape and an arc-shaped edge.

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