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Hoverpen 3.0: Future Edition

Minimalist fountain pens and balIpoint pens inspired by human ingenuity and engineered to defy gravity.
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Gracefully floating in a charged magnetic field, Hoverpen 3: Future Edition is an allusion to humankind’s infinite potential. Balancing on a pinpoint at a 60 degree angle, an occasional glance will wash you with a wave of Zen-like calm from its minimalistic, futurism-inspired design.

As it gently bobs through the air, let the Hoverpen 3’s gravitational freedom inspire you to pursue your own impossibilities.

With its frictionless contact, a simple twist of a suspended Hoverpen 3 can keep it spinning for up to 30 seconds in gorgeous, dynamic motion

Effortlessly revolving in the air, Hoverpen 3 was designed to evoke wonder and daydreams, as a spinning Hoverpen seems suspended in time.

Hoverpen 3 is the first Hoverpen available as a fountain pen.  Let Hoverpen 3’s silky ink glide across your page with impeccable grace.

Crossing the technology of the future with the richness of history, our all-new fountain pens are created by the Germany company Schmidt, known for centuries of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are also the supplier for the fountain pen tips for the Montblanc.

The cartridge of the Hoverpen 3 is completely refillable, making it a more environmentally sustainable, affordable option for budding writers. Hoverpen 3 cartridges are compatible with any ink jar and fill with a single pull.

The “Grey” colored Hoverpen was an early prototype, and will actually be black and match the magnetic pedestal – see “Style and Options” for available Hoverpen Colors.s

Can’t decide between the fountain pen or the rollerball? Why not both? Hoverpen 3 features a modular body casing, allowing you to freely switch nibs and cartridges.  

A new level of adaptability awaits. The flourish and grace of a fountain pen in one moment, and the practicality and precision of a rollerball in the next.

Our all-in packages offer unmatched versatility: one base, one body, two nibs – the best of both worlds in one convenient package.

We’ve taken Hoverpen 3 up a notch, literally. Enthroned on a taller pedestal, Hoverpen 3 is our most visually striking Hoverpen yet. Its raised platform is precisely angled to make drawing your pen a smooth, pleasurable experience. 

Hoverpen 3’s pedestal is our only asymmetrical design. With the entire pen exposed to the eye, our newest pedestal design is a celebration of unconventional thinking. 

Your creativity needs to flow uninterrupted. Hoverpen 3 offers Schmidt rollerball cartridges, the German-engineered luxury standard in rollerball pens. Versatile yet flexible, Hoverpen 3 promises an addictive, silky writing experience

We also offer a Stainless Steel fountain pen nib from Schmidt, the Germany company with over a century of experience in craftmanship excellence. Thanks to their exquisite inflow design, pure, unbroken lines of thought jump forth from the pen to paper without spills, spotting, or explosions.

Gentle curvature. Seamless casing. We are inspired not just by the technology of tomorrow but by the growth and destiny of humankind. Inspired by the sci fi concept of technological singularity, and stories like Dune, Foundation, and the works of Isaac Asimov, Hoverpen 3’s “far future” aesthetic truly stands out with its tranquil, elegant sculpture.

A study by Harvard Business Review found that frequently interrupting your brainstorming with consistent micro-breaks resulted in more idea generation. 

Take a moment during crunch time to spin your Hoverpen and relieve the pressure.

Supreme focus requires a relaxed mind. We sculpted pen and pedestal to exude tranquility and simplicity. An occasional glance will have you immersed in a zen-like calm from its minimalistic, futurism-inspired design.

Additionally, the Hoverpen 3’s lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum body makes writing lightning quick. No extra weight – the Hoverpen 3 moves at the speed of thought.

An exquisite gift. An exceptional award. An emblem of achievement. Hoverpen 3 is available as an 18k gold tip fountain pen. That’s right, it’s not gold plated, but the whole nib is 18K gold, which is softer and more slightly more flexible – leading to a lovely writing experience. It’s the perfect way to recognize and celebrate the next key milestone in a colleague or loved one’s journey.

A coating designed to feel soft in the hand. Hoverpen 3 is built for the most fervent of writers – a low-pressure, silky finish makes jotting ideas or taking notes feel as natural as breathing.

The Hoverpen 3 is manufactured with meticulous precision. For the Hoverpen to defy gravity, every measurement needs to be exact. Getting a pen to balance diagonally in an asymmetric ring of magnetic repulsion requires expertly precise craftsmanship.

Even a 1mm discrepancy can cause the pen to lose it’s magnetism. For this reason, we will be on the ground at the factory during production, doing product testing ourselves to ensure our backers receive the top-quality, stunning products we are known for.

Select your style in the post campaign survey we’ll send out after the campaign ends.

All fountain pen rewards by default will come with the Fine tip. If you would like another tip thickness other than the Fine tip, you can add-on to your order the “Fountain Pen Body” option, and select different sizes in the post-campaign survey.

The extra fountain pen body is also perfect for those who want to convert their  Fountain Pen Body is also perfect for those who wish to convert their Rollerball Hoverpen into a fountain pen.

This imitation leather hardcover notebook was designed with creatives in mind – each page features a light grey grid. Designed for sketchers and jotters, the novium notebook gives you the ultimate freedom to explore your ideas. 

With acid-free paper and embedded with a metal novium logo, this notebook will become the launchpad of your next great vision.

Size: 192 x 130 x 20 mm. Pages: 196.

The heavyweight zinc alloy gives this card holder a premium feel – a perfect compliment to the metallic futurism of your Hoverpen 3.

Equipped with a card slot, this zinc alloy holder is perfect for displaying your business card or simply way to display appointment reminders or notes. The holder is also perfect for organizing any small items, like the paperclip or Hoverpen cap.

Every set comes with a x10 lined note cards, ready for your to do lists. It’s proven that having a to do list in front of you increases your likelihood of completing your tasks and boosts your productivity.

Simple, minimalist, elegant. This metallic pen carrying tube keeps your Hoverpen 3 safe during your travels, but sets the room abuzz when it’s revealed.

As a thank you to our backers, every reward will come with a laser-engraved Hoverpen  memorial coin – to celebrate the release of Hoverpen 3, a milestone we’ve achieved together over three Kickstarter campaigns.


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