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HaloDisc, A Wheel Cover Makes Your Tesla Look Sexier

4-In-1 Wheel cover, personalising your Tesla Model 3/ Model Y for a better profile & longer ride.
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When you drive your beloved Tesla on the street but see another identical car, do you wish that your car could look a little more special? We’ve got you covered! With HaloDisc your Tesla can be ultra-cool!

The design of HaloDisc is inspired by Turbofan, which started in the Le Mans event in the 1970s. HaloDisc is going to bring a retro-futurist wave. Let’s go back to the future!

Nowadays, although a small number of players are still loyal to such kinds of modification, it is difficult to enter the mainstream market.Driven by high-end manufacturers, Turbofan is once again back on the radar, coming with a more futuristic look.

2019 Porsche 935

2020 Bugatti Bolide Concept

Considering the control of the cost of the entire vehicle, very few brands have invested it in mass production models, and only top models have done a few attempts on it.

Alfa Romeo Racing plan to use brand new wheel cover

That’s how HaloDisc got inspired. We include a piece of sulfuric acid paper with each product, which describes the HaloDisc design story. This is our way of honoring the past designers, since the sulfuric acid paper was like a comrade-in-arms to designers when the electronic drawing was not widely popularized 20 years ago.

  • With HaloDisc, you can easily customize your Tesla, making it sexier than ever!
  • 2 Colors & 8 Stickers Available
  • Which models do we fit for?

Traditional wheel replacement is expensive, and professional adjustments such as tire dynamic balance are required after replacement.

Now, with HaloDisc, customizing your car is simple!  No need for a jack to lift the vehicle,HaloDisc can be installed by simply using a pry bar. It takes just 10 minutes to upgrade and transform the style of your Tesla at home! 

Overheating of the brakes will cause the braking distance to be extended, which is potentially dangerous.  Using HaloDisc forms a horn-shaped turbofan. This effect introduces more air into the brakes when the car is moving, helping the heat dissipation of the brakes and reducing the braking performance degradation caused by overheating.

We have seen feedback that Tesla’s wheel covers are fitted with snap mounts, which may become loose during bumpy driving. To solve such a problem, we use a proprietary construction scheme that is more stable and reliable than Tesla.At the same time, it can effectively lock the wheel to prevent theft. 

  •  Damage caused by loose wheel cover 
  •  Stylish design
  •  Easy to tear and change
  •  Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant

HaloDisc attaches great importance to environmental protection and uses recyclable materials. The HaloDisc box includes 2* Discs & 2* Stickers, without any plastic packaging. We hope to reduce environmental pollution through our own efforts. You can choose different stickers according to your preferences, and we will initiate a survey after the campaign for you to choose. 

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