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Memory Box: #ThisDayInHistory on Your Desk

A Retro E-ink calendar shows dates with historical stories. Everything remembered will never disappear though time flies mercilessly.
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Although the phone in your pocket or your desktop computer can tell you what day it is Memory Box, the elegant e-ink calendar, delivers the date in a more fun and interesting way. It allows you to learn fun facts about #ThisDayinHistory and keep connections with your friends.

Memory Box contains over 6,000 historical facts about remarkable people, extraordinary events, and fascinating stories, from BC to the 21st century.

Memory Box shows important historical facts for each day, and you can also learn at least ten facts about remarkable people or fun historic events by automatically refreshing every 5 minutes.

or simply tapping the left or right button. Put it on your desk and enjoy the daily harvest of knowledge!

Every day we make history. To keep Memory Box relevant and new, it has a continuous update feature that automatically connects to the Internet to wirelessly update historical facts about what’s going on in the world, so you never fall behind.

Memory Box also stores your own special memories. You can customize Memory Box with your own birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events to memorialize any day you choose through the APP.

Imagine that on a busy morning you inadvertently glance at the box and suddenly notice that three years ago today was the day you graduated. Memory Box always helps you remember your magical moments.

Share your happy memory or a date reminder with your friends. You can invite your friends to connect your Memory Box and set up the calendar together.

Memory Box’s e-ink reader screen displays the texture of the printed text, which can be seen clearly, even at different viewing angles without any glare. The screen has a pleasant brightness that is not so bright to disturb your sleep.

Inspired by a mid-century vintage typewriter, Memory Box features a nostalgic style ink screen and a small envelope accompanied by an arm that replicates an antique typewriter spool knob and paper. Also with simple but sturdy buttons that replicate its style and sound, Memory Box has a special vintage feel, for a pleasing retro view on your desk.

Let this little envelope bring your best wishes to your friends.

For the initial setup, Memory Box requires IdeaClub APP to connect to the network and wait for five minutes for auto download. After setup, you can share and record memories or moments easily through the App.

With a one-hour charge that lasts 7 days in Wi-Fi connected mode and 14 days offline, the long battery life means you can place your Memory Box anywhere you like and let it enlighten and entertain.

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