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Mivox X1: Portable PTT Communicator for WhatsApp and More

Transforms smartphones into real-time voice communicators that give teams instant PTT communication on WhatsApp, Wechat & Mivox app
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Mivox X1 is an innovative PTT outdoor voice chat communicator that works with WhatsApp, WeChat and Mivox app. With a simple press of a button, you can record your voice via the mic in your phone or your earphone and send it in-app to your group. Also, incoming voice messages are automatically played so that you can remain fully engaged in your activities for next-level, hassle-free communication.

These days, everyone enjoys using technology to stay connected in work and life. However, when you’re out on a trekking tour, doing extreme sports, or simply driving, pulling your phone out of your pocket or grabbing a bulky walkie-talkie is inconvenient and a distraction that increases the risk of accidents.

That’s why we created Mivox X1, portable & convenient hassle-free communicator for sports and outdoor activities.

Created for better communications, Mivox X1 is a powerful voice communicator that works across any distance and connects with an unlimited number of group members. After connecting with your phone, you can record voice messages by simply pressing the button and then releasing it to send it out to your group.

Mivox X1 features an easy-to-use group chat mode. Simply set up the group in the Mivox app and all your team members can start the press-to-talk experience with Mivox X1. If you prefer using other apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, Mivox X1 is also compatible with them for an instant connection anywhere in any way you like!

With Mivox X1, there is no need to pause and check your messages in-app, Mivox can automatically play the incoming voice messages so that you can stay connected while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, good for all hands-occupied activities.

If you are involved in a group activity, try group chat and the unique broadcasting feature*! You have the option to mute other members and broadcast important messages in the group chat, an efficient way to teach skills and share important announcements with all!

*This feature is only available in Mivox app.

As a superior outdoor communicator, Mivox knows exactly what features active users find essential. Using the Mivox app, X1 supports text messaging, sending images, and location sharing – but there’s more here than just the chatting app. With its Discover feature, Mivox allows you to join a group with specific topics – everything from cycling to self-driving travel. Meet the people who share the same interests as you and make new friends on Mivox!

We know that great adventures require the best gear. Mivox X1 has been thoroughly tested. Its PTT button is tough enough to withstand pressing and releasing over 1,000,000 times and with an IP67 waterproof rating, it easily handles splashing water or rain. Its long-lasting battery provides up to 120-days standby time and it’s built super-lightweight & compact at only 8.7g. It’s as tough as they come and a reliable companion ready to join you for all your adventures.

Available with straps of 3 different lengths, Mivox X1 can be attached to any place that is most convenient for you, such as handlebars, backpack straps, steering wheels, etc. There are also 3 different strap color options so you can choose your favorite that best compliments your personal style!

Founded in 2017, Mivo is a company that strives to produce thoughtfully designed, practical products that use technology to enhance active lifestyles. Our team has dozens of years’ of experience in the hardware industry and owns numerous patents. We believe that in today’s crowded marketplace, insisting on original designs and infusing personality into products is the key to success. Mivo has previously launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter and gained worldwide support, and we will continue to innovate with useful new products for all our loyal users.

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