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Personomic — Custom-made bike grips with high durability

3D-printed | Maximum comfort | Designed by you | No stickiness | 100% Made in Germany
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The bike grip from Personomic is the last grip you will ever need: 3D printed to fit your hand, made of 100% silicone to prevent stickiness and customized by you according to your design preferences.

Hand discomfort will be a thing of the past with your own custom-made bike grip.

During the development of the grips, we took advantage of our network of people specialized in ergonomics as well as people with a medical background.

Independent studies have shown that Personomic grips excel at reducing the pressure load on the hands, thus preventing and reducing common cycling-related hand issues

The grips fit on almost any handlebar because they are standardized and to top it off, they are 100% made in Germany as a guarantee for their quality.


Problem & Solution

As a cyclist, the problem is all too familiar: whether it’s the saddle or the bike handle, you often have to deal with numbnesstingling or pain that can really ruin the cycling experience.

Until now, bicycle grips have only been offered in standard sizes, developed with an average-sized hand in mind. Therefore, these grips only constitute a compromise. For many people it is mostly a bad one, because every hand is different.


In addition, the vast majority of bicycle grips are made of rubber and start to become sticky after a short time. This is caused by the plasticizers contained in the material, which dissolve from the handle due to UV radiation and sweat.

Our solution turns the bicycle grip market on its head: a bike grip that is 3D printed to fit the individual cyclist with just a photo of the hand, therefore providing optimum support. The grip is made of silicone, which contains no plasticizers, therefore it will never become sticky and will last for many years.


Benefits & Features

 🤗 Numb hands will be a thing of the past 

The bike grip from Personomic is custom-made for your hands. We take the individual characteristics of your hand into account, such as the width and length of your fingers and your palm. This allows for a perfect fit

The force is distributed evenly across your hand and there are no pressure peaks that compress the nerves — similar to an orthopaedic insole.

The enlarged surface with the wing also supports your wrist and prevents hyperextension, one of the main reasons for numb or tingling fingers.


♻️ Silicone prevents stickiness 

Regular bike grips made of rubber quickly start to become sticky because of the plasticizers they contain.

We have recognized this problem and therefore use silicone, because it is extremely abrasion-resistant and guaranteed not to become sticky – you will be able to enjoy your grips for years.


 💎 Your own design 

We specify the shape of the grip and you design it. You can let your creativity run wild with the design and choose from over 350 design combinations. Choose the color, texture and lock rings. You can even have the handle engraved, making your dream grip unique to you. 


🇩🇪 Quality 100% made in Germany 

We use only the best materials and manufacture in Germany to offer a premium grip. With the company Rapid Shape, we have gained one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printing systems as a partner to guarantee the best possible quality in production.


📢 Reviews of our testers

 These reviews have been translated from German to English —

From the outset, we have developed the bike grips with passionate cyclists and have incorporated their feedback into the development. This allowed us to develop a grip that is tailored precisely to the needs of cyclists.

I have now tested the bike grips extensively and their shape is just incredible. I’ve never experienced such a pleasant grip before and I’ve run through lots in the past. I tore a ligament in my left hand 2 months ago due to a fall. With the bike grips there are no issues whatsoever. They support the injured hand really well. — Hjalmar P. from Bochum

I didn’t feel any tingling or numbness in my hands. My problems stem from my thumb basal joint because of arthritis, but that also became much, much better. On longer tours they have always hurt a lot, but with the new grips there was a lot of improvement. — Silvia A. from Kirf

The different surfaces (asphalt, gravel) did not lead to any (negative) changes in my hands … the bike grips simply “swallowed” the vibrations, which I personally find important.

… Conclusion: if the grips are positioned correctly, they bring (me) noticeable relief. The problems with my hands have become significantly better, even on long-distance tours. — Susanne K. from Muenster

On Facebook, the young start-up Personomic was looking for testers for their custom-made and ergonomic bicycle grips. With a bit of luck, I was chosen as a tester due to my history of rheumatism and have now been testing these grips for 4 weeks and about 400 km. I am absolutely thrilled how these grips have improved my “cycling life”. — Andreas K. from Schwalbach


🖐 Real world studies prove the effectiveness

The reviews of our testers are confirmed by pressure analyses. In a study conducted by the University of Stuttgart, our custom-made bicycle grips were compared with six other ergonomic grips available on the market.

Force measurements showed that compared to conventional bicycle grips, our grips are the best at reducing both the pressure peaks on the palm as well as the surface pressure.


📦 Rewards

In addition to the grips, you can order end plugs and lock rings as add-ons to use them as spare parts if needed. 

This is how you get your grips:


💡 How it works

1️⃣  Scan your hands 

Before your grips go into production, we will ask you to scan your hands on our website. All you need is a smartphone with which you can take a photo of each hand on a sheet of paper. The photos will then be sent to us.

We are compatible with both DIN-A4 and US letter formats.


2️⃣ Customize your grip

After you have successfully scanned your hands, you can design the grip according to your own design preferences in the configurator.  


3️⃣  We measure your hands

We can measure your hand with just one photo. The sheet of paper serves as a reference object whose exact dimensions we know. With your hand measurements, we then create a freely movable 3D model of your hand.

Similar to orthopaedic insoles, our software creates a virtual imprint of your hand including the palm rest and grip recesses. 

4️⃣  We create your grips

We then print a mold that has the shape of your hand and cast it with silicone. The result is a bike grip that fits your hand perfectly and will never become sticky.


✅ Fact sheet

* Handlebars are standardized. You can measure yours if you are unsure.

** We plan to offer shortened grips for grip shifters in 2022.


📦  What’s in the box 

🧩  Textures  

🌈  Colors 

🔒  Lock rings 

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