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Lumos Ultra - The New Standard In Bike Helmets

Integrated LED lighting, turn signals, and smart features to keep you safe in one sleek package.
Pledge Here

Lumos Ultra comes included with a wireless handlebar remote to make signalling as easy as pressing a button

Got an Apple watch? You can control the turn signals on Lumos Ultra by simply raising your arm.

Keep the sun and rain out of your eyes while you ride with an optional attachable visor.

Lumos Ultra will also come with an option to add MIPS. This is an extra safety feature that is built into the helmet to add protection against rotational motion transferred to the brain. Rotational motion affects the brain and increase the risk for minor and severe brain injuries.

Chips On Board (COB) is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over more conventional technologies. It allows for a more compact footprint whilst delivering a higher intensity of light meaning you’ll be seen from further away. It is also what gives the lights a more uniform look. We like to think of it as Currently Our Best LED technology.

It’s our most vented helmet yet. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and have paid very close attention to the way Ultra directs air through its internal venting system. We’ve created 3 enormous exhausts in the rear to ensure hot air gets pushed out helping to keep the rider cool whether on a commute or on a training session.

We’ve already done the initial crash tests on our beta units and they pass with plenty of safety margin to spare. We’re confident that Ultra will be one of the safest helmets on road even without the lights on. 

When you ride, you must be prepared to ride in any weather. That’s why Ultra is built to IPX6 standards, to withstand the elements and keep you riding bright, come rain or shine.

We’ve worked really hard to improve the weight of our smart helmets. By using more efficient manufacturing methods, we were able to use less material without compromising the high level of protection that our helmets provide. Our very first helmet weighed in at 490 grams, Ultra is estimated to have a final weight of 370 grams. Now that’s a big win (or loss).

There are multiple benefits to wearing lights high up on the head. Firstly, it makes it possible to be seen more clearly by motorists on the road. You’re less likely to encounter a situation where your lights are being blocked by parked cars or other things on the road. Secondly, by illuminating your head, it’s much easier for motorists to see where you’re looking and thus know approach more carefully.

For Kickstarter, we’ve decided to go crazy with colors. The beauty of pre-launching Ultra is that we get to lock down the exact quantities of colors and sizes so that we can optimise production, and therefore create more variants and ensure you find the perfect one.

 The colors you see here are likely going to be limited to just Kickstarter. After the campaign ends, many of the colors here will NOT make it to retail. So if you see a color you like, now may be the only time to get it.

 We will be gathering feedback throughout the campaign on what colors our backers would like to see. We have a few ideas already, such as metallic colors, country colors and possibly even 2-tone colors that change with different viewing angles. Stay tuned 😀

Ultra is the helmet for everyone, from kids to even bigger kids. It is available in the sizes S, M-L and XL, and they are all equipped with a click-dial fit system to ensure that Ultra sits firmly yet comfortably on your head.

  • Small (S): 51- 55 cm
  • Medium to Large (M-L): 54- 61 cm
  • Extra Large (XL): 61- 65 cm

Despite starting with a design brief of creating the successor to the wildly popular Kickstart helmet, but at half the cost, the design of Ultra has been a labour of love. We could’ve just taken the simpler approach of cutting costs from the Kickstart helmet, but we wanted to create a helmet that takes all of our learnings from building smart wearables and push the limits of helmet design to completely new heights. We’ve agonized over all the small details refining them to the point where they’d feel more at home on a $200+ helmet.

Just a few of the things we’ve considered include a design that’s not too overstated, yet exudes style. We’ve taken an even more focused user-centric approach to consider useful extras such as the sun visor and overall weight, as well as taking a keen interest in venting to help keep the head cool on more demanding rides. We’re super stoked about how the design has progressed over Ultra’s development cycle, and know that our customers will appreciate the attention to detail once they get the product in their hands.

From sketches, to CAD, to 3D printed models and design validation beta prototypes, we are now in the final stages of the design process. We are collecting tons of valuable feedback and are working on refinements to release the perfect product. With each new version, we get closer to the ultimate helmet for cycling.

We’ve completed our beta testing phase. These are some of the pictures and feedback we’ve gotten from our beta testers. 

Better styling, amazing air flow and a shockingly lower price. Lumos Ultra really deserves the name, and frankly should be selling like hot cakes. The Lumos Ultra shows how the brand has matured from its Kickstarter roots into an established and innovative company. — James Gill, Nuneaton UK

This is a totally new product. I have never seen anything like this before and I think it makes the road so much safer as well as riding in a group safer. I would recommend this product for sure! — Emma Pallant, South Africa

Honestly having lights on your helmet is life changing.. The thing I like best is that if I have any doubt about whether a driver has seen me, I can look at them or their rear view mirror and know the light will flash right at them. — Caterina Buizza, London, UK

Not only will you will be investing in your safety, but you will also be getting a premium helmet. Ultra is light and breathable. It’s innovative, giving you THAT thing that other helmets are missing. I love how it looks awesome and really feels great. — Francisco Garcia, New York

For anyone that was on the fence with the previous products due to price, hopefully this new version makes the decision much easier. Just as effective as the previous versions in terms of safety (see and be seen), but with a sleek new design and more accessible price point? What’s not to like….! — John Yu, San Francisco

This is by far the best helmet if you want great protective gear, slick looks -and- lights. With the lights on your head they are above car roofs so they can always be seen. The cool look, the ventilation and the lightweight, non-bothering fit makes this my A+ choice for my 100 k per day commute as well as for ride my race bike or going on trails with my kids. — Henrik Becker, Germany

I love the concept of the Lumos helmet. I’m pretty sure my previous Lumos helmet saved my life before. The Ultra feels like a totally normal helmet. The price is reasonable for any helmet and it looks like a helmet I would buy even if it didn’t have lights. Throw in the lights and it’s totally a no-brainer! Everyone should have one! — David Rolfe, San Francisco

It’s obvious that Lumos Ultra was built on love and experience.
I have been following Lumos products since the first helmet came out on Kickstarter, and I believe the Ultra is the best one yet. It looks really cool, is super comfortable to wear, and feels very light on my head. As a surgeon, I have to go to the hospital at odd hours, lots of midnights and early mornings.. Since I’ve had the Ultra helmet, I am more confident in cycling to work. The bright lights and turn signals makes me feel more visible on the road, and visible is safe! In broad daylight, the smooth design and good-looking colors turns a lot of heads! — Petra Wahjoepramono, Indonesia

Are you are looking for a helmet that gives you the best protection both day and night? Look no further! Lumos Ultra is lightweight, high quality, durable and has the most awesome front and tail lights customization that other similar helmets only can only dream of. — Stijn Buyse, Belgium

This is the Tesla of bike helmets. Style functionality, safety features and comfort. It’s unlike any helmet I have seen on the road. This is the future of bike helmets. — Grant Leslie, Australia


This timeline is for the first batch of Lumos Ultra with and without MIPS, size M-L.  

We estimate that sizes S and XL will be shipped out starting from Jan 2021. This is because the factory has a limited production capacity per month in order to control a high level of quality. Therefore we will be focusing on getting the more popular M-L sizes out first. 

As this is an estimate, timelines may get pushed up or pushed back but we will give our 100% to make sure that things are completed on, or even ahead of schedule. 

At the end of the campaign, we will send you a Backerkit survey via email.

From there, you will be able to choose your: Color, MIPS-add on, size, visor and other add-ons we might release throughout the campaign.


The beauty of choosing your colors at the end of the campaign, is that you will be able to choose from all the new colors that we release at each stage of the campaign.

Note: Many of the colors we are making for the Kickstarter will NOT be available for retail. If you see a color combination you really like, now might be the ONLY time to get it. 


If you have already purchased the Lumos Ultra MIPS reward, you will not need to add MIPS in the survey. It will be assigned to you automatically.

However, if you have bought the standard Lumos Ultra, you will still be able to purchase the MIPS add-on for the difference in price between the rewards.


We will be launching Ultra in small (S), medium to large (M-L) and extra large sizes (XL) so that anyone from kids to adults can have an Ultra. You will be able to choose the size you want through the Backerkit survey we send you at the end of the campaign.


You will also be able to add on the attachable visor if you decide that you need one for your daily ride. The visor will retail for $25, but for this campaign, we are launching it at only $14.95.

Other add-ons

We are currently working on some Lumos merchandise, ranging from other cycling gear to everyday wear items. Once we lock down the designs and start building prototypes, we will share them with you! You will also be able to buy these add-ons through the Backerkit survey.

Shipping, Taxes (and VAT) will be calculated and paid for towards the end of the campaign, before we ship the helmets out to you. During these uncertain times, shipping costs have gone up significantly, however, we do believe that the prices will go down as the situation gets better globally.

Hence, we do not think charging shipping right now, upon pledging is at the interest of our supporters as the prices today might be more expensive than that in a few months time.

Here are our estimates of what shipping would be. 

* Prices do not include taxes and VAT. That will be subject to the laws and regulations of each individual country.

 ** Note that these prices are dependent on the situation and may increase or decrease by a few dollars in the months to come.

“I don’t see my country as a shipping option” : If you do not see your country as a shipping option, it means that we currently do not offer shipping to that country. However, do send us an email if you are from a country that is not shown above, we’d love to know about it. If enough of you request for it such that it makes sense logistically to ship to that country, we will add it as an option later. 

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