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OUT-OF-THE-"BOX"| Unique portable stand for books & eDevices

Read Everything in Style Hands-Free Anywhere ūüôĆ | One-of-a-kind Universal Stand: Unfold to Read, Fold to Travel. Born to Inspire.
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Ready to bring hands-free convenience to your life with style and say goodbye to a bulky single functional book stand? 

You won‚Äôt want to miss this amazingly innovative OUT-OF-THE- ‚ÄúBOX‚ÄĚ Reading Rest: a¬†universal reading¬†stand¬†that holds¬†books¬†and supports¬†e-devices¬†of different sizes¬†in style, hands-free.

OUT-OF-THE- ‚ÄúBOX‚ÄĚ is stylish and desirable, where¬†functionality,¬†aesthetics, and¬†creativity¬†find a unique balance in the dimension of culture and concept that surprises and inspires.

Do you regularly read, work on multiple devices or work remotely while traveling? 

OUT-OF-THE- ‚ÄúBOX‚ÄĚ is a brilliantly¬†compact¬†and¬†portable¬†reading stand with an innovative origami design: Open to read, stretches to¬†hold books of different sizes, switch modes for various electronic devices, and fold flat to travel.¬†

The reading rest cleverly incorporates the origami principle, offering quick switching between 3 angles and 3 modes. Whatever materials you want to read, you may simply choose your favourite mode and hit the relax button, enjoy!

OUT-OF-THE-“BOX” has developed a new and bold innovation:¬†a multi-mode free fixing concept¬†that makes reading simpler, easier, and smarter.¬†

“Relaxed” mode with Octavo book:¬†For pages that don’t need to be fixed or only need to be gently fixed, use flat or L mode for a¬†quick response¬†and¬†simple, unobtrusive page-turning.

“Firm” mode with Quarto book:¬†The¬†retractable back panel¬†is flexible and compatible with¬†most book sizes. Adjust the back panel to fit the book, clip the pages to the back panel together. Two actions make the page-turning to be convenient.

Disassemble clips hold the book freely:¬†What if you can’t clip a particularly thick book? Simply remove the clip and hold the currently opened page or a few pages in place so that you can turn the pages with ease. Voila! It’s that simple!

The specially designed metal clip can also be turned into a bookmark in seconds to mark your reading progress. Unleash your mind, and use it your way.

The folding structure allows for flat storage. 

OUT-OF-THE-“BOX” is¬†compact, 1.5cm/0.6in thin, and it is only half the size of an A4 paper. It¬†saves space¬†on the desk, making it easy to be stored on shelves, in drawers or carried around in your bag.

It is crafted with eco-certified and vegan materials at high performance. 

Soft PU: The large surface area of PU leather is a change from the stereotype of reading rests, making it extra comfortable and soft to the touch.

PVC + Magnets: The laminated PVC is thin, light, and durable, ensuring that each mode is stable and firm. With powerful built-in magnets, every switch is easy and smooth. 

Durability over Time: All corners and folds are reinforced to allow the product to stand the test of time.


Read hands-free anywhere, focused and productive at study and work, even on the plane! And it looks stylish!

Hold your iPad, phone, reference books, and documents next to your computer for easy multi-device collaboration without looking down too often. Get rid of bad posture or neck pain and increase your productivity levels 3X over!

Printing OUT-OF-THE-“BOX” on the product acts like quotes,¬†provoking conversations and inspiring thoughts.

The ‚ÄúBOX‚ÄĚ plays 2D and 3D, with an optical illusion.¬†Even when not in use, it is also an artistic, thought-provoking piece, a fun product you would be glad to have around.

It is a perfect gift for any occasion for someone special, a friend, a kid, a family member, a book lover, or anyone who likes to think out of the box!

Advocate¬†‚ÄúReduce, Reuse and Recycle‚Ä̬†the reading rest is packaged in a¬†waterproof zippered pouch. It can be used repeatedly and is a gift that also conveys the idea of saving and¬†sustainability, full of positivity.

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